Abstract Painting demonstration with masking tape and palette knife | Vegas

Abstract Painting demonstration with masking tape and palette knife | Vegas

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100 thoughts on “Abstract Painting demonstration with masking tape and palette knife | Vegas

  1. Hi John. I love your technique, it's inspirational. Are you painting directly onto wood panels or heavily primed canvases?

  2. I absolutely loved this piece, he colours & textures are amazing… it's got to be one of my favourites of your artwork…
    I'm definitely feeling inspired to pick my paint brushes up again…
    Looking forward to your next piece, hope you have a great day…

  3. Where do you get the scrapers and pipettes? I cant find any good pipettes that work with the paint like that?

  4. Thank you, John,
    my second viewing, you
    work so quickly.
    End result is FAB!

  5. What brand of paint do u use? It looks so vibrant!

    Edit: also the bottles u use to write, what brand of paint is that?

  6. Recently discovered your channel and I've been binge watching ever since. I think what I like best are all the little nuances you have in each piece. You use methods and techniques I wouldn't ever have thought to use which is why I enjoy watching other people paint. Keep it up, you're inspiring to watch.

  7. J'adore ! bravo l'artiste ! je peins depuis peu et j'ai beaucoup à apprendre encore…. Comment puis je recevoir tes DVD stp ?

  8. Suas pinturas são incríveis vim até seu canal sem querer haha eu estou viciada nos seus vídeos muito bom 👍

  9. Those black shapes and the writing at the end, in my opinion, ruin the whole thing. They make the painting look cheap and cheesy. I like them much better with just the colors and lines

  10. Все труды этого художника великие, с ним не сравняться обычные фанатики . Очень красиво . Не могу сказать на английском по этому скажу на родном ,вы большие молодцы ,тут нужно терпенья и талант ,таких людей надо беречь,очень красивые работы вы прекрасно справляетесь.

  11. I tried one of these for the first time and it was so easy

    Hahahahaha just kidding mine actually sucked so bad, so for anyone at home thinking “that looks easy, I could do that” hahaha think again. Actually try it and then say whether you can or not because it’s not as easy as it looks😂

  12. How does this not have millions of views? I’ve seen others that aren’t as good as this and have like 30M views 😩

  13. He is a very good artist/painter, even though this and all his videos are called abstract art, I feel that when he is going to make a very good abstract art piece, he kind of ruins it in the last second with his bubble wraps and plastic lunch bags and colors mixes that do not actually match….. But I really like soooo..

  14. mon dieu! je viens de te découvrir y à quelques heures, et J'ADORE tellement ton style, c'est magnifique, je ne me lasse pas de voir tes vidéos, ton talent et en plus j'aime la musique et comment sont tournées les séquences, merci à toi et good job

  15. Primero que nada me gustaría agradecerte por el contenido que compartes en este medio me pregunta es la siguiente, ¿$dónde puedo comprar esos implementos que utilizaste al final del vídeo para salir la firma en el centro del cuadro? Soy de chile un abrazo

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