A second attempt at a self portrait

A second attempt at a self portrait

What’s up, so today we’re gonna switch it up a bit. I haven’t done an art video in quite a while because they take so long to do and homework is a thing (yayyy) You know this weekend. I have a PA day. I have an extra long weekend. (yes joana yes) So I thought I’d bless you guys with a terrible art video aka ten minutes of me making self-deprecating jokes. I woke up at 6 a.m. Today. It’s currently.. 6:30, and we are on a bit of a time crunch today because I have practice at 11:30, so I need to be out of here by 11:00. This is just gonna be a mad dash Ok, like it’s gonna be like The Amazing Race Canada in an art video. I still haven’t introduced what we’re doing. Ok today I’m going to take a second stab at making a self-portrait I did paint myself two months ago and the results were Underwhelming to say the least so I thought I’d try to draw myself today because you may not know this But I actually like to draw with charcoal. It’s a lot easier than painting. You have a lot more control It’s all around a more enjoyable experience Also, if you’re wondering why I’m talking like this it’s because my parents are asleep And they would absolutely whip my buttocks if they found me this early I feel like also when you become a mother you’re hearing just gets ten times better Like it becomes that of an eagle you can hear things from ten miles away. Like I swear. I’ll be at school I’ll burp and my mom will just come crashing through the window and be like What was that Missy. The photo I will be drawing today is the exact same one I used to paint my self-portrait. I’d like to take a quick moment to apologize for how pretentious it is I hate taking selfies and as much as I wanted to take a photo like this, I mean Let’s just take a moment and appreciate how perfect these photos are. Like I have never looked better unfortunately I don’t have the talent to draw something as beautiful as that so I had to take a snobby looking selfie It will never happen again. Today, it’s gonna be a calm video sit down relax. Get a snack, read a book and just watch me lose my mind So first, I need to start off with an outline. I usually just do this in pencil. I’m really bad at proportions I can’t look at a photo and then just trace it on a piece of paper. I’m sorry. I’m just not that talented So we’re gonna do things the old-fashioned way. We’re just gonna measure it out I can hear all the pseudo artists attacking me. But then again I am one. Let’s just dive right in. So I’ve been playing with it for like two hours now my parents did wake up so I can talk a little bit louder now To be honest, not that bad. We’re on the right track. Watch me just completely mess up later. Okay Also don’t mind these boxes here. It’s my camera setup. So… So next we have to put in the shadow, which is pretty much the dark parts for this I do something pretty unconventional actually I don’t know if it’s unconventional I did it in art class once and my teacher literally almost passed out I use a charcoal powder with an eyeshadow brush This is from Joe Fresh. It works for me, I think by the way this charcoal powder it’s Extremely pigmented I will pay anyone ten dollars if they can put this charcoal powder on their face and another ten dollars if you survive I’m looking a bit like a makeup tutorial gone wrong I’ve been listening to a lot of ariana grande these past like two weeks, and I’m not sure it’s a good thing Actually, no, it is a good thing because she’s an absolute queen But I never really listened to her all that much Until her last album came out and I’m just worried that I’m going to start finding Pete Davidson attractive (yikes!) You know drawing portraits. It’s very humbling because you get to see that you’re not that perfect after all. Me, I’ve got blackheads. I’m breaking out when I took this picture I have eczema So yeah, if you want to lower your self-esteem definitely do this because you get quantitative proof that you are not perfect So now that we’re done with this black powder, I’m gonna go in with the charcoal pencils Yeetus feetus bow beetus (uwu) Hi, I am back from my battle with Aquaman. Poseidon and I, yeah We went at it we fought in the pit so I was not able to finish it before practice now, I’m gonna keep going and Hopefully I can finish it in like three or four hours, but I don’t think I will That’s all I have to say *burps like godzilla* I Would just like to say that I have the utmost respect for my iPod shuffle It has kept me going since grade 3 ever since I downloaded my first Taylor Swift album This guy he’s been right beside me, you know, everyone has to invest in one of these Ok, so now that I’m looking like a hairless mole-rat I need to put in some hair obviously and I think we’re gonna start with the eyebrows Ok, but like why is this like low-key terrifying? Like I kind of look like Jeffree Star with the no eyebrows thing Except that Jeffree Star looks way better than I do Why? Ok mmm, that’s not what I was supposed to do. I need to sharpen this you want to know how I sharpen these pencils BITCH WHAT THE FUCK!!??!?!11!!?1??! U PSYCHOPATH In case you haven’t realized safety is of the utmost importance on this channel That is so wrong, what is that? Oh my god, okay so I’m gonna Improvise and use a Kleenex. I’m sorry. I really need to be less self-deprecating. It’s not funny Is it just me or am I like kind of cross-eyed now for the other one? They need to be identical twins not cousins not (james charles) sisters not even fraternal twins They need to come from the same egg. Okay, that was like too deep Do you hear that? I wonder who it could be Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh, okay. It was chief. He said this ain’t it That was the worst joke I’ve ever made great. So now that we’re done those caterpillars It’s time to tackle the hair now in the photo. I have a ponytail because Catch me with my hair down. I dare you. I was born with my hair up and I will die with my hair up It’s either that or I will just shave off all my hair and I’ll just be one bald and beautiful lady. I mean, obviously if I was bald I could just stop right here and I’d be finished but I’m not bald. ‘Cause my mom will kill me. Let us begin Okay, so here’s the dealio when I did my painting the hair was where it really went downhill and here It’s the same thing Like I look like a lizard person Trying to wear a wig so I’m gonna try and finesse it off-camera and see if I can, you know figure something out So, okay. I’m back and I was able to do a little bit of corrective work with the hair. Not much We’re not gonna talk about this section. I have no idea what happened there however I think it looks a little bit better than my painting the hair so far At least now the last thing that we have to do is put on the highlights I’m gonna go in with my jeffree star skin frost highlight. I mean this Conte pencil It’s just white charcoal pretty much kind of not really I always go overboard with this because just like highlight you can never have enough. Wish me luck And hopefully I don’t blind you with this Conte. It is best to wear sunglasses while I do this section I’m already wearing mine. So It’s 8 p.m. The highlights. Yeah, let’s talk about that real quick I went overboard with the highlights for the thousandth time. I look like a glazed doughnut compared to my painting This one looks more like the photo than that one. And this was way less painful to do also my forehead It’s extremely shiny and it could blind someone it’s the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Okay. Yeah now that I’m looking at this one again The hair is just completely messed up like what even is that as for the face? It’s decent But I think this one looks more like me or at least the photo now the only thing left to do is sign this beautiful masterpiece well Quotations around beautiful frame it and hang it somewhere where it can be appreciated. So let’s just do that right now So, thank you guys so much for watching Appreciate you guys clicking on this video and watching it through if you’re still watching for that matter And I’ll see you guys next week. Love you

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  1. Mext time you hit 3 million you sould do " i make 3 million avocado tortillas for my 3 million subscribers"

  2. since you were whispering it kind of made me think i should too and then my sister knocked over a bucket of legos and i was like you're gonna wake up them- oops nevermind

  3. My broskiis I have a story
    One day I was pulled into a party w/ my mum . So my mums friend daughter and I were drawing and I asked for a sharpener right? And this lil kid decided to grab her dads knife that was so sharp that I was scared that she would cut herself by just holding the handle (her dad is a farmer and stuff ) and she goes on to cut the pencil. So my dumb old ass thought to say nothing to stop the situation but then her mum walked in and the daughter quickly shoved all the shavings into her pencil case like she wasn’t supposed to do that. And her baby brother her BABY brother was sitting in front of her watching her so I was worry that he would do the same 😭 bruh. I must say it is pretty cool to do that and if u do it sure fine go ahead gone cool! But this was a literal 7yro doing this infront of her lil brother ;-; I don’t think that’s right I’m sorry

  4. Is it just me or is it kind of worrying that she’s only not bald because her mom will kill her if she was…

  5. Even tho it was kinda a fail, ur still good at art.

  6. Is it just me who thinks that at 8:38 the lighter half of the face looks like prim from the hunger games films

  7. Joana: i'm sorry, i'm not that talented
    Me: *went ballistic and searched all of her painting videos and my imaginary painting* okay sister, cOMPARE

  8. When you saw “art is more like a hobby to me” then I see the thumb nail “ HOW THE FRICK DOES SHE SAY “ART IS MORE LIKE A HOBBY” WHEN YOU DRAW 10 TIMES BETTER THEN ME


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