5 Ways To Improve Your Miniature Painting

5 Ways To Improve Your Miniature Painting

What’s up guys, welcome back! No matter how good of a painter you are, you
should always have a drive to improve. But it’s not always obvious how best to go
about getting better. Of course practice helps, but that’s only
part of the equation. After all you could practice black washing yellow for 50 years
and it’s still going to look terrible. If your initial premise of technique is flawed,
practice is only going to result in your becoming more proficient at being bad! We all know the clique, it’s a poor workman
that blames his tools. But even the most skilled engineer is going
to struggle using a tape measure to unscrew a bolt. If your brush look like on egg whisk, you’re
going to struggle, no matter how good you are. Get yourself a decent brush but don’t fall
into the trap of trying to find the smallest brush in the world. Instead, look for one
with a fine tip, good bounce, and a decent sized belly. I can recommend the Winsor & Newton series
7, number 1. The WAMP detail brush or, if you’re on a budget, the Rosemary and
Co Series 33 They’re quite good, althought I’ve found that
they don’t last as long as the Winsor & Newton. **2 Palette** One of the key game changers for me was understanding
the importance of paint consistency. Using a palette will make it easier to guage
the thickness of your paint. A lot of techniques simply wont work if you use the wrong consistency,
so having a strong control over this aspect is vital to your painting. I recommend using a wet pallete if you don’t
already. This will allow you to experiment with dilution levels and keep that level consistant
over a long period. I often have multiple consistences of one
colour on my palette at the same time. Don’t pay too much attention to water to paint
ratios. These are mostly given for ease of explanation and are usually no more than a
general guideline. Instead try to focus on how a paint feels
and reacts on the pallete. Different brands have their own unique personalities. As a general rule, thicker paints will require
more water. However, that is not always true. Valejo Armour Brown is very thin but the pigment
is unusually intense so if you are glazing it will need much more qater than a paint
from the GW line. One rule that is true across all lines is
that the thinner the paint, the less you should have on the brush. Thick paint will dry quickly if you have too
little, wheras very thin paint will offer you zero control if you too much. Experimentation is key, remember that it’s
only paint, if you make a mistake you can just paint over it! **3 Magnifyer** Another good tip is to try out a mahnifier,
after all, you can’t paint it, if you cant see it! I use a head mounted visor that makes everything
appear twice as big. It does take some getting used to but it’s worth it. I’m not going to lie though, it will make
you look like the biggest nerd in the world and you’ll die a little inside everytime someone
sees you wearing it. But I’m willing to pay that price for a quality paint job. 4 ** Tutorials** Watching how other people paint will allow
you to improve quite rapidly, but pick your learning sources wisely. Try not to look for the easiest methods. Instead,
hunt around and find one that gives you the best possible result. Let’s say you want to
paint Non Metallic Metal. Find the most convincing end product, then work through the tutorials
and try to match it. You might find that’s it’s outside your skill level, but that’s
what you want as it gives you the most scope to improve. Always look for techniques or processes that
are beyond your current skill set because even if you fail, you will learn and improve
so much in the attempt. See every failure as a new opportunity to
get better. If you constantly push yourself to try things
you see as impossible, pretty soon, what you saw as impossible will not only become possible,
but they will become your new normal. Last and most importantly, have fun. if you don’t enjoy what you do, you’ll never
get better at it. Alrighty guys, that’s all from me, I hope
this was useful. Don’t forget to like and share the video, subscribe if you’re new and
I’ll see you all in the next one. Thanks again, bye for now.

42 thoughts on “5 Ways To Improve Your Miniature Painting

  1. Hahahahha holy cow Kujo. Holy cow.

    Would you please link to the streams you featured? That guy painting the bust looked incredible. Also, do you know of any place to get WAMP brushes that isn't their online store? $28 for shipping is.. ouchie.

    Though, I can totally vouch for the Rosemary and Co brushes. I've been using them for several months and they're now my go-to. I am just a brush hoarder.

  2. Great video =D Maybe now I will have the right amount of paint on my brush when I glaze because I always overload it^^

    Thanks Kujo, you really inspire me to go further =) Now I need to finish my Guild Ball teams =P

  3. I like the video man. My biggest hurdle was fear of screwing up a model. Even though I knew I could strip it… so it limited me to the techniques I knew I finally over came that and my painting has increased drastically.

  4. I bought myself horus a year or so ago (back when I absolutely sucked at painting but at least knew how to thin my paints) and oh boy did he improve my painting skills. Now I can at least be proud of my work… The only things I really want to learn now are freehands and NMM and your channel seriously helped me understand the latter.

  5. Oh come on Kujo, you can't suggest Count Dankula isn't a good painter or good artist in his own right. Rob Ross may have invented the technique, but Dankula brought it to memes.

    My recommendation for brushes lately has been Winsor & Newton Galeria brushes. They are to synthetics what series 7 are to naturals. Amazing snap, always keep a point and you can do even alcohol based metallics without fear of harming the brush. Not the easiest to track down all the sizes for them, but there are some cheap sets on amazon and ebay that will give you some of the flat ones too which are good for basecoating.

  6. Such a soothing voice… I think I watch the videos just to hear your dulcet tones… and the painting tutorials… yeah probably those more but still…

  7. Good advice until you hit the last ten seconds and went full potato. I've never enjoyed finishing a kid. Those last 5 hours are "I see every mistake, I hate it, why the fuck am I bothering?" Same with many of my painting circle. Doesn't mean we're not improving as we do those last steps. Only means those last steps are frustrating but necessary.

  8. this is a great video i have to say though my biggest hurdle is colours and colour theory and i notice that the best miniature artists, yourself included do things with colour that seem like magic…i think i need to watch a few more of your videos πŸ™‚

  9. Glad i found these videos, nice to find an accent i can understand. one question , Which magnifier do you use?, im old and need help seeing these tiny models these days…..i mean im too cool and need to nerd up a little….

  10. I have just watched this for the nth time. This video is a great little motivator at the beginning of a painting session to quit arsing about and stay focused, hence the bookmark right on top of the painting videos folder in my browser.

  11. odd that you recommend a no.1 from both W/N and Raphael. Given that a 1 in Raphael is around the same size and shape as a W/N 2.

    Lovely brushes on a whole though, I feel a bit dirty with how roughly I treat my raphael no.3s though. But that is what they were bought for.
    I also need to buy a throwaway brush for metalitcs, using armypainter regiment brushes for metalics just makes me want to avoid using them entirely and just use NMM effects… Which sucks when you are painting full armies laughs

  12. I would also suggest using an absorbent cloth with a wet pallet rather than a paper towel mat… Took me years to move on from paper towels but it made life easier when I did.

  13. What brand of visor do you use ? Also the magnification, I tried one with two separate lenses and it was bad

  14. No brokentoad mention? Im in love with your work Kujo – you are just sp sooo good. Have you tried the brokentoad brushes and if yes – what do you think about them?

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