Acryl gießen (391) Cloud Effect mit der Holzlasur

Acryl gießen (391) Cloud Effect mit der Holzlasur

Hello everybody, hello friends I would like to take another picture that’s 30 x 30 centimeters I still have this wood glaze I have something bottled and I want to consume before I start working with it without solvent we think we are making a nice picture have the China Cridom bright pink then turquoise green I have to say that from Amsterdam Expert that’s a nice bright turquoise green and the ivory black then and this This wood glaze is white this gives us the contrast Ok, let’s start I hope it works well and then see you soon make of this wood glaze below in take black as a contrast hm, make out a few bubbles the turquoise green I enter from above and the China Gridom so the rose also really pure, so it really comes up to the white so I think that’s the first mug can see it here too otherwise that will be too much i’ll mix again too that we have it in the beginning as well just a little bit of the wood glaze yes have some air bubbles in it and where is my china gridom? my pink swallowed it completely we have to change that, laugh therefore I did not clean that much some wood glaze more of the China Gridom, that really ate it up Black I think enough so watch out now should we let it go a bit I’m doing it a little faster now so that it pulls apart better and also different structures exist So a few Kurfen so As I said I warn you again and again. it’s just something that’s why I have this bought this wood glaze without Solvent and then we have to look it works and run it down again too bad, wanted to keep this course but good Selavi! so life is it looks quite good Yes there is still some color missing! Color, color. What does it look like there? It looks good, except here ok, crazy there are a few bubbles in it. I have to say the vinyl glue has changed and gives more bubbles than before I feel like he’s working more like he used to I was already addressed by the Gaby and there really seems to be something in it Have to talk to Gerstaecker and ask ok, but I’ll leave it that way really did not want to heat it but because we have so many bubbles in it I’ll go over it with the hot air gun for a moment yes madness how many bubbles because you always have this bubble structure in it and no smooth picture if you work without silicone, like here you see here that is actually modestly I say, laugh ok, cool I will leave it like this yes I’ll fix that with Gerstaecker and then I let it act briefly and show it from close see you then so friends now from close So again to come back to these bubbles because I’m not a guy, either would like to wait a day. The color touches until the bubbles are out I have to clarify that you know then here too there are so small cells in it nobody wants to have therefore I do not think so great there are so small bubbles everywhere. Can you see that? they should not be but good but the cloud effect works quite well there we have For example, we have one up here as well many small bubbles in it so not so nice OK I hope you liked the picture anyway? I think it is cool so friends here still the dried picture think it’s good especially this little effect here So there was such a small cloud effect as I said from time to time a few bubbles in here I have to look again and let it stand longer then I think it will be better too like little veins OK then it was mine I hope you enjoyed it and then I wish you something. Until next time Goodbye, bye

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  1. muito bom gostei . parabéns. posso misturar álcool com as tintas acrílicas antes de pintar ? é bom ouu ruim? obrigada

  2. Hi, wollte mal fragen ob du immer andere Marken Acrylfarbe verwendest und welche du fürs Pouring am effektivsten findest.

  3. Здравствуйте! скажите как переводится "деревянная глазурь". или что это такое? Перевод с немецкого ничего не дает.

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