Abstract Painting in Acrylics with masking tape | Look Up

Abstract Painting in Acrylics with masking tape | Look Up

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100 thoughts on “Abstract Painting in Acrylics with masking tape | Look Up

  1. Dude, how do you get your tape so straight so quickly. And what kind of tape do you use? I can never get my tape to stick. I know, me, being serious for a moment… How unusually eerie… The music at minute three on out would make a great key…

  2. Leí algunos comentarios y decían que la obra del señor era ,"asombrosa" "cool" no sé qué más. En mí opinión personal, la obra la siento muy simple, no es algo asombroso a vista (o al menos para mí). No estoy diciendo que la obra es mala, simplemente no creo que sea algo "sorprendente a vista"

  3. Wasn’t sure where you were going the whole video but it turned out awesome! From one artist to another you got some mad skill I’ve never seen before

  4. This is a really beautiful piece of artwork but I don't know why do I feel so angry watching this and I forced myself to watch it for the whole 6:05 minutes of this and I'm angry from start to finish. I'm rarely angry or offended but I am quite angry here, not at anyone or the art or the artist, this emotion just rose from within me. I don't understand this, nor abstract art. Oh my, is that why? Because I don't understand… Wow this is art.

  5. At first I’m always like “ why would you do that it was amazing how it was you’re going to ruin it” but it’s so goooooooddd

  6. I watch each time & i think each time as you paint over part again & again oh you have just stuffed it up and each time at the end it amazes me how great it looks when you have finished!

  7. I love this John, the paint underneath each time needs to be completely dry before using masking tape?
    Complete newby here but really want to try this style.

  8. Добрый день. Очень нравиться ваше искусство, это рай для глаз).
    У меня вопрос: Это бумажный холст?

  9. Привет есть здесь кто русский
    Да и мне очень нравится этот абстракционист наверно так люблю

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