64 thoughts on “a whole month of screen-printing, drawing and sewing

  1. Ya quiero que salgan las nuevas camisetas! Pará igual regalarme algo especial en diciembre gracias fran por tan hermosas camisetas y trabajo en general, los stikers están muy hermosos!!!! Mas el de ponquesito musculoso lo ame! Besos ~

  2. When you said your self worth is driven by your productivity I felt my mind get blown. That’s what I do and I never even realised it. This video – the aesthetic, sounds and music, fashion and chats – were perfect. These videos always brighten my day. Thank you and good luck with your mischievous laptop.

  3. Hola a todos! Pregunto esto porque el "no" ya lo tengo jaja Quisiera leer el libro de la amistad "Personas favoritas" de Fran y Edo pero como ya no se vende más, es muy loco preguntat si existe algún alma caritativa que ya lo haya leído y me lo quiera vender? 😇🙌 soy de BsAs Argentina

  4. Your videos always give me that extra sprinkle of motivation! Thanks for the energy, Fran. Love your sky blue sweater, btw ☁️

  5. Fraaaan necesito los subtítulos jajaja ya contigo hasta he aprendido a entender mejor el inglés cuando no hay sub 😪😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Every time you put on that pink "lab" robe I feel like the doctor is in, you mean business giving those t-shirts a second chance hahaha.

  7. What is that lovely drawing pad you used for your friendship book? I recently purchased one online and it totally doesn't work 💔 🙁

  8. Hi Fran, sorry if its an annoying one but i have a question regarding the shop/the new update: i know shipping is expensive for the bulkier or heavier items & totally get it but standart shipping for a flat 4$ stickers costs a whopping 16$ to both my options Japan or Germany as well, is that so? would love to purchase some of the new stickers, they look soo adorable 🙂 <3 anyway, thanks for the long vlog, enjoyed it lots & i was so happy to see you in such a good mood later in the video 🙂

  9. I love watching all your videos and crafting at the same time. Thank you so much! May I ask what you use for your paper/Background for photos. I've been trying to find something like that for awhile.

  10. Ahh! I love the black t-shirts with dancing cats on them! So happy you are doing darker colours too! Also you thinking about other body types makes me so happy you have no idea <3

    I hope all of your computer issues get sorted soon 🙁

  11. Gosh! You cracked my head open…. I too value myself on my productivity. That’s got to stop. Thank you my love for the awakening. Xxx I am so sorry for what is happening in Chile. It seems that we are joining together to raise up all over the world. I’m hopeful for a new world. People who rebel are true hero’s. Remarkable people wanting a better world. Xxx

  12. I love the natural audio in the clips of you working! The cars outside, the rustle of the T-shirts, it's really soothing 💕💕

  13. When you said your self worth is driven by your productivity. That hit a nerve. I've got things wrong with me so this means I have to take long breaks in the day. I can't do much and I have to lie down in bed a lot. This makes me feel a failure.

  14. Fran, when you said that you feel unmotivated to draw because the situation in your country I almost cried because I feel the same shit. Here, in Colombia, everything is a mess. I am so sorry we have to live in this cruel world and feel impotence because we can't change this situation 😞 I hug you! Thanks for this video! 💜

  15. Hello fran! It's my first time to leave message! I really nervous when you panic, because i partially know what feels like.. (I have anxiaty problem and i've been clinic long time) but really happy to you've been well. Sometimes i think, if you live in korea* (my country), i really want to help you some simple problems.. hope your work all going well, and your mental, and body both be helthy. <333

  16. I don't know NY library have children books, if you spend all museum power out,(I think it won't happening!) why don't you read children's book? when I feel drain, i read children's book a lot. They have many good art, and good healing message as well 🙂

  17. Curious if you took your computer to Louis Rossmann, because he has a shop in New York that’s suppose to really good. He has a YouTube channel under his name.

  18. Hands up all you creatives who feel shitty when not productive. 🙋‍♀️

    Also: I love that you use second hand t-shirts! Thanks for being so eco-conscious! 💙🌍💚

  19. Watch your video, and realize that at about half way through your videos I am always smiling without be aware of it… 😊💖

  20. Fraaaaan! So good to see you upload. I got your planner and I've been using it every day! I feel like my life is in order for the first time in years. Thank you! Also the new dancing cat design is ❤

  21. so much hard work that goes into making each t-shirt! no one dares to say that they are too expensive! I would boost the price even more!!! Can't wait for new graphic novel!

  22. 😊😊😊🍩🍩🍩🥰🥰🥰
    Love the black tshirts..my fav. 🤩🤩
    Will you make Nice Human tshirts/products? ✏🖌😻
    Love your stickers…😊

  23. So so happy to see another vlog!! So excited for your new cat print! 😍😍 I would love to know how long it takes you to edit your videos! When I edit a vlog it could take me a whole day 😬😅 lucky I love it! Just curious about your process!

  24. Aw sweet girl you made my day! Missed you too Fran your videos are always uplifting and thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent, San xx

  25. Ya extrañaba tus videos Fran. Eres la mejor, cuidas cada detalle en tus videos y los haces tan especiales. Por cierto se te está quedando pequeño el estudio 😳. Un abrazo 😊😊😊

  26. Sorry to hear about your computer again. You might want to try to edit your videos on your iPad. I believe you have an iPad pro, right? You can use the program LumaFusion to edit your videos. It's a powerful program. Your iPad is super powerful. You can even use programs like Affinity Photo to substitute for Photoshop and Affinity Designer is the equivalent to Illustrator. If you need to, you can even get a blue tooth keyboard for typing.

  27. Fran, saca alguna ilus del matapacos!❤ Espero que estés bien, estoy ansiosa por un nuevo capítulo del podcast! (estaría filete escucharlos hablar sobre la contingencia) Eso, un abrazo!

  28. Hola Fran! soy de Guatemala y recientemente acabo de encontrar tu canal. ¡Muchas felicidades! me encanta tu contenido, ahora ya puedo practicar mi ingles con temas que me gustan como lo es la ilustración.

  29. It’s a great day when you see Fran blinky in your YouTube 💖 I love the new design those cats are life. And omg can we talk about those cute stickers. Thank you Fran for putting up with stuff and still trying to give us all a video and what you said about productivity sounds so well known. 🤎💖🤍💜

  30. Dancing cats??? Of course this is cuter as everything out there! I think I prefer the 'simpler' design on the dark shirts, on white it seems to lack something.

  31. I personally prefer T-shirts without text actually 😡
    That's why the Totally Dope and Poop ones (although funny) would feel a bit uncomfortable to me; I always have the feeling that people will stop a second and read your breast/belly, which I don't like :p
    Might be just me, but it's why I would like a Cat Hug one! Also because they go on darker colours, which is an added bonus, yay!

  32. The stickers look very cute! I'm very happy you are translating the Personas Favoritas book, I tried to buy it from buscalibre many times but it's always out of stock.

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