600+ Things To Draw | Swan

600+ Things To Draw | Swan

Hi I’m Amanda and today we are going to
do a video that was inspired by Holly Hearts art and that’s really hard to say,
but, she is doing a series on her channel where she is drawing from a prompt book
that she bought with 500 prompts I think or something and I’ve decided to do the
same kinda thing but I have written down 620 something things to draw in a notebook and then I will be drawing whatever I pick randomly from a random generator. This is the book I will be using. It’s orange
book and in it I have written 624 things I don’t know if you can see the lighting
is really bad at that side but I’ve written them all down in here and
I’m just going to take it from a random generator and then I’m going to draw whatever is inside so some of the videos may be a little bit boring and some of them
might be really fun but they’re all going to be done in real time and I’m
going to use whatever I fancy. It may be watercolour or maybe just pencil. It
maybe ink pens and ink washes or whatever I feel like Also you can
join this so if I pick something from this book and you want to draw it so you
can Tweet me the picture at @ALLJArt so that you can share what you
have drawn and how yours turned out and hopefully it would be better than me but
now we’re going to get into a top down view so that you can see what I’m doing
and we’re going to do our first prompt. Okay guys so I have these three
essential things that I’m going to need to do this thing that I want to do. I’ve
got my sketchbook here which I was going to keep for like experimental stuff than
just practising different techniques and mediums but I think I’m going to use it
for that because I’m not going to use this up. I left a while ago.
We’re going to start here which is near the end of the book but I’ve still got a
lot of pages to go so just want to fill this one up before I move on to another
one and I’m going to put the light on so that you guys can see, Don’t know if that’s
better tell me and my head is reflecting the light from behind, Woop Woop!
let’s make that first okay so it’s a little bit of a shadow but not that much
okay there’s a little bit so that’s what sketchbook we’re going to use and I just
love this paper it’s a Ryman stationary sketchbook and I’m hoping I
can get another one of these because I only have two I’m going to use my tablet
for random.org and reference images and then this is the notebook that you seen in
the intro video where I have all of my things I want to draw. So there’s 600 things in here. and my lovely parents and brother helped me with getting to 624 and I want
to keep on reading things down. If you have any suggestions obviously it will be
about a bit hard because I have wrote a lot things down already so if you
have any suggestions of things that you might want can you draw them please do
comment below so what I’m going to do is I’m going to get up random.org on
my tablet and on here I’m going to put in the numbers 1 – 624.
and then I’m going to generate so we’ve got 184. 184 is Swan! Swans are actually my
favourite thing I love Swans. I’m so I’m just gonna tick this off when you will
see ticks of things before because I did do this before but I lost all the footage to the video
so we’re starting again so swan is the thing that we have the draw so I’m just
going to look at reference images on here for Swans and see what comes up now
I want to use color and I want to use maybe a lot of like maybe watercolour and these
drawings but the first couple ones might be just um you know just the little
pencil sketch practises or wherever and I have a lot of reference
pictures of swans myself if I can back up my stuff
bring on over to my actual computer but I have a lot of photography of swans just
because I do love them. Oh yeah. It doesn’t matter where it is. See
it’s an awful white thing like maybe we should do black and white or something
okay so maybe we should do something like a clip art like the shapes of
the swan first. All right so we’re going to quickly sketch the actual shape
of the swan and I never know where to start with
drawing swans we’re just gonna start here Can you guys see? Yes. and the whole reason I’m doing this, is
just because I want to learn how to draw these things because I don’t really
know how to draw anything. If you guys have been watching me for a while you’ll know
that I’m just used to drawing portraits. This is kinda of (ok I can’t talk and draw at the same time!) all new to me I’m just going to sketch
out, I’m not worrying about whether it’s like amazing or not, no, You
could always clean up the lines later Like that and then the beak…. Like that and they will be most of
these drawings that I do in this series will be simple because it’s just practice right?
I think that this is a little bit too – It should be more rounded like
that. don’t be afraid to rub out, although, I don’t have very good rubbers at the moment. Small ones, I do, I just can’t be bothered getting them out This little thing comes down like that. I hate these pencils to draw with. I don’t know why I picked this up. And then there’s shading and stuff. I think this is quite a boring one to do, maybe we will do two per video. Some shading in there. So there’s a very messy swan. I could also do a super high detailed swan if I wanted to
let’s do it in the purple first. So we could do one that’s not as like – We could do common swan. [Laughs] Common swan. So there’s the beak there. Oh, this is blue, I thought it was purple! The beak goes like that and it’s got like… a little thing attached. okay Eyeball and then head is fluffy at this back side
which looks like a duck rather than a swan and a bit comes down and out . I have made this
far too big! Obviously my judgement of space is not good
know what I’m actually going to rub out that other swan. That swan means nothing to me [Laughs] just a couple of minutes per drawing – trying to figure it out how to draw things. comes down to the same distance and then we’ve got a wing here comes round like that and goes up the way
like that Comes round with feathers. okay that’s not how it is. You’ve gotta keep on looking at your reference photo, instead of just guessing like
me. I’m still getting my problem.Okay and then it gets smaller as it goes down
then his back feathers are like ruffled up a little bit here so and then we’ve got more feathers like that and then it’s got a butt bit for the tail
and this bit goes off and up This is water here. I’m impressed! so should we do the like detail in the
like detail? Why did I say that I don’t know. I got a new pen that I haven’t opened yet that I really like. Let’s do the really fine details fiirst and then we’ll go back in
with bigger details. Just going to follow the shapes round. That’s another thing that I want to
practice is just like lining stuff and then not being scared of like
brush pens and fine liners and all that stuff the water Just lines to indicate shadow [Mumbles] it’s really fun though because I would
never have thought to like pick up a pen and just be like I’m going to draw a swan
today even though I love swans like swans are my favourite thing to to photograph but I’ve never drawn a swan before I think this is my first
attempt at a swan, so, yeah I think it’s pretty cool So you can just be like [sings] “i’m going to draw a swan!” And if you have the basics of knowing what to draw like
shapes and stuff then it’s going to be pretty easy for you to learn how to draw
different things. I think unlike me. I don’t have the basics. I don’t have the
hand control either. My hands are so shaky sometimes I just can’t draw
unless I want to draw in a shaky style. If I hold that up there I don’t
know if you can see how shaky that is. I’m not doing that. It does it itself. Which is really annoying. I really want to have non shaky hands would be nice That would be nice… I think this wing is a little bit decrepit but that’s alright… Do you hear those birds guys!? It’s 9am so. I might only do one actually because I am doing them in real time so. I guess just sketch with me. Get out your –
that’s a good idea you get your sketchbook and you draw a swan and then
tweet me a picture @ALLJArt link is in the description below and we
can all do it together that’s a good idea I never even thought about that. That’s good
yeah that’ll be fun. See if you can draw a swan better than me which is honestly not
gonna be that hard with the way that I’m going here. ] That’s a bit weird. I don’t know what that’s supposed to be leave me alone! supposed to be the underside feathers. Which are quite dark under there cause this is in the background and then the other feathers here. and then this one is supposed to be – these
back feathers in here are like… that and then the kinda go – there’s shading back there too. I like his face, I don’t like his body though. oh I’m not even
finished his face yet Let’s go back up to the face sketchy, shading lines there. Yeah his face is
cute and then these lines go along like that, Really, really straight yeah
kind of do straight lines cuz of my shaky hands It’s probably because of the way I hold the pen as well. And do little tiny lines all the way a long, like that… Then in here. It’s just so dark like that and then this part is really,
really light. Apart from the feathers there couple of strokes here and then there’s a “back of a boat thing” Ok, so then we have… just the water you know
there’s a lot of detail in the water but I’m just like squiggle lines!
Squiggle lines! there we go there is my swan okay and then what I’m going
to do for them is write 1 8 4. Swan. Then the date which is the second of May oh my gosh. Tuesday. May 2nd. all right so that’s what I’ve decided to
do for this I hope that you like it. Give me suggestions on how you would want the
video to be formatted in the future and go and check out Holly hearts art
that’s really hard to say because she’s like – I originally seen
her do this and that’s where I got the inspiration from but hers are more like a speedy pencil sketchy thing. so we are going to see you next Friday. I
think I’m going to post this – No Not Friday Saturday I’m going to post another
one of these on Saturday so thank you for watching and I will see you next
time bye guys

44 thoughts on “600+ Things To Draw | Swan

  1. You are so brace, letting us see you draw. I erase more then I draw. So fun listening to your chats, thanks, Kathy.

  2. I live in scotland but im from Poland and its cool that theres another youtuber thats from scotland btw i love your drawings!!

  3. Hey! I don't know why this video is getting so much traffic, it is very old and frankly, the quality is terrible! However I have grown a lot since this video, so if you fancy checking out my recent stuff, I would love for you to stick around! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOCS3Blq3QWaO_8HMAzHHekEGgn1I7rCM Speak soon – Amanda <3

  4. Wow! Such a good idea I may use it myself!

    Things you could draw:

    Jelly fish
    🐢 Turtle
    Or some sorta lizard
    Or try to branch out and try some water colours or something
    You could also do a waterfall


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