A Drawing as Long as Me! || Accordion Style Sketchbook

A Drawing as Long as Me! || Accordion Style Sketchbook

This video is sponsored by Skillshare. Okay. Hey everyone. How’s it
going? My name’s Peter here we have a sketchbook that I’ve been
working on for a while. We’re about, well just over halfway through right now
and today in this video we’re going to put about 15 hours more worth of
drawing into another page spread of it. And then at the end I’ll do another
even slower flip through so we can see everything we’ve accomplished so far. Oh, uh, by the way, before
we get started here, I do want to thank Skillshare
for sponsoring this video. Uh, they make it possible for me to keep
doing art like this. They’re kind of like, they’re kind of like the Pope and
I’m kind of like Michelangelo. If the Pope was a website with thousands
of high quality instructional videos, and if Michelangelo was like some guy
sitting in his apartment doodling on long scraps of paper. So if you’re interested in those
high quality instructional videos, if you want to learn how to
illustrate whether it’s digitally, traditionally landscapes,
portraits, typography, they’ve got other stuff too check it out
and get two months premium content free with a little link in the description
and it’ll help me out. Thank you. All right. All right, let’s get down
to this. All right. So as I mentioned before, this page spread here did
take me about 15 hours. I know that only because I recorded the
whole thing that that’s about how much recorded footage I had. Uh, obviously I wasn’t drawing
nonstop that whole time, but I think it’s safe
to count in, you know, bathroom breaks, stopping,
stretching, you know, blinking things like
that into the total time. Because if it was a real
job, if I clocked in, I wouldn’t clock out to go to the bathroom
or to blink or stretch or anything like that. So, um, yeah, 15
hours is about right, obviously that is a long time. I didn’t
do at all 15 hours in one day. Now, I might, I could maybe if I planned it outright, if I had my food ready and uh, I’ve got to say I’ve had a bucket there,
but no going to the bathroom counts. I think I’m definitely capable
of drawing for 15 hours if I, if I really get into it cause I’m
definitely capable of getting into that. There’s different things people call
it, right? The flow state or the or the, you know, getting into the zone, kind of
losing yourself to the art to drawing. And it’s not only art that you
can lose yourself to. Um, in fact, I think if you’ve ever driven
somewhere before, especially if it’s a, a drive that you do fairly often, have you ever left the house and then
driven to work or to school or something and then you pulling into the parking
lot and you’re like, wait a second. How did I get here? Did
I run any red lights? Did I run over any people? It’s a little bit different when it comes
to drawing because I remember all the lines I draw, but what I don’t remember
is all the time passing. Sometimes I can sit there for hours
and if I think back it will feel like just half an hour or 20 minutes, which is a great thing for
me because sometimes, well, sometimes the days feel too long
and sometimes they feel too short, like I have too many things I want to get done too many lines to
draw too many errands to run too many, too many of this to any of that, and there’s only ever 24 hours in the
day and of course I have to spend some of it eating some of it, sleeping, some of it in the bathroom, you know, it’s 2019 and I feel like we should have
figured out how to eliminate some of these necessities from our lives. Right. I guess that’s why people invented things
like Soylent to try to minimize the whole eating thing, but just the fact that that hasn’t
caught on more than it has just I guess it speaks for itself. Right. There’s some people out there who like
have a Soylent for lunch or anything, but there’s not a lot of people who exclusively drink Soylent unless
they’re doing some weird, you know, challenge to try to prove it
to themselves or everyone else, how cool they are or how much they
don’t need food or, I don’t know. It’s kind of expensive
to compared to right now this is what I do actually.
I’ve recently changed it, but for a while I was
eating veggie burgers, two veggie burgers every
day for breakfast. Um, I started trying to switch to cereal, but cereal doesn’t sit as easy on my
stomach as veggie burgers for some reason. I just feel great after having two veggie
burgers for breakfast and I don’t know why it’s so good for me. I mean, I don’t know if it’s actually
good for me because I, you know, that’s also four pieces of bread, right?
Tell me, is two veggie burgers a good, is that healthy for me
two veggie burger patties? Obviously I’m not telling
you the nutritional
information, right? You’re not, you’re not reading the
back of the package. And then there’s two whole grain buns, which has four pieces of
bread cut in. You know, cause it’s two buns cut
in half. And then I put, I liberally apply a real
Mayonnaise and Dijon mustard. I feel like if anything that really
the mayonnaise is setting it off, that stuff has got to
be fatty or something. But I eat those and
then I’ve, I’ve kind of, I bought some like honey
bunches of oats with almonds, honey roasted or something. And I’ve been eating that
with almond milk. Right. So it’s like extra almondy
and it’s just like, even just like an hour later,
I’m already hungry again. Getting like some weird kind of heartburn
or acid reflux or just some sort of kind of digestive feedback. I don’t really not really know
what all that kind of stuff is, but I just don’t have as
good of a morning as when I
eat the veggie burgers and obviously can we all agree that the
idea of breakfast foods is a farce? It’s a, it’s a myth, right? Why? Why can we eat sausages for
breakfast and not eat hamburgers? They’re almost the same thing. They
just taste slightly different don’t you think? You can’t say because one is more dense
or something. We eat breakfast for dinner, why can’t we eat dinner
for breakfast? It’s just a, it’s a cultural, you know, trend.
But you can do whatever you want. I may or may not continue eating cereal
or I may or may not continue eating the veggie burgers. I kind
of go through phases. For a while I was getting lots of lots
of brussels sprouts with my veggie burgers later in the day
or chicken tenderloins. Uh, I wouldn’t eat chicken tenderloins with the
veggie burgers but I don’t know why I’m telling
you so much about my diet. I’ve already told you all this by
the way. I don’t remember. Anyways, I switched from the brussel
sprouts just to broccoli also I heard that I read somewhere
that broccoli was something
we recently invented. Maybe not as recently as edamame, but like, it’s not like, it’s not like a naturally occurring
thing that’s been around for a long time. I casually heard that somewhere and
didn’t follow, I didn’t bother to look it up any further. So someone should just go ahead
and confirm or deny that for me. Or you can say, you can say, I cannot confirm or deny
the origin of broccoli. Well, that statement doesn’t make much
sense, but you know what I mean. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with how
his drawing turned out. I usually say that at some point in the
video I say a bunch of stuff and then I go like, yeah, I don’t know what else
to say. I should talk about the drawing. And then I say I’m pretty
happy with how it turned out. I am. Got some more bulbous
people in there, uh, different postures. I could add some with multiple arms. I think maybe I need to change up the
number of limbs on these bulbous people. That’s an option. Well, look, I just want to keep my diet simple
and healthy and I don’t know. I’m sure. Look, some of you are dying
to give me diet tips right now. Hey, go ahead. Fire away.
Give me diet tips. Um, I know that a good important
part of a diet is variety, but that’s the part that
discourages me the most. Cause then that’s what makes
grocery shopping a huge chore. Right. I like to be on
a good grocery shopping, just buy a lot of a couple
things and buy those a lot of couple things the
same every time. That’s all. That’s all. Cause every time I go, I just
grab a bunch of veggie burger patties, the same buns, the same
Dijon mustard, grey Poupon, the same Mayonnaise and then some, some chicken tenderloins and some
of this, some of that, you know, it’s just like pretty straight forward.
But should I just grow up? Should I just grow up and learn to
grocery shop like a real person? Get some variety in my diet? Is that the healthiest? Is that the real
answer? Or am I just running away from the truth? I dunno. Anyways, goodbye
everyone. Have a good day. Thanks for watching. Okay.
Alright. Goodbye. Goodbye.

100 thoughts on “A Drawing as Long as Me! || Accordion Style Sketchbook

  1. I like to have veggie burgers with frozen vegetables for lunch almost every day. I like to get the mixed vegetables, sometimes they're a little over priced, but when you catch them on sale, they're easy to stock up on. That keeps things super simple, and you get the variety.

  2. Ughhhh i need help!! I dont know my true stylr in art but i honestly naturaly lean in your direction and i need your advice bro! Ive seen all your videos and you haven’t answered my questions yet;(.

  3. This is my alltime favorite serier of youtube. Your art style and the monotone voice of yours makes this so wholesome and worthwhile :))

  4. So glad to see you continuing with the accordion. Hope you’ll have a book or some kind of print version that we can buy when you finish it. Its one of your most impressive pieces. would be amazing to look at it up close

  5. Not sure about the broccoli, I seem to remember not liking it when I was a kid 50 years ago . . . Make of that what you will! I do enjoy your videos! thanks for posting such good content!

  6. Making your own veggie burgers super easy if you have a food processor or maybe a blender, then you can put whatever you want in it!

  7. If you ever grow up I'll stop watching you. So, to help you stay young and healthy here's my basic shopping list. Package of red hot beef burritos, pot pies, all sorts, coffee, seltzer water, packs of frozen veggies from Dollar store, the occasional Hershey with almonds. The rest can be had at the diner.

  8. Can't comment on the vegiburgers, only you can tell that by examining the nutritional info … And the additives; salt, msg, etc etc) …. If the buns are wholemeal, they are probably the best ingredient in the equation … As for mayo … It's roughly half / half cream / oil … So lots of fat …. Hmmmmmm … Fat : )
    'whole foods' if you wanna look after yourself … Veg, not vegiburgers, chicken breast is fine, wholegrain buns ain't gonna kill you (unless that's all you eat) …. the vegi burgers (not knowing the additives) and the mayo would be my biggest concerns, wholemeal buns, a chicken breast, and a bunch of real veg (no mayo) might be better ; ) …… but whatever works for you ; )
    We're all gonna die, life is about living the 'being alive' bit ; )

  9. Love your doodles so much, they make me want to doodle♡

    Also try meals/snacks that you can make a lot of and then eat on for the week! Overnight Oats are really good and you can add different fruits/spices for more diverse flavors! You wont get tired of it easily, it's easy to make, has few ingredients, its healthy, and keeps as long as the yogurt/milks expiration date!

    Avacodo toast is a fast and easy breakfast too! You can buy the single serve chunky avocado cup boxes (its easier than buying avacodos) use any bread and top it with whatever you want! Like a friend egg or bacon.

    But yeah grocery shopping is hard and tiring. Maybe you can look to see if any stores have a carry out option so you can order online and just drive there and pick it up!

  10. While veggie burger may be more environmentally responsible they are rarely healthy. Usually the are more detrimental than actual red meat. Furthermore, mayonnaise everyday (unless you are you are very active) is not a good idea. Big ups to Brooklyn dog.

  11. Broccoli, Brassica oleracea, variety italica, form of cabbage, of the mustard family (Brassicaceae), grown for its edible flower buds and stalk. Native to the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor, sprouting broccoli was cultivated in Italy in ancient Roman times and was introduced to England and America in the 1700s.

  12. Two buns and a teaspoon of mayo amounts to roughly 500 calories, it really depends on what you tend to eat after breakfast, and your recommended daily caloric intake changes depending on a lot of factors, the main ones being weight, height, age, sex, and activity level.

    But generally the daily recommendation to maintain weight for males is somewhere around 2000-2400. So if you were to assume breakfast comes to a total of 700 calories, that'd be roughly 1/3 of the daily recommendation. That's only from a calorie perspective though, which mainly concerns weight, but weight is only one part of being healthy. Things that are high in fat or high in salt can potentially cause other health problems if consumed consistently over large periods of time.

  13. Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoflower… it's all a derivative of the cabbage family. Eat all of it of you like it. And put fat and flavor on it as much as you like. It's all good

  14. It's super interesting to see how he's incorporating figures after he did studies on anatomy. I'd love to see a timeline of different phases of his style

  15. Broccoli is manmade. It was carefully bred by Italian farmers more than 2,000 years ago, carefully breeding different types of wild cabbage to create it. Add a little piece of Broccoli 🥦 to the art, it'll be fun 👍
    Awesome work, by the way, as ever.

  16. Damn…not to mention that you're tall af 😳 thats lotta work, but its so worth it because you filled it with such wonderful artwork.

  17. Hi Peter,,,,about diet,,,do a YouTube search for the following information, then watch around 100+ hours, more as you have time, and I think you'll see what needs to change. Love your channel!
    Jason Fung, William Davis MD, Low carb down under, Ancestry Foundation, Dr.Sten Ekberg, Tom Bilyeu, 2 Fit Docs, Ken D Berry MD, High Intensity Health. Lots of other good info will then start showing up in your YT feed. This info sure helped me!!!!

  18. This is definitely in the top three of my favorites of your work. The flow is consistent but not repetitive or boring; and of course I love your soothing voice. Draw on….. I was never a breakfast person either, as a child my mother gave me little chicken patties for breakfast. My two cents on healthy vs unhealthy is… if it's processed it's unhealthy. I have recently done a lot of reading that says what you put in your gut first thing in the morning sets the tone of your day. The gut is referred to as our second brain and has a lot more to do with our overall health than I ever knew. Try to avoid foods that list ingredients you can't pronounce.

  19. Peter, what's your all time favorite oen to draw with, and why? I would love to see a doodle with your all time favorite pen, let's just let go and enjoy some hours of drawing with that pen that just feels perfect for you.

  20. If you're looking for easy and healthy meals I'd highly recommend Gena Hamshaw's Power Plates book, which I found at my library and has now totally improved the way I cook/eat. Her meals are super healthy and super simple to make (like you said – buy lots of the same ingredients, cook a big batch on the weekend and eat it throughout the week). I would normally be hesitant to recommend on this kind of thing as I've always been disappointed with cookbooks and websites that give you a seemingly amazing recipe that ends up taking 4 hours longer than expected and that tastes like cardboard in the end. Anyways, give Gena Hamshaw a try. She posts all her recipes to her website thefullhelping.com. Sorry for going a little overboard here with the recommendation, but in terms of value every recipe I've tried so far has been fantastic – easy to understand and prepare, delicious to eat, and healthy to boot. But to be honest your veggie burger breakfast strategy sounds pretty solid as is…

  21. I said something stupid in the past. It was a rude comment. Not going to go into details, no reason too. Just want to apologize to Peter. Sorry, I was being a jackass. Your videos are great, your artistic talent is amazing. You are funny at times and I don't think you even mean to be.

  22. "Hamburgers, the foundation of a nutritious breakfast." One of the most famous lines from the best Motion Picture ever made.

  23. whole foods takes longer to digest so it makes you feel satisfied for a longer time as well, but it seems you're eating really healthy already congrats!!

  24. If you really want a fantastic diet, you have to run around outside collecting roots and oats and shit. ccasionally eating a rabbit or something. Bonus points if your naked.

  25. Use leafs of lettuce as the buns, it sounds weird but like my mom used to make turkey burgers with lettuce as the bun and it was really good surprisingly, and added a nice crunch

  26. Veggie burgers for breakfast Legit sounds amazing lol.
    Also, I believe you are correct about the broccoli. Sam O’nella has a video about it. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and a few other veggies all originated from the same plant but we bred them each to have an extremely exaggerated trait.

  27. I always make a bomb ass alfredo sauce w/out dairy by just blending together a handful or two of cashews, salt pepper, garlic, lil bit of miso paste, lemon, and some nutritional yeast and its bomb as fuck

  28. Peter you may be feeling better because you are getting more of a variety of nutrients in the veggie burger. Cereal has a lot of carbs that are starch and sugar. These are used quickly by the body and the result is feeling hunger sooner. Just love the book. 🙂 keep on keeping on!

  29. Did you buy your sketchbook like that? I would definitely buy one if I could, or if I learned how to make one I definitely would!

  30. I think that you should find more enjoyment out of your cuisine. Food isn't about necessity or have to, it can represent culture or be fun. In any manner that you want it, you can go and look for something that pleases you most. You shouldn't have to stick to regimented food if you have enough money and time. As you said, you sometimes feel that you have a lot of time on your hands. In which case, you could use some of that time to maybe do some research on cooking or think of something that you can make for yourself. I've taken foods classes and they show you how much variety there is to food. It also makes it much more convenient if you live in a larger city, because all of that cultural diversity allows for different styles of cooking within your community.

    tl;dr: you should eat different stuff (it also gives you more nutritional variety so that you can have a balanced diet)

  31. Is it just me or when peter says good bye first and then whispers good bye as the video ends doesn’t it just feel like an extra special good bye just for you. 🤓

  32. Moose sausage and eggs! 🙂

    Orrrr "breakfast sandwhiches" with like bacon or ham or whatever and an egg and good cheese. Get a nice bun to use. English muffin or whatever. Toast it. Little butter. Little hot sauce. Yummmmmmmmmmmm.

    PS: 15 hours is a fair while… Do you ever use a piece of scrap paper on the side to test something before you try it on the "canvas"?

  33. My advice for breakfast: Steak! It's super easy to cook, add a bit of salt if you want, and eat the nutrient dense food that will sustain you all morning. Super easy clean up as well! 🙂 If you are a vegetarian, than perhaps boil a bunch of eggs at once and store them in your fridge for easy morning snacks. Unfortunately, veggie burgers are ultra-processed food matter. Hoping you are not consuming seed oils . . . and yes, grains can be hard on the system. You seem to have the most important health factor covered: Joy!

  34. When you mention Soylent and all I can think of is that old movie from 1973 called "Soylent Green" IT'S MADE FROM PEOPLE!!!!! lol…You're nutrition is always depended on what your body needs, I can NOT go vegan/vegetarian, found out I have a gluten intolerance, same thing with Chinese food, it doesn't last! I would say whatever works for you for breakfast is whatever works for you! 😁👍💯💖✨

  35. I often get to work and eat my lunch for breakfast and my breakfast for lunch. (I get to work real early so I bring breakfast and lunch with me)

  36. Omfg, this is such a disgustingly beautiful sketchbook. It's fascinating watching you just… put the pen to the page and figure it out from there. The piece is slightly silly but incredibly eerie, and I just love the outcome. The lines are so purposeful even though it seems as if you just decided where that line was going to go just a moment before. Anyways sorry for gushing, I just cannot wait to see the outcome of this sketchbook.

  37. Pretty sure I remember reading that a lot of the breakfast staples in America came from marketing campaigns in the early 1900s. At least I think that's the case for bacon.

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