A Debate on Digital and Internet Art - Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

A Debate on Digital and Internet Art – Brought to you by Hyundai Motor Company

I think rhizomes always been really good trying to respond to new modes of artistic production with museum quality attention but in a way that makes it accessible to the wide world of weird people who constitute that artist [Applause] and one of the motivating kind of questions that we've had for this series is how has the internet changed our from rhizomes view we can see how it's affected your working I wonder what kind of thoughts you have on that I'd say it's changed it in a multitude of ways one is the community that it's brought to online digital artwork she's been extremely motivating to be able to naturally find people who are interested in the work want to engage with it it's something that the Internet has done to all industries the ability to put your cell phone no matter who you are has been huge you know anybody can find an audience for whatever they're doing online and you can't understate how motivating that is for the individual I think your response is really interesting because community is definitely one element there's sudden kind of reflexive discourse that takes place that both informs circulates recontextualizes and then redistributes all creation online you know one thing I've noticed is that a lot of things that I was once experiencing to be niche aesthetics niche formats such as creative real-time 3d environment sharing that online have become much more broadly shared much more familiar to a wider audience at one point I feel like some of the work as creating was surprising or misunderstood or extremely niche and personal and it's just been really interesting to see other people experiencing it more the way I do and would you say that your aesthetic is Internet I guess I'd say it's digital and that's because it engages with kind of aesthetic traditions from games from things that are not necessarily get worked that's right you know the first thing to know is that gaming is inextricably from who I am just like taking inspiration from the blue sky I can't help but take inspiration from the virtual blue sky the relationship between Ned art and cinema has been really well articulated I think that there's like beginning to be a history Affleck's relationship between internet art and that culture in gaming that's more critical because I think a lot of artists share that kind of enthusiasm I always thought about your work that it feels like there's reference in it but it also feels like very speculative and like it's sampling like future aesthetics in a really weird way this is another good way to talk about how the Internet has influenced the work you know part of my process in the early stages of making things is of course you know I kind of start in a sketch book and then I quickly move to photoshop to do like a secondary sketch as soon as I'm doing this sketch in Photoshop I'm just grabbing images willy-nilly all throughout the Internet and sort of kind of making a hodgepodge image of various sources that I'll then kind of reimagine into yet another you know third rough draft so what would you say that the show of DC is about I think that it has a lot to do with just the mental experience of things you know I'm someone who has had my own mental health struggles throughout life and for me the computer and Technology has always been like my safe space it's been my place where I feel you know free and comfortable and expansive but likewise as my career has you know been built around the computer is also sort of created this very insular relationship of me and a desk in a corner and so along with these new technologies that I'm talking about I have also encouraged myself to get out from the computer and start working with my body and physical space more that journey from single guy right in front the computer making work to be experienced by a single person on the other end of the screen to move into a physical space I think that's you know a big part of the story of where my artwork has been going gende a motor connecting art and technology

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