7 Artisans 35mm f2 full frame E mount lens review with samples A7R2 A6300

7 Artisans 35mm f2 full frame E mount lens review with samples A7R2 A6300

hi I'm Gabi from race studios and today I'm going to be reviewing this 7rt sons 35 millimeter f2 first let's unbox it the lens constant is beautiful but very simple little box from certain artisans inside you can find the guarantee so another documentation in English and Chinese some nicely form protection to protect the lens and the lens itself as to be expected from seven artisans the lens quality is usually so very very good put together is all metal lens aluminum and outside copper core on the inside even the the mount is metal and even the cap is made of metal and it's a very nice designs its only spring in one side and it's all aluminum is very very well construction quality once in there I love about this lens is the little metal lens hood that they have here it's very small Allison you will make much difference but you know it's really nice it's already incorporated in the lens so whenever you want it there it is and there is no possibility to to lose this lens which is attached to the lens and it's made of metal I really like this little detail about the the focusing ring it is really buttery smooth the aperture ring got from F 2 all the way to f-16 clicking on each stop so this lens it is a full-frame amount lens which means it can be mounted on full frame cameras like the a7 or even in crops and sub cameras like the a 6300 here I'm going to show you how he looked when I mounted into the a7r Mark 2 now let's take a look about the sharpness let's take a look at how this performs on the test chart at f/2 is a bit soft and with somehow low contrast and dark corners it's top down to f/2 Pinay it gets nice and sharp in the center but the current remains soft and dark at f/4 the center is perfect but the corners remain a bit dark and a little bit soft but with William honest detail and at a 5.6 corners are getting nice and sharp all the way to f-16 more saying that chromatic aberration and distortion are minimal in this lens let's see some sample shots on the sony a6300 35 millimeter equivalent to full-frame is about 50 millimeter which it can be very good for portraits I was quite surprised with the way he handled Fleur he did a really good job of shooting against the Sun with the a7r to the pocket since model with 10 aperture blades you can appreciate the well-rounded Boca lights in the background well in conclusion the 7 artisan 35 millimeter is – it is a very affordable lens it's very differently sharp at the center and it can give you some beautiful bokeh isn't the best at getting very shallow depth of field but it's actually pretty good once in the reefer Markel about this camera is really hard almost non chromatic aberration and it can handle Fleur and borrow distortion very very good considering the price it will make a very good alternative for the Sony kit lens and it is also a very easy to use fully manual lens so for those people that they are afraid to give in to manual lenses because I never experienced one this could be one of the best options to start into operating fully manual lens I hope you liked this video and if you liked it please share like comment and subscribe you

28 thoughts on “7 Artisans 35mm f2 full frame E mount lens review with samples A7R2 A6300

  1. Canon m50 + viltrox eos m2 speedboster + 7 artisan 35mm f2 (eos M version)
    Is this combination possible? I really need good wide lens, what do you advise?

  2. How is this lens compared to other 35mm for the FE system in term of definition of the image? (for example the new samyang 2.8 cheap aswell or even the zeiss 35mm 2.8?) I am wondering if i might buy it just for the super cheap price or spend a bit more to get the samyang 35mm 2.8, also I am not worry of the manual focus (i prefer it).
    The real question is "the super cheap price justify the choice of this lens instead of others?"
    Thank you and great video!

  3. It would be interesting to see real pictures from the lens with
    a combination of A6XXX

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