Abstrakte Malerei, Acryl, simples Werkzeug, einfache Technik, Anfänger, squeegee, Inspiration

Abstrakte Malerei, Acryl, simples Werkzeug, einfache Technik, Anfänger, squeegee, Inspiration

Today I’ll show you a picture
the spatula technique and the tool: the squeegee and the Spatula. I explain something to the technique, how I did it. and I have content explains something else. Yes, I hope you like it. you take your canvas first again and prime them with a acryliccolor. I have taken a turquoise here. in this video i would like to draw your attention to the fact that painting is not just about the result. it’s also about painting itself. Now I’ve considered that we
just dive into the Painting and that’s what I mean now
literally. I took the turquoise because I imagine in a large swimming pool too jump or even to greece, jump into the
Sea, the water is so beautiful turquoise. and just dive. let me in, on the elements,
or now get involved in painting. that’s what I’m about. I’m taking an ocher and then I’ll take a real blue. give it to it and then
one more white. I have the color to strong mixed. they are liquid better. That’s why I give now water. so that I can process the paint better. As you can see, the color runs
by itself. So she starts already join in my swimming project.
and as I said, I’m fine simply because if you paint it,
just let you in on the color. with the colors of the game, with
the tools play while doing in the painting. so for you as background knowledge, we already have a few gone through: how do I share that
picture on and I have that again golden cut, about, taken and
you know that from all over videos that ran before that with the
landscapes. there you can
orient and then you have it maybe a little easier, for you. I know that some like to swim and
really dive in and if so swim, then everything else
forget and it is like that, if you do Under water, then you can not hear the noise from the outside and you can be wonderful
switch off and here, in this painting with the tools, with the wet paint,
You can also do it very slowly work. paint the paint on the canvas, blur, there is
this squeegee good for. you can pull the color from top to bottom,
Take away and wipe across. see in this channel. there are detailed videos too. now you have, all the time, with the blue tones
and painted white. and there you can good all colors together
mix because they are always harmonious. and now you can do it again
take blue-gray. that enters a bit more contrast
more deep, like a little one disturbing factor or such a small wave, with which you can swim. and that you can work into, in yours
thoughts flow. So I do not leave the color
dry. the first shift was dry, the turquoise.
now I paint, in fact all the time, wet in wet. by pushing the tool, I take color away again.
Now I turn the picture so I get that from the
other side can look at. you see the picture through it
different. I discover who I am fallen or where I mean, there could be
something else. so you can Just move your work. I turn the picture back and forth
watch. always see heights and depths. even more
layers you paint, all the more structure gets the picture. all the more
and deep you in-labor, so to speak the picture becomes more interesting. Now I’ll give you a darker one again
shade to it. you look now more contrast. through the contrast you get the deep in the picture. yes, I can paint here for a long time now and I’ll paint a little bit further because I really dive and get involved in the colors. I am aware
these blues are taken dark and bright as they complement each other. That’s why I can do it that way
work with it for a long time. yes, I let the paint run here and
then I think, I will come to the end, so reappear,
from my element. you decide yourself, with yours
painting when you come back from the go water. stop swimming, stop diving and yes, when you want to reappear. yes, I have just painted here. on
the table and there is now the picture. it is still wet.
I put it down anyway. the color runs a bit and then
I’ll take the same way. put it down and let it dry.
yes, it was a little different now otherwise and I hope you liked it,
the video. and you have, for you, again to take something with you. I’m sorry
course in a like and also over your comment and about an subscribed. a lot of
thanks for watching. sorry sorry sorry for my bad english translate. I hope you could understand what I wanted to say. lovely greetings from germany, Petra

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  1. Danke…Dir zuschauen und -hören ist hier für mich wie Meditation und das noch mit der Farbe…sehr beruhigend und tief…danke dir von Herzen du liebe Seele🥰😘👋🏻

  2. Wieder meine Lieblingsfarben!Ich habe jetzt endlich auch einen Abzieher besorgt und werde es mal ausprobieren. Ist einfach schön
    Dir zuzusehen und zuzuhören. Liebe Grüße aus Elmshorn von Dani Oltmanns

  3. A la vista, muy hermoso!!…..Pero falta complementarlo con la subtitulación al español…..Las indicaciones, consejos y comentarios son necesarios saberlo, por lo tanto a [email protected] de habla hispana podrias incluirnos.

  4. Einfach nur zuhören + zusehen = Tiefenentspannung! Hoffe, dass ich beim "Nachmalen" auch so viel Ruhe finde! Danke, liebe Petra!

  5. Vielen Dank für diese schöne und anregende Video !
    Ich liebe das Meer bei jedem Wetter und bekomme nie genug von blau.
    Man spürt förmlich das kühle Wasser auf der Haut
    Liebe Grüße und ein entspanntes Wochenende 🐬

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