Abstract Painting in Acrylics with masking tape | Satisfying | Sappy

Abstract Painting in Acrylics with masking tape | Satisfying | Sappy

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100 thoughts on “Abstract Painting in Acrylics with masking tape | Satisfying | Sappy

  1. Because of jet lag, I just started working nine hours ago and came back in the evening to watch your videos so pleasant that the pressure of my work was relieved a lot.

  2. You never seem to amaze me at the talent you have. You are brilliant how your mind has so many ideas ready to come out. I very much enjoyed watching you work. Thank you for the wonderful videos that you do for us.

  3. Another beautiful work. Do you mix retardant with your paint for slower dry times, or do you just work quickly?

  4. SUPER! j'aime beaucoup le mélange des couleurs , cette peinture est très lumineuse! je vais m'en inspirer!

  5. bonjour John

    Très bon tableau
    Pouvez vous nous donner le nom de votre logiciel de montage vidéos et

    pourquoi pas un petit tutos sur votre façon de filmer votre travail

    Je suis votre travail depuis pas mal de temps et je trouve que vos toiles ont évoluées mais vos vidéos aussi.

    Merci John

  6. A multicolored universe serving as the backdrop for a peice of beautifully illustrated warped linear wave time, fantastic.
    I really love this one. ♥ 💝

  7. Magnifique comme toujours. Pouvez vous me dire ou vous vous procurez vos grilles et me dire comment cela s appelle car je ne arrive pas à en trouver 👍

  8. Вот сидел грустил о том о сём, как бац видео новое, все негативные мысли как ветром сдуло, спасибо Джон, ты лучший из абстрактных художников твои работы зачетные, смотрю все и ещё работы Петера Драницина тоже очень хороши, посмотрите если станет интересно, у Вас много яркого и это спасает от серой повседневности.

  9. Your abstract art is awesome. It's like graffiti and I like the hiphop beats as background. Greats from The Netherlands

  10. John backer, tu es le meilleur! depuis que j'ai trouvé ce canal que je ne peux pas m'arrêter de perdre pour faire des photos pour moi … je suis très heureux de vous avoir trouvé … toujours voulu cela pour moi mais je ne pouvais pas trouver d'idées. maintenant tout a changé en voyant ces vidéos

  11. I am sure this has been asked and answered a lot, I was wondering what is the best brand of masking tape to use? The tape I use always starts pulling away from the canvas.

  12. This one is very nice, but I think it needs more. The white edging looks sharp as hell. But there is a big empty blue area and a big empty red area. The stencil work is really cool too. I just love it. >:D

  13. Really just simply wow. John one question… Do you have a number of coats or is it all one after the other. When is the tape put. Is it after the first coat dries up. I am an amateur just learning. Thanks.

  14. Hi, wich kind of tape do you use? Thank you and have a nice day 😉
    P.S.: Your pictures are beatiful. Keep it up 😊

  15. Your paintings are so much fun. I'm usually not big into abstract, but your creations are so alive, interesting and substantial. There's so much going on but without being too overwhelming. And gotta love those wacky colors!

  16. It would be very good if you put in the music videos of ncs, it would improve the audiovisual experience. PS: I hope you take me into account

  17. Could we get more brush sounds and lighter sound of the music like background sounds. Prefer the brush sounds. Just saying.

  18. I love your artwork! 😍👌🏼 Question: How do you hold those canvases together while painting? they do not shift during painting.
    I am a beginner.

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