Abstract Painting Demo Acrylics using brush, knife – Intermind – John Beckley

Abstract Painting Demo Acrylics using brush, knife – Intermind – John Beckley

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100 thoughts on “Abstract Painting Demo Acrylics using brush, knife – Intermind – John Beckley

  1. Im in no way an abstract painting professional critic but I think the painting would have been amazing without the white. Still cool though.

  2. Too many unnecessary steps. You over painted something that was quiet nice. Should have stopped before you went too far at the end. Still a nice finish.

  3. A lot of people are saying they didn't like the white, and at first the white didn't look promising, but the end result I think was very beautiful. The contrast between the white and the reds was very nice, and overall I think the white was a good idea! Loved it

  4. Awesome process and way of working. Defintely not easy… I don't find abstract art appealing in general. I know all the arguments around this… "The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". I thought this video would change my mind about it… But, no the final result still isn't good on the eyes for me…

  5. The white on top was to make it look like he painted it from beneath. Left just enough gray in there to do that. Looks awesome!😎

  6. Building the white layers made it look pixilated and so amazing. I love this piece. I've watched a lot of your videos and sometimes I dont agree with your direction but this time it's like you were painting an emotion I have had. Fuking incredible work!

  7. Do you prep your canvas with gesso? Or with anything? I tried to do some of your techniques but the paint dried and I dont know what im doing wrong not enough paint or the wrong paint?

  8. To all those who say he should have stopped before adding the white paint…the solution is simple: make your own, and stop at the 2:50 mark. He's shown you how he did it. You can make your own. After all, you're not wrong in thinking the painting was finished at that point, because that's what YOU would have done. And Mr. Beckley's not wrong for continuing. His artistic vision for this work is simply different from yours. Consider this: if you saw this painting hanging somewhere, without ever seeing this video, you'd never know what steps went into it. Frankly, it also looked good at :50 and 1:50 as well!

  9. You are great. There's always a point where I say "stop, it's already beautiful, you're ruining the painting" ( hahahahah) but then you make It even more beautiful.

  10. No sé nada de cuadros y eso, pero alguién me puede decir de qué están hechos esos cuadros de pintura o en dónde puedo conseguirlos para poder hacer algo similar al del vídeo??

  11. J'aime beaucoup votre peinture abstraite j'aimerais bien avoir ce DVD savoir les secrets de la peinture abstraite comment je peut avoir ce DVD s'il vous plaît !

  12. Not sure why he added all that white. It was pushing to a 10 but after he added the white it dropped down to an 8. Nice painting but preferred the gray edges

  13. Nooooo why you aded that much of white and then covered all the rest with red…etc
    You just like started with painting then change your mind to another one 😓😓😓

  14. Idk why everyone hates the white border. It looks briliant! The 3D effect is breathtaking! What i was afraid of at first was the brown color. But the final result is just… "Oh, where is my wallet?!"

  15. I love the depth of color of the composition, and how the white gives an almost 3D look, as if the wall was smashed and exposed what was behind, hence the title of the painting, undermine, where essentially you're entering the mind of someone!

  16. Superbe 👏👏👏 une vraie oeuvre d'art. J aime beaucoup. J espere pouvoir faire aussi bien🤔🤔🤔

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