37 thoughts on “Acrylic Abstract Painting Demonstration / Easy Technique / Relaxing / Daily Art Therapy / Day #0114

  1. La musique qui accompagne la vidéo est trop géniale , pourriez vous m'en indiquer les differents titres , merci ;
    calme et sérénité assurés

  2. The start was better than the finish. It turned out some kind of technical drawing of the unit. But your technique is nice.

  3. His art touches the heart in a way that it grabs you inner artist,hey i need to start art again and just be happy with what we create on canvas.Art to me is my "spiritual way" of being inspired by beautiful work such as this.👍😀😊❤

  4. Guys kindly check out my realistic oil painting time lapse video. It would mean the world to me 🙌🙌🙌

  5. شنو حالك هسه
    جاي تقرا
    تريد تنام
    لووووو ماعندك حظ في الحياة

  6. I subscribed to your channel and this video is very good. Watching your video is like watching magic. My channel theme is: follow the painter to travel, we work together.

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