Acrylic Landscape Painting Lesson – The Fire Tree by JMLisondra

Acrylic Landscape Painting Lesson – The Fire Tree by JMLisondra

The guys, good day to all of you. And today, I’m going to demonstrate on how to paint simple landscape painting with a fire tree using acrylic So first of all I would like to introduce to you my materials. I have here my My paint palette um I have I have the titanium white, phthalo blue the medium yellow and Brilliant red and the Lamp black and the burn sienna This will be my brushes that I’m going to use in this tutorial I have here the the flat one-inch brush flat a small number 2 brush, the number 4-flat brush, number-6 flat brush another one is number one-flat brush number 12-round pointed brush and the number 0 round pointed brush for my details First I’m going to sketch for the painting so I start with start with the Okay, let’s start with the sketching guys. I’m going to use the burnt sienna I’m going to add some water, a little water to make it more fluid Okay So I’m going to plan for small some grassland here can small rest land I’m going to put here the the fire tree So I’m gonna. I don’t have to sketch it here because I didn’t want to spoil some some paints on my backgrounds, so may be later we will just going to add the tree here, the fire tree Okay, so I’m going to add Mountains I want the Mountains to be pointed like most Mountains I saw on TV So maybe here we are going to add the fire tree okay, so our Landscape will be very very simple with one subject like the fire tree Okay After that we need clean the brush in the water. using the one inch flat brush I’m going to mix for the sky, so blue and white [Blue-And-White] A tiny amount of blue or a little amount blue with lots of white Okay, remember guys to start with the farthest elements or the objects on your painting like the sky Then to the mountains, then to the nearest object, okay, so let’s add more white All right here more white on the bottom of our sky Okay, just blend it well. you can add water to make it more fluid Okay This follow me guys Okay, remember guys to practice blending that is one of the most important factor in achieving a good result in painting Okay So just blend it well You can use a bigger flat brash guys to make it more smooth to make it more faster And the bottom should be lighter than the top. Well, you can observe this guys if you want. You just add more white here at the bottom You can add another layer later if you want to make it more solid so it’s all up to you, okay so we are almost done with the clouds with the Mountain so maybe we just let it dry for at least two minutes or or five minutes so that you can add the clouds more, more detailed and Much more easier Um we’re going to put first and the mountains here Before we can add the clouds, so we are doing to mix for the mountains so just use blue and black More black. I wanted to be more grayish blue, okay and white More of black and white to make it lighter okay, so you just lie it directly. I will just fill this part with a bluish Gray color and I’m going to add the details later And If ever. I’ll just add. I think a second coat of 2nd layer to make it more solid I want what I want it to be more grayish, So I will add more black and white and a little blue And white and water Hmm just Follow what I did on the video in the screen Remember guys that you can use a bigger flat brush to make your work faster I remember at the time when I was started to paint my mountain is really dark and You can’t really distinguish, and it’s really really bad As a self-taught artist. all I had to do is to practice more every day So that I can achieve the looks of what I really want on the painting so Just keep practicing if you want to make If your paint is really heavy or sticky just add on water to make it more fluid Okay, so we are almost done with our mountains another set of color It’s okay guys if the color you mix doesn’t match on the first you had mix as long as the tone is the same so Just blend it well so that the color is not so visible or the difference is not so visible remember guys that here these are just the base colors or the first coat So maybe if we need to add more layers later, we can do it to make a very smooth or very solid in painting. okay. I think we are almost done with our mountains I’m going to add more, okay. Okay, so I’m going to add the Grassland here So maybe later we will going to add more details on our on our skies and Mountains Okay, guys. I’m going to mix for the grass here, so again just use blue yellow and red. the red will make the color more mature I don’t really like to put pure green because it’s not really good. In my own opinion. So I’m going to use this kind of green with white just look like an Apple Green but more dirty when you look at it and these are just base colors. Or the first coat, so maybe we can add a little more coat later to make it more solid Okay Okay This is just a very simple landscape painting And it’s very good for the beginners So, like for a beginner. So you may be you know you’ll have to try this one Okay, so again that we have the green color now Okay, so apply it carefully So, just a base colors guys, so maybe I just add more details later And the last part here, we are going to add margin on the background. the first coat here. I’m going to make it lighter again the blue the yellow, then blue and white here are some textures and the grasses Okay, okay, so I’m going to add a darker color here blue and yellow and red, and blue Okay another mix red and yellow and more red So these are just the the first coat, so maybe we’ll need to add more coats later or maybe we don’t need to Okay Okay, I think we are almost done with our base color So, I think you can add the clouds details on the clouds so I’m gonna use this flat brush for our clouds I’m going to make some bluish gray blue and black and white Okay, carefully apply directly here. It’s very dark, so I’m going to add more white Okay I’m going to create a circle [Mueller’s] [clothes] like No, I think it’s a cumulative us clouds As I recall on my grids called science class So guys again, just follow what I’m doing here the Okay to be very very big doubts I Am Gonna die lights. It’s just a pure white So this is how you you should do it. So just follow guys Okay Okay I just play the great guys yeah, you can can add it on any part of the one or in the dark part On the shaded part, so I think that’s what we the night that the perfect term when we have the highlights here Yeah So [they’re] very pretty Communist Clouds zero communists I know cumberland English class And doesn’t have to make it more Fine because fingers have added three here. So maybe the three will cover this part, so it isn’t Gonna Put some clouds here Yeah, I forget the table cover this part So let’s see um not good if we add more little cloud and in this area So if you’re gonna make your own landscape guys you should plan first where we’re gonna put some The clouds the trees or other elements of the painting So that you all know what? [to] cover or what to photo Id? When you’re gonna [even] you’re finishing the painting so it’s very [portage’s] Okay It’s going to be a very cloudy day More details in the clouds here Okay Okay, I think that might be a little close yeah, so I’m going to add some details on our mountains So I’m going to I’m going to need to use the smaller brush this flood pressure Okay So end up [Gonna] mix the blue and black [and] white We’ll go add [more] white see slide carefully Recession that this is a Rocky snowy mountains Yeah just follow my strokes guys if you then I’ve served my strokes I did it uh short strokes and I am really careful with it So just follow what I did What I’m doing right now II One more Arm highlights this part And I’m going to add a little some details [and] [up] On the Dark part so same thing with these two colors in color but darker [tea] Okay I’m going to use the pure white here adding more pure white Which looks like? snow Mountains now So I guess this really What I’m doing here So just [follow] guys Just like when [we] stand on things no Or Canadian mountains. Yes We don’t really have mountains like this here in the philippines, so that’s why I’m using them. Yeah Just lean it well We enjoy the little highlights in this part This in color that are going to use they are using Anyway, I just come. I really just cover this part when we [had] the day three the the [Big] fire tree tea You just add more details later if you just being finished adding the [5/3] Yes, we are almost done with our details. So I’m [gonna] need to [put] some focus on this part But must be a very nice idea Okay, again. I’m Gonna mix the the Darker Bluish [Gray] [I] [figure] the Black and the blue And [I’d] [white] okay This will be a nearest forest So remember the role of perspective guys The farther the lighter and me will be more blueish So the fogger would be I just add white or or Blueish Gray to make it really look like far So that’s how you do the perspective on landscape Okay We got some details on this first so I’m going to use the blue Okay and yellow And white we had a little green village and more blue It’s far, so it should be Lowish Or going it [I] think I’m Gonna add more blue you guys I’m using the region flat brush and carefully top it and the virus make Dish textures on the Stick shirts on the on the leaves or just follow what I’m doing right now So remember guys to practice with your brush now you hold it and now your top and top on it on the can brush On what kind of resold you have or what kind of brush to just practice what it can achieve you can create? Okay, I think that some That’s fine I’m going to have some auditory [tats] on the mountains mixing color blue and white and luck so I’ll just add highlights on this part I Sure, it should be look more snowy So okay again is follow me guys [mmm] going to make it to a good ending of colors This will be some some diffuse reflections or some bouncing lights So I just I just add a little light here It will be your work more white the highlights of their norway mountains Okay, that’s kid You can add more little details in search putting more light Okay, think that’s enough I’m going to add some details in this area the Grassland so using the one inch flat brush Let’s mix for the light colors. I’m going [to] add the highlights now so yellow blue and white a little red white yellow white, but more blue right again Okay so Going to add a quick Downward strokes like I’m tapping carefully and using the tip of the brush Okay So everything guys is [are] really rely on the on the on that on the tip [of] your brush So you have to [practice]? By using your browser’s your available brushes so that you will know how to use it So you the experience will always teach you how to to use the proper brush? So like what like what I did the texture of the glasses will always depend on the kind of [press] you are using so you should look for the blue with the put the brush with Bristles or or the flat brushes with Irregular or distorted bristle Okay, so we have known Really nice Detailed of grassland so I’m going to put it here also. I want it to be one that’s more darker so using Bluish and yellow to blue this time the color much much more darker than the other one and then the in the right side part Okay to add some highlights again, so just saucer, but how I did it or okay, I think that’s bad right now, so I’m going to add the Okay, so again the light twin with a little red Not it here, so I’m still using the same kind of brush Really seems trucks, but bigger Okay With my stroke guys the nearer the weaker oriental perspective Okay I think we are done with the grasses so okay I’m going to add a little more here more texture more details [this] one is lighter when added here I’ll keep adding until it. We look more brush Okay, I think that’s really nice So I’m planning to add the fire tree here This will be a very big raid 3 that will cover the clouds So that will be my plan thanks again guys for watching and please subscribe for [more] videos in the [future] and visit w-W-W for more paintings Ok so I’m going to add the fire tree here this part this will be a very big fire tree Ok, so I’m Gonna use the small brush I’m Gonna use this song number [1] [flatbreads], but you can use a round brush also number one with oh, that’s fine [okay], using the burn [China] And a little blue to make it dark. I can this black four-door xena Okay when I Put it here It’s gonna be a very big fire tree. The only three that is not burning Okay I think there is a bigger brush to get are faster. When is this around 20 brush? Then use the same brush you want But um I’m just using a bigger for us to make it to make it more faster to make it faster Okay make sure that that that the base should be bigger than the tip or the at the top of the branches so I’m gonna make this branch smaller than the base, so So observe on the twist guys Yeah Maybe a very big fire tree. I’m using the tip [of] the brass to meet our [very] nice I’m very pointed very thin lines You can use a smaller on flat smaller round brush On this job or maybe not number server or number one because it’s very crucial when it comes to the very thin lines or thin strokes you might You might apply it [from] [E] Not more one branch here Okay I think it’s time to either the The [leaks] guys so again using this One is flat brush on to add the leaves of the fire tree I’m going to add the dark color first so here that blue the black or the red and the yellow add a little red Okay, just follow what I’m doing here so yes Apply it carefully [top] it carefully Like you see on the screen or in your on your monitor So good like this I’m going to [convert] the beautiful clouds and add more yellow Okay So remember guys not to cover it all leave some spaces Okay Okay I want the color to be Darker So I’m going to add them burn [Shanna] and red and blue and Apply it directly The Darker the better so but do not go oh Okay, then let’s cover everything here and the last part of this [trace] you into Going to add the flowers of this five tree So I’m gonna use the red You guys are using this medium flat brush and appear red Which is the pure red here? and add the flowers [fight] [freeze] have lots of flowers, so [I’m] Gonna vote more So what I am I’ve observed on a real Fire tree so guys again. Just follow what I’m doing here This is Gonna be a really beautiful burning fire tree Later I’m Gonna add the highlights of these flowers It should be on something like orange or Yellowish So guys always remember to practice with your brush you [should] practice some How you can achieve a result using the kind of rest or the stroke that you are making? so this is very important and one factor in your improvement So you need to keep doing it every day That’s what I’m doing it for almost 16 years now So can get guys just follow what I’m doing here Every strokes just observe [it] and you can learn Wantest have lots of large acrylics my first medium when they were starting [to] paint started to paint so It’s really good for [beginners] if you are because it dries fast all you have to do is add and add more years and Enjoy just enjoy adding layers. You have to wait to dry because it writes really fast Okay, and I’m gonna hide a little or some fallen flowers and background It will also add effect on our painting. It’s really nice to see some flowers and green grasses okay, if you like my video guys, please click like comment or subscribe or share it to your friends who wants to learn painting – Okay Yes, I’m in top add the headlights on them on the flowers, so just mix I just mix the yellow and the red To make it orange and little white make it lighter and [we’re] [going] to directly apply it steam so the red guy searches [just] the best color I think I am painting a really nice fire tree here and I really like it Hope you like it, too He’ll serve guys that I am always using a limited colors like the red the the Brilliant red Metallo blue there Meechum yellow and black and white and with the exception of our shana because I want you to learn how to mix guys how to use the Palette with the primary color So that’s pretty good in learning on [how] to mix the colors And you should always practice mixing the means To [pamela] brains so that you will know what color you are going to mix if you want to achieve such Such color you want in add more Okay, so you know some also the highlights in the falling flowers in the ground And before I forget we need to add the shadows on the ground so I’m gonna is the [Dread] [Adam] no 900 below the yellow and the black So since the light is coming from the from our left side so gonna add a shadow on our right side the Cast Shadow guy should be Darker so if it’s a green or a light green or yellow green You can use Darker green for it Okay And I’m Gonna add some more [detail] [sananda] on the on the trunk so I’m Gonna use the smaller brush With this brush. I’m gonna mix you can use the orange do have mix for the highlight of the flowers and Lap with lots of white Okay, that’s good This will be the highlights of the tree trunk So just follow more here So just follow what I did kill dice The way I I do the strokes more highlights if you liked my video, please subscribe Like comment, or Share it with your friends who wants to learn [how] to paint? Adding a little highlights here so so the sunlit on the other part of the trunks [I] think I am done with the flowers So I’m thinking of adding some highlights and on the leaves Okay, so we’re going to mix paint for it just [use] the yellow and the blue with a little red and white in More yellow then add a little highlighting lives. Yes, they don’t not all of it I Think I’m going to add some but we here To to add some more elements on our painting so I’m gonna use the same smaller brush and I think I’m [gonna] use the same color we have the highlights [soaked] in the orange red the yellow Little block and more white So I think that added here Hey guys, I’ll just make a line here it’s very small line because it is very far and There [it’ll] become bigger according to the the perspective Okay So it’s carefully Districts or apply to you Okay, so always consider [the] perspective guys the then the fired [the] smaller the near the Bigger Force okay, I Think that’s good We can add some shadows or shades and down the pathway of course So I wanted to be bluish and with love and a little red tell us blue this will be the casting shadows of the grasses, so the Coc that it has a really long time [Ii] Tiny Horizontal strokes, so that that’s the shadows of their of the grasses [D] Okay, I think that’s enough [I’m] [gonna] add little here, and that will be perfect [I] Think I am done guys So again, thank you so much for watching or following my tutorials so if you like if you like my my my paintings, please click like Comment or subscribe with my my channel or if you have done the tutorial Please share it with me. You can upload it my Facebook page my [twitter] or even in my website [I’ll] be glad to see it guys. Thank you so much So have a nice day guys And again, thank you for watching you you we you

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