A$AP Ferg On Working At Victoria’s Secret & His Painting Side Hustle | What’s Ur Thing | Fuse

A$AP Ferg On Working At Victoria’s Secret & His Painting Side Hustle | What’s Ur Thing | Fuse

Yo, welcome to What’s Ur Thing?
I’m Cipha Sounds and this is the show when I talk
to my friends and your favorite celebrities about their hidden
passions, and obsessions, and things they love. For example, today, A$AP Ferg
talking about his love of art and painting. It’s like the
Harlem Renaissance. Hey Man. Happy holidays. Thank you so much. Wow.
He don’t know I stay on the naughty list. Ladies and gentlemen, I
want to welcome you all to What’s Ur Thing? Oh, ladies and gentlemen.
I got my boy, A$AP Ferg with us here today. [applause] What’s up, bro? That was funny. Can I call you Ferguson? Yes, you can. Is that your real name?
I don’t know if I ever asked you that. Yeah, it’s my last name. Ferguson? It’s actually my dad’s
last name. Do people call you that? I
want to call you something that no one calls you. They used to call me D-Ferg,
for Darryl Ferguson. Right. That was his name as well. Ladies and gentlemen,
A$AP Ferg is here. Oh, I don’t even know if it’s
A$AP Ferg. It’s A-$-A-P? Yeah. A$AP. Do you say ASAP? Do people
spell your name wrong a lot? We just about
the money bags, so we got a dollar
sign in there. What if I spelled it
with a little- It’s actually in my contract,
A-$-A-P. Really? Yeah. What if somebody wanted to
disrespect you and do A- Regular S? No, Cent. Cent, this little c
with the line through it? If you not making money,
you making change. Oh no, that ain’t me.
That ain’t legally me. Okay. Not legally. Alright.
So this is What’s Ur Thing? The network always wants me to
do like regular questions first. Like small talk. Right. So I have to just
go through this. So just bear with me. Not a problem. Okay. You were born
and raised in Harlem, is that correct? Right. How do you feel
about Harlem? I love Harlem.
Harlem is amazing. Harlem is a place of plenty
different colors and um, a lot of people from
around the world, they meet up and you
know, listen to music, go to the Apollo,
the restaurants, and it’s a vibe.
Harlem is a vibe. What part of Harlem
are you from? I’m from 143rd
and Amsterdam. 143rd and Amsterdam. Okay. Someone say “Oof!” Somebody cheered. Okay, uptown. We
in the building. What do you think about
gentrification in Harlem? Um- Do you feel it’s weird that
you now got so much money, you moved to a white
neighborhood, and now all these
white people have moved
to your neighborhood? No, I still
live in Harlem. You still live in Harlem? Yeah. That is interesting. This is actually the
first time I said that. Really? People would think
that I like moved to- To Jersey! That’s
what rappers do. Nah, I live in Harlem. Nicer place, though. Yeah, it’s a nice place. Did you do what Pun did? Because he still
lived in the Bronx but he broke the wall down and took the apartment
next to him. I heard about that. I heard so
much stories about Pun. I heard he used to stack up
his telephone books and shoot at the wall. Like he used to stack of all
his telephone books against a wall and him and Remy
used to shoot at the books. Yeah. Like just for fun. Okay, you majored in
fine arts and fashion. What’s fine
arts and fashion? So fine arts is like,
I took- I never seen
them combined. I took this class, where I
specialized in like art and like they call it
stipple cross-hatching. That’s just like a different
technique to draw and shade characters, or like landscapes.
Fashion, like I took a sewing class and like, uh, I learned
about fabrics and different textiles and stuff like that. Wow. This guy’s very talented,
ladies and gentlemen. How about a round of applause
for A…A$AP Ferg. [applause] I want to get serious for a
moment because this is What’s Ur Thing? And this is where I talk to my
friends and celebrities about their passions that they have
besides making music or whatever it is.
Yours is painting. Right. How, how real is that? How
much painting do you do? It’s very real. My Dream,
because my dad was an artist, like I said, he went to art
and design school as well, and he had a boutique and I just
grew up seeing him painting and doing graphic art. So for me, that’s what I was
going to do. That’s what I told my mother. This is
what I’m going to do. Now when you
say painting? Yeah? Right, because I’m not, I’m not 100 % versed
in the art world. Right. I think art is a
big, vague term that can mean a lot of
different things. Definitely. You’re saying you have
canvas on an easel and you paint.
Yes. What? What are you painting? Abstract. Whatever I feel.
Like I did like one piece that I gave to Rocky,
it was a, a painting of John Lennon and Yoko. What? Off of a picture? Yeah, off of a picture. And
um, I got commissioned from Hennessy to do a piece. I did a piece of my album
cover. It’s like a brain, a airplane and like me
tying my do rag. But it’s like in an abstract
way with different colors. So do you use oil
or watercolor? How’s that work? Um, oil is hard to work with
for me because I grew up using like multisurface
that’s this type of paint that kind of dries
up, like leather. That’s easier for me because
I just, I learned how to use it and just manipulate
it with water. It’s just like it’s a better
medium for me, but oil, it takes a long time
for it to dry. So that’s a different type of- That’s a different
type skill set. Where’s your setup?
Studio? It’s in my living room
right now, but like- This is a stupid question.
I know it’s, yes, but it’s therapeutic,
I’m sure? Definitely! It’s quiet time. I’m so used to like
the fast -living, and like when you’re
painting you’re forced to be in the moment. Right. And it brings back here and it
grounds you and you know, you’re probably listening to
like some type of music. Like last time I was painting
I was listening to like Grace Jones’ album, just like to
get an artistic flow. Yeah. That’s the time where I get to
like, try new music out, too, because I’m just forced
to stay there painting. Who some of your
favorite artists? Most of the time I’m not
listening to rap music. Most of the time. A lot of rappers say that. I think rappers
hate rap. No, I love rap. I love rap. I listen to a lot
of old rap. Eighties? Yeah, Furious Five. Oh, that old! Late seventies! Like just because I
liked the um, the way the beats was made
back then, like even Beastie Boys, they
beats is crazy. There was a lot more
instrumentation back then. A lot more instrumentation. And then sampling took
over in the early nineties, late eighties, early nineties.
And then it went back to people playing again. Even like Bomb Squad, the
way they, like, collaged. Like, their beats
was like painting. I was going to say that! Collages of different things,
news anchors talking- With like, Malcolm X talking,
sound effects. Exactly. Who’re some of
your favorite artists? Like art artists? Painters?
I like George Condo. He figured out a way to like, um, to modernize masters’ work. So like he’ll take
like the aesthetic of a master painting
like a Mona Lisa and like bring it into like
a cartoonish kind of world. It’ll be like in a classical
museum, like the Gagosian or something like that. Sorry? Like the Gagosian, which is
like a huge, like art gallery. I don’t even know YOUR name.
A$AP Ferg. Furge. Do you feel this interview
is hurting your street cred right now? Oh, nah. The streets
need to hear this. I know! There’s other ways out. Now does appreciation of art
influence your music at all? I think it does because like,
when I make videos and create music, I want
it to be classic. Yeah. Just like the Mona Lisa that
we look at, people like kind of praise it. It carries on through
like different cultures. Like your child is going to
know, like or whoever’s baby, is going to know when they grow
up, what the Mona Lisa is, or see the picture. Like Jesus.
The White Jesus. I love white Jesus. It’s like, as famous
as white Jesus. Blue Eyes and all that. How would you
describe your style? My art style is abstract,
I would say. Abstract. Yeah. You can’t do a portrait of
somebody, or could you? I could, but that’s boring
to me, because like, you could just take a
picture of somebody. If I did a portrait of
somebody, it would have to look the way
I would want to see them. Right. I see what you’re
saying. When would you say you started taking
this seriously? Uh, since I was born. I was
raised in an artistic family. My Dad was an artist
and my grandmother was a performance artist. Have you ever had
a regular job? Yeah, I did. Where’d you work? I did security before
I got signed. Where? If you say
the MOMA I’m gonna flip this
whole table over. [laughter] It doesn’t count. Hell No. That shit was. It was a building,
like it was cool. That was your only real job? I worked at
Victoria’s Secret. What? It doesn’t, it doesn’t, it
doesn’t sound amazing as it may sound because
I was in the stock room. So I wasn’t able
to be on a floor with all the females,
and all that, so. I wouldn’t think they would
have you on the floor, Ferguson. I would have loved
to have been, but. So you know, anyone
else that paints? I just seen that Action
Bronson paints. Really? He has like a whole
collection of paintings and he just posted on instagram. And that’s impressive
because I know how tough it is to really lock in. All right, I’m gonna
do this because I’m looking for new outlets. I’m gonna buy some canvas,
some paint, little brush and I’m going to take
a picture of you today and I’m going to paint you. I can’t wait to see. Ladies and gentleman A$AP
Ferguson. Make some noise! Don’t leave though. I don’t know if you guys have
been paying attention, but I got A$AP Ferguson
here with us today. We about to put together an
amazing art gallery opening on Do the Damn Thing. You’re ready Ferguson? I’m ready bro. Alright. Let’s say you
had a big art opening, high-end gallery. You’ve got
all these famous artists and musicians and
fashion people. Now these celebrities here, I
figured these celebrities are artsy types. Rihanna,
you know this guy Rakim. That’s his real name. Rocky. I don’t know if you know that.
Did you know A$AP Rocky’s real name is Rakim? Missy Elliot. Come on.
The thing she did with her videos,
and? Fashion? Nicki Minaj, she hates me,
but we’re gonna, you’re gonna help me
squash that, right? Yeah, I got you. It looks like
Pharrell is- no, because I’m looking at P’s smile,
it looked like he smiled at your comment. Because yeah, he’s like, it’s
never going to happen. And then we have Jay Z who’s
always talking about art. Right? So in this gallery of yours,
there’s different positions. There’s gallerist, right? That’s the person who
runs the gallery. We’ve got a dealer,
not that kind of dealer, who’s the person who was
in charge of selling art. Then you have the art handler,
they’re in charge of installing it. A docent, person
who gives tours. Oh, that makes sense. And
security. So you start, you know, brainstorming,
who goes where, who does what position. So the gallerist should
be… that’s the person with
the gallery, right? Why’re you standing? I
want to, I wanted to move it. I want to move it. Okay. So that you
think that’s Jay Z. Jay Z’s the gallerist. Okay. Well you gotta
tell me why though. All right, so Jay Z is the
gallerist because I just feel like Jay got all the money.
He has a venue, so. Okay. You get your spot. Gotcha. Gotcha. He got bread too. He does have bread.
But he’s a great talker. Yes. Yes. He can sell water to a well. Right, well that’s his line. Exactly. But he
talked them out of it. Oh, got it. Art Handler. Art handler. Flacko’s great. That’s also like, that’s
the person that like puts it up in the
gallery in the right spot. You think he has a
vision for that? Well, I would like to watch
Rihanna do that. While she’s
hanging up the art. Oh, okay. Oh, now do you think
she’s actually good at that or you just trying to
see her bumbum? Both. Okay. Okay. So Rocky’s out. Uh, yeah. Okay. For now he might be a
docent. Docent, again, is the person who gives
tours to visitors. Oh yeah. That’s cool.
Rocky can do that too. Two left. Oh, okay. I’ll have both of
them do security. Okay. You know what? Every time, every time
we play this game, people don’t want to leave
someone out because they don’t want to
hurt no one’s feelings, but someone has
to get left out. So he’s got the bread,
he’s dealing the art he’s a good salesman. She’s handling the art positioning it in
the right spot. This guy’s giving great tours. He’s, he’s a very
creative individual. He’ll make the tours seem
like part of the art, right? Who’s security?
Who’s security here? I’m going to say her because
she was mean to me. She likes to, yeah
sis likes to fight. Yeah. Yeah. She likes to fight. Okay, Ladies and gentlemen,
what, what would the name of
this art gallery be? Artists of Artists. Artists Of Artists. Yeah. Alright. Jay Z, Pharrell,
Rihanna, A$AP Rocky. Nicki Minaj who hates me. She doesn’t hate you. You got to reverse it.
She loves you. You think so? Yeah. Alright. Well, make the call.
A$AP Ferg, ladies and gentlemen! [applause] Hey! You know what it is,
ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for Taking Stock.
I got a machine here. This is my stock machine. What it is, is we create music
on the spot that I want to collaborate with you.
Now here’s the thing. I don’t have A$AP Ferg budget,
so I use stock music. You see what I’m saying?
But we’re going to create on the spot and we’re
going to just feel her out. Where’d you get that from?
From the fifth floor? Yeah. He moved man. He moved
up to the seventh floor. This bowl here is
full of genres. This bowl here is full of
vibes. So you pick. Don’t look at them, you pick
something randomly. We come up with a genre. We come up with a vibe.
I create the beat and we describe
what the song, album, or whole process of the
song would be, the music. Okay? Ferg. AKA Furge. I can’t look at the words? Yeah, just grab a genre. Punk. Punk music. Okay. And now vibe. What
do you got there? Dollar van. Punk dollar van.
Okay. Okay. Punk. Dollar van. Go. Ooh. Okay. Okay.
What do you see on that? I see you, you and maybe
somebody from the Sex Pistols. Know what I’m saying? Ooh. Sex Pistols. A collabo. Sid Vicious. Sid Vicious. Is he
in the Sex Pistols? Yeah. Okay, perfect. Lil Uzi. You, Sid Vicious,
and Lil Uzi on this. What are you going, what would you
call this song? No Sex in the
Champagne room. No sex in the
champagne room. Okay. Part two. Yeah, part two. And what did, what do
you see visually for that? What colors you see? A very psychedelic
champagne splash. Oh, okay. That’s
the album cover? Yeah. Okay. What about the video? Nobody steal that. Yeah, this is actually
pretty good stuff here. I’m sending invoices. Where’s the video? It’s in the Strip club. Okay. Okay. The players club. From the movie?
From the movie. Oh, bring it back! Ice Cube is in it. Okay. Okay. And then the champagne room is
actually the back where you get like the person who dances. It’s
going to be me, Sid Vicious, Marilyn Manson and Lil Uzi. Marilyn Manson? When did
Marilyn, is this the remix? Did I say Marilyn Manson? No, but now you did! Yeah, I want him in it too. Wait, why is there
no sex back there? Oh No sex in the
champagne room? Because like, that means
you’re supposed to go back home and
handle that. Oh you go home and handle
that. Okay. All right. Cool. Here you go. Do another one.
Another genre. Okay. Turn it over. Dance. Dance, you like dance music? Like Crystal Waters? That is the type of dance
music. Yeah. Yeah, I like Crystal Waters. Okay. Well what’s the vibe? Bootleg. Dance bootleg. Before
I even find that beat. Who goes on that song? Tupac. Tupac?? On a dance record. Dance bootleg featuring
Tupac. Oooh. Right. Okay. Tupac and
Kendrick Lamar. Sorry, what was that? Tupac and Kendrick Lamar. Tupac. Very serious
all the time. Kendrick. Very serious. Maybe
this is the track where they lighten
up a little bit, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. Yeah. Just be free. Just be
free. Be Free, be free. Be Free. Be Free 2. Be Free 2, featuring Tupac and
Kendrick Lamar. They’re featured on it.
Whose song is it though? Because they
couldn’t have this song on their album. Hall and Oates. What? Yeah. That’s a hell
of a song, right? Like Hall & Oates now? Like yeah, now. Like now they all of a sudden
come out of retirement. Yeah, with the crazy Tupac
verse and Kendrick. I A&R-ed that. What’s this video like? This is on top of a mountain.
It was like a party on top of a mountain. Yeah. A party? Yeah. On top of a mountain. Everybody’s skiing and having
fun and enjoying themselves. So I’m assuming there’s
some white people. But the party is slow
motion in the cabin. Ooh, cabin. Okay.
And Tupac’s there. Tupac’s there. He’s back? Or- He’s a hologram. A
hologram on skis. ♪ Be Free on the skis. ♪ That’s you
on the chorus? That’s what you
gonna do? Well not me,
I’m writing it, but I’ll give it
to Pac to sing. Oh, I don’t think Pac
is accepting writers. What do you mean? You got to sing the hook. Oh, I’m on the hook. Okay. Here we go.
♪ Be Free on the skis. ♪ ♪ With K Dot, two Ps.
Hall & Oates from Philly. ♪ You got bars, kid! Oh no, this ain’t nothing.
Ladies and gentlemen, that’s A$AP Ferg.
Taking Stock. Thank you so much
for creating this beautiful album of all these
different genres and vibes. Make sure you come back
and visit us and woo-woo-woo. How do you do it? [barks] Ohhhh! What? Yo, thank you so much to our
special guest, A$AP Ferg for coming through today and
enlightening us with the, with the art world
and his paintings and I just feel so
cultured today. So I hope you do too. And I hope you join us again
on What’s Ur Thing? Okay! Thanks, A$AP. Ferg.

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  1. I love this concept. It’s so nice to hear about the passions artists have outside of their music, and I’m always pleasantly surprised. I knew this about Ferg already because I’d read it, but it’s different when you hear him actually talk about it. Love. 🤘🏿

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