48 thoughts on “Abstract Painting Demonstration / Easy & Satisfying / Acrylics / Daily Art Therapy / Day #0113

  1. I just started painting with acrylics. Thank you so much for your videos! They are inspiring and so easy to follow. Which is what I need right now lol. Fingers crossed I get better.

  2. I just commented on one of your other videos and I just can't stop watching your videos there just so mesmorizing I love then so much I'm like to paint and draw to but they never come out as good as these I hope to be as good as you one day

  3. You are a profissional genius !
    A great master of art , indeed !
    All love , greatings and respect to you !

  4. Your videos are really amazing but your painting skill is more amazing….beautiful always💓👍

  5. If I ever tried this it would end up looking like someone accidentally dropped the canvas in mud then called it art

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