A Guide to the Canvas in Paint 3D

A Guide to the Canvas in Paint 3D

This button opens the canvas tab, which is where
you can control the size and rotation of the 2D
workspace. When in this tab – resize handles will appear on
your canvas. Resizing the canvas can either crop your content,
or using this toggle, you can opt to resize the
content as you resize the canvas. You can also enter a precise dimension here,
either as a percentage or the number of pixels. Ticking Lock Aspect Ratio means changes to one
side will automatically update the other. Use these buttons to rotate or flip the canvas. If your image contains transparency it can be
revealed with this toggle. The outline shows the canvas is still there but
is now transparent, allowing you to save images
containing transparency. You can also select content with transparency to
use as a 3D layer or a sticker. Finally, you can always turn the 2D canvas off,
leaving just the 3D content. Watch the next video for more Paint 3D tips. Or
head to the playlist for the full Paint 3D guide.

18 thoughts on “A Guide to the Canvas in Paint 3D

  1. I need an image six inches wide by nine inches tall. Now how do I get my canvas to show size in inches instead of pixels?

  2. Well, I'm glad 'Windows' is answering these questions from users…NOT! Only easy replies like 'We love your excitement' and 'We're glad you're a fan' and oh yeah, there's the 'Prepare for launch' reaction! Awesome Windows! Your customer service is heartbreaking!

  3. My lock dosnt work.It keeps chaninging. I give up. I just want to past some tet to A4 paper to print it. fock.

  4. Dear Windows, how can I get that canvas with shuttle? It would be great, if you attached the files you used making this video

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