5 Ways to Deal With Depression As An Artist

5 Ways to Deal With Depression As An Artist

what a smile replicating I'm Rob level and today we are talking about five ways to deal with depression as an artist this is something I want to talk about because it affects millions of people and most people unless you're like really really lucky like it's rare that people don't have a streak or a time when they're deprived because most people experience at least some sort of depression in their lives and for some of us we spend more time to press than other people now I don't know if you noticed but there's a lot of social weirdness around depression and how to deal with it a lot of people don't like talking about it so they don't pretty much leads them to just being sad forever I made this video to show you that you don't have to live like that more importantly the reason I want to make this for artists specifically is because a lot of artists experience more depression than the average person and it happens to them a lot more often way more often than a regular person because this is just how our brains are wired so you have to know how to deal with depression if you're able to make it for real and you kind of need to look at like rest and peace to all these artists but I'm not going to say any names but look at all the arts that have died from overdosing typically you overdose it is an accident puts generally you do the drugs because you're covering some sort of pain right that's generally what people do drugs is to escape how they feel when they're not in that drugged state and so of the artists that we've lost and in just the last year last two years three years but in all it history and it tends to happen because it's hard for artists to deal with oppression and I wanted to make a video to help you with that because I've been there if you can Dennis and his shear proof of that case you don't know anything about me when I was a child I lost my mom lost my dad I was put into insane asylums when I was a kid and then I got out and I was to put I was given up my dad died when I was adopted and my dad died and I was put in homes of behavior homes I was nothing but just depressed because I thought nobody wanted me and it and as another example if you go listen to a lot of my music I have a lot of songs about suicide and about depression all through my career since I first mixtape released 2011 ego listen I got songs about oppression on every project I've ever released but I'm help you guys okay I made my way out of that and I made myself an extremely successful person by myself I hated myself i rewired my brain I came out of depression right I'm still depressed all the time I know why nobody that's cuz how I'm wired since I was a kid but these are the ways that I deal with it we're gonna get into that today I'm Rob level this is smart rapper let's help you with that depression okay Brad thing i knows you ain't built like this it's all make bracelet quit I know for no Kaiser I just wanna step despit girl who's gonna follow me to grade show you wouldn't take it show you how to use her show you what ahead hungry for more like a Lord banks pace still unlike the only person not up in the makes a song in the intro that was one of my songs about depressions like save me I'm drowning I'm dying like you guys check it out the link below for your king also please subscribe and please at the Bell cuz I release a new video every single day to help you guys out this day every week I'm gonna be releasing a video on motivation like this one the motivation ways to just motivate yourself inspire yourself and overcome just like I have alright trying to help you out okay let's talk about where this actually stems from where the roots of this well there's a few different reasons and I know a lot of people don't realize this but there's two things one is situational and two is chemical when you understand these you don't understand depression or a bit more okay you understand that's not on you it's really not all ok generally it's not even you okay something you can even control but those things if you understand it you can have a better chance against them now a chemical reason means that there are chemicals in your brain and some of them aren't up to the level that they're supposed to be yet in order to work along with other chemicals in your brain hence why it's called a chemical imbalance now a lot of things happen inside of our brains in our brain chemistry that helps us deal with normal social factors and allows us to be normalized to actually live happy lives if just one thing is off they can throw your whole system and whack like an engine if the radiator breaks or any other part of an engine that breaks really when chemicals in your brain are offed you can start feeling really weird things including really sad or tired obsessing about stuff that's going wrong for you not caring about anything at all I've definitely been there struggling to relate to others around you I've been there or not having fun anymore with things that used to make you feel like you were having fun good test to see if you're actually Express is to go watch your favorite movie or go listen to your favorite song your favorite album something that you usually have fun and you enjoy doing if you don't feel anything maybe depressed and I think that's a determining factor but if you typically feel a certain way when you do something and you don't feel that way when you go do it something's wrong there now some people deal with depression in a different way sometimes people get overly energetic and they run around they try to do all these things to kind of distract them from the fact that they're depressed that was definitely one ways that my depression down on me as well as the ways were like I said where I stood killer anything they care about anyone on everybody leave me alone I don't want to talk to anybody there's some different stages and various stages of it what happens is ego and your energetic nor anywhere else they distract yourself when you're no longer busy and you're no more distracting it and they're by yourself and won't at the end of the day that's for an old hey Chi there are millions of ways to go through this now when it's an issue with that stuff a lot of people feel like there's something wrong with them or there's something messed up with them you know what I'm saying is you can't figure out why I feel like this just because something isn't firing the right way inside of your mind doesn't mean that you've messed up or you're broken because there are millions of other I mean millions of other people that are going through this tool okay you're definitely not the only person that's why I made this video because I know a lot of people go through this just need some extra stuff to get you back into the right balance and this is generally the case where somebody goes and they go see a doctor you know new relay nobody likes going to the doctor and the doctor or whoever you need to go see well go and they'll actually look at you and actually make a judgement on how you feel and the things you're going through and I'll think about how they can potentially fix it or make it better for you and then they'll stay in touch with you or you'll go back for regular visits so they can get an update on how you're feeling if things are working out better if it was the right direction we're supposed to take the things there's so many different things inside of your mind shift to even out like a chemical imbalance could be messing up a lot of other things nice thing about this why do these imbalances happen to us there's a ton of reasons and you're gonna actually feel a little bit better when I say this one of the things is your actual genetics which you have no control of because you weren't there to stop your parents from having sex when they made you okay so you can't omit the fact that you exist and you have the genetics of the two people that procreated an AG alright it's genetically chemical imbalances are normal similar diseases and you know a lot of a lot of things are hereditary because your parents your parents parents the genetic makeup of the people who made you actually determine the way that your brain operates and the way that you look obviously now for some people that's great no depression is good for that but for others and means that you're dealing with something handed down to you you had no kin all of that so don't blame yourself if you feel like this it's not fair that's how it is okay and not dealing with it just because you wish that it wasn't happening to you isn't gonna help anything no matter how you feel about it you need to accept that it has been handed down to you and you have to deal with it do you want to get better if you want to feel better you have to deal with it and that's another reason I'm making this video I'm here to help you out I always have been because once you accept it you understand it like I'm trying to clean it now your brain will actually start doing things actually help you start fixing it because when you understand something it starts figuring ways out because you're actually looking at it from a different angle when you understand when you identify a problem the entire problem changes because you were now looking at it in a way that you understand how it works and what you can actually do to fix it so it just for me telling you these things and you watching this video you're already going to get better seriously your life is getting better from you watching this video if you're depressed in any way or you even get depressed normally you watch this video right now is making your life better I want to talk about the other kind of depression source which is situational okay getting depressed because of a situation or an event or a circumstance that you currently live it's can mean your job your relationship your creative outlets or lack thereof your family your pets accidents you name it as humans we need to see the greater path for ourselves in our future where we're okay and we need that in order to be happy we need to be able to see the fact that happiness is common hope keeps us a lot there's a reason why religion is so massive we need hope we need to understand there is a future that's better for us we need to know that we're gonna be better in order to want to keep going I think that a reason a lot of people they kill themselves right both people commit suicides because they don't see the team ship ourselves so they see no reason to continue right they don't see the reason they don't see the first you don't see that I'm gonna be happy in a month they don't see that they don't see I'm gonna be happy next week they were here right now and they're thinking I'm not happy and I can't see myself being happy that's why people kill themselves and again that's my opinion I believe that cuz I've been of those times I'm like I'm trapped like I'm not I'm not poor anymore but at those time when Penny's quarters not buying Taco Bell with quarters and dimes and Nick right that's buying food with that I don't know I don't have anything I'm living in somebody's basement I can't keep getting fired from jobs like hey listening to people like I'm too sad this isn't working for me this isn't work for me i pennies in my pocket when's this gonna get back you know saying that those are the times when I was like I might lose my little ending right but that's not the thing goes like every lights gonna get better if your eyes always gonna get better there's always a future for you if you are willing to analyze yourself and better yourself and there's always something back there's always something better there's always that's not even in the script thing out here I just went off a little tangent just want to like kind of clip that out there if there is a future for anybody here to press right now that so you feel you're gonna be fine I promise you you're gonna get better I've been and many many times got better it got away it's gotta work for it psychologically we need to be able to see a potential successful path for ourselves in order to continue on and believe that we're gonna get there right so you have to know that in your brain your brain needs to know that that there is a future so make sure you hardwire that in yourself you know you're fine promise okay you're doing right you just need to understand it that's why if you set goals for yourself that's what you look set goals are more driven they know what their path is they know what they're working towards and if you don't have a goal distraction working towards it's harder for you to have a reason to continue so set goals for yourself it's gonna help you on that path to success and give you a reason to keep going and be hopeful now for example let's say that your dog is dying this for example you know this is this is sad this is oppressive partly because you know that there's not a future in which you're gonna get your dog back when your dog is gone he's gone and there's the same person you know that if you're saying but there's still no future with your dog so you be depressed about it it's set another example is someone who wants to be a rapper or a music course like you but they're stuck at a job doing data entry all day long for years and not able to use their creative out that being your job and you not being able to do something that you actually want to do you're gonna get depressed and you're gonna be set or any even if you don't realize that that's what's doing it it's down there and it's gonna make you depressed and sad event over time the prices starts to set in because that person working that day job starts to it starts to go from on when I do that I'm gonna do that to get to a point where they stop believing in the fact that they can do it because they've been doing that it's other thing you're so long they stop seeing a future where they're performing in front of people they stop seeing a future further and that's when the depression sets because that's what they always wanted then when they can't see the hopefulness for it to get depressed but situations that cause depression they're on avoid the unavoidable unlike okay like some people it makes us really depressed some people just makes them sad these situations are going to happen they will pass okay it's important to know that and be aware of their affect on you especially as a music artist since we're much more susceptible to it once you're aware you're able to put yourself in the situations where you can thrive and also avoid being in situations where you gonna feel trapped helpless and move into a depressed state okay that's a point in learning about some no way you can understand it you can avoid it when you know that there's a bad person that's draining your energy life sucking your energy you know negative when you realize that the negative as soon as you avoid that person your life actually did better and it was all because you knew how to not fall into the trap of dealing with a negative person these little things as you learn and growing like I'm gonna make it like better let's get into these give me tell you what's gonna make you feel I'm gonna give you five ways that you can deal with depression as an artist right now number one how to deal with depression for artists is know your standards first off you need to know what you need to be happy as an artist you're probably well know they're going to have to support yourself until you get to a point where your artistry is making you money so really be honest with yourself about with what you can live with and what you can't live with okay I have to be honest to yourself about these things if you hate dealing with people and dealing with crowds of people don't get yourself a job or put yourself in a situation and a job where you're dealing with that all day long because you're gonna be unhappy from the situation you put yourself into you don't like those that look that kind of job get you a job that you can actually bear doing it's better to take a job that pays you a little bit less money if you feel better at the end of the day you can actually work on your music I mean entire videos in office say the video is cold is your day job ruining your music career I think this is a video I made also you gotta think about if your job is physically demanding like if you're a construction worker and you work 10-hour shifts you are stupid tired at the end of day if you're making sixteen dollars an hour being a construction worker yeah it's more money than the $12 an hour job but you're so tired at the end of the day you don't get to work on what makes you happy when you come home and therefore after two months of being a construction worker you got more money in pocket big deal but you have no music that money drop in getting taking a different job is worth having them you just don't feel better about what you're actually always so if you can't stand working at an office or in a restaurant take another job that you can make some cash doing walk dogs deliver food you don't have to really deal with people except for hey what's up – dogs dropping off your dogs dropping off your food let's think about these things okay move the same time with these jobs you can listen to music all day long you can't do that add these other jobs you can do that when you take certain types of jobs think about the benefits of having a job even if it pays less because as a benefits make it worth more figuring out the boundaries that you have with certain situations as well as with certain tasks definitely help you place yourself in a better situations where you don't feel upset or jaded by what you're having to experience in that situation so know yourself don't keep you away from just making decisions and choices like Oh a job I'll take that l to keep you away from those and help you actually make the decisions that are right for you for the long run number two make a list this one's for people who are struggling with depression right now if you know you're depressed and you're watching this video right now looking for a way to snap out of getting depressed good job like seriously fantastic good for you this means the journey you're trying to resolve this issue you know you're depressed you know which I don't know why I'm depressed am I depressed yeah you probably aren't and you're looking for a way to solve it therefore you aren't going to solve it coz you can see future were you not depressed you because you know that that you can probably fix it you know find something they can help you fix it and then you find another thing that helps you fix it no nothing you start seeing more light at the end of the tunnel and that's why I have this video here for you because despite your depression you're going out and you're looking for answers and that's a good sign in church strong person a lot of times when you're depressed you start losing sight of yourself and you start forgetting what makes you you like there's a big distance between you and other people and also a big distance between you and yourself you struggle to even care about things even those that directly affect you and your life this is happening to you right now here's a little exercise that you can do to help you combat on a piece of paper I'm serious do this okay take out a piece of paper and a pen or pull out your phone and take take notes on this okay do this make a list of the things that you love also make a list of things that you're good at or just things that you enjoy doing this includes food activities people places it can be anything write down your favorite show is your favorite songs write down words that describe you and words that describe your music that you make memories are times that you've enjoyed in your life and see no me nothing you write down here is dumb cuz nobody is gonna see a bit chief you're doing this for you writing this list is a reminder of you and who you are and what you enjoy and things that make you these matters these are the things that make you who you are pause this video and just take I'm siding can you take 30 seconds to just write down a couple things about yourself just write those things down what do you enjoy them what makes you happy remind you it's gonna help in times of depression it's hard for us to remember why we're worth go ahead right now and take 30 seconds pause this video pause it on this part now sometimes you'll make that list and you only build put like one or two things on that list because you're so depressed that you just can't think of things that make you happy or you don't want to write them because you're being stubborn but that's okay that happens that's all you can do that's okay it's better than nothing you're making steps towards getting better keep that list and keep adding more things to attach something else to it tomorrow even if you just add one thing a day takes two seconds open it up put something and do it every day one little thing you want to do we even have to do it for a minute just go in there and add one little thing a day you didn't feel like the way you just now okay start the list and add one thing to make you happy top of the list I don't put pizza you know I'm saying then we look at this list every day you're gonna see this list and it's gonna remind you things that make you happy when you're depressed and you see reasons to be happy you're gonna come out of the depression using number three this is amazing for music artists write a song about it may seem pretty obvious for this channel but you'd be shocked at the effectiveness of this method especially when you're doing when you're depressed if you're really hurting as an artist making a song about it will actually help you relieve the pain because it's like telling the world and recording and writing and putting together and telling anybody how do you feel it will help you relieve the pain I'd make this month I told you guys I don't you seen in the video way I made 50 songs in a week and probably about 15 of them are about depression because I was feeling depressed tonight until you start really getting expecting some I'd really given in my moment I was depressed I guess also I'm lost also mom I don't like it none of it's worth daily and easily but these come from my emotions on I like making them so people flow back from their making because I honestly feel that way I don't have enough energy to write the songs or full Dido record the songs those things okay sit on your phone right just the lyrics in your phone just sit in your bed lay in your bed and make the lyrics okay you're starting with it what happens is once you see something or do something lyrically or with a melody or whatever that you see is God it sparks you and inspires you to do the next layer and then the next layer and that's what momentum is when you do something good in the song you're more excited to keep on working on so here that starts something now of course you don't want to do this you can feel comfortable while you're creating so you can say what you need to say even if you feel like it's something you're saying that someone else might judging for it it's okay because it's just you now even if it's not the best song in the world or it doesn't have like the best song structure or the world you choose even different a beat for if it's not amazing that's not what matters okay that's really not what matters you may come up with some really cool stuff right now that you're actually really feeling that other people can relate to okay did you make right now as you're making it when you're actually feeling it the exact things that you're feeling other people feel that way too so when you write when you're like this in this estate you're actually making the realest music you can possibly make so when people make love songs or songs about heartbreak because the hearts been broken that's why like if you look at somebody like Adele she writes from her heartbreak and she gets broke up with a lot apparently you know I'm saying but she makes songs that are all multi-platinum superstar artists like same thing with like a lot of artists when they make songs about heartbreak look at Taylor Swift all she just talked about boys like she's a teenager cuz her old career was basically like she was like a teenager sure any songs for teenagers and how she goes about boys and if he was gonna release she's a really that's really what was still happening to her she's always talking about people breaking up with her or her being sad or be like I hate you now though boy you know saying that's people most people go through there's a reason he's always become so big about writing from those experiences and you can do the same thing once you hear yourself saying what you're going through out loud you'll feel at least a little bit better right away and then the more you do it the better you'll feel this is also really important for another reason sometimes when you're depressed you can feel like there's not a place for you in the entire world but if making music becomes something you can do it will become like a comforting sanctuary for you to deal with your problems and you'll write a lot more music more often whether you're not hearing depression or not because it's a comfort zone and feel good when you do it or write some songs number four try not to be alone don't be alone okay now obviously if you're depressed there are times you need to be alone music creation like the one that we just talked about it's definitely something that you do solo by yourself okay but in general for right now your brain needs stimulation one easy way to stimulate your brain is to not be alone if you're alone for long periods of time especially when you're depressed your brain is probably going to start pulling some pretty crappy tricks when you one thing that happens sometimes when you're experiencing depression is that you lose perspective on your life when you're situations or on your problems you'll also start thinking that you're so terrible no one would you want to be around you which generally really isn't that true okay so don't worry about thing you're not people like to be around you okay there's are people who like to be around you believe it or not I don't even know you and I know that so go out and interact with the world and our means is going outside I mean like go to the store okay grab some blueberries next to the cute girl in the blueberry section or whether fruit sex you go like interact with people like be around people see other people being normal so you can start filling in normal – it will remind you that you have the ability to be whoever you want to be at anytime okay you're gonna see other people live in there alone I feel like I'm I like this I can we all I'm saying I'm saying I'm gonna slay the depressed but I can be just like them I think it's like them I would like that two weeks ago before it is what's wrong with me and number five remember that habits are your friend depression a lot of times it feels like you want to stay in your room or do activities that make you feel better by not having to go anywhere like playing video games all day long sure it's fun but if you're doing it all day long you're hurting your current situation and you're also hurt in your future cuz you're not doing anything productive you're gonna start feeling like things don't matter you sitting for I tell you right now if I play the game for too long I'm like what the hell am i doing and I actually start getting depressed if I start playing to be in some way I'm wasting my time I'm wasting my energy actually doing something productive that's because I have to have it all I think reductive to what kind of time with that so it's a fight against this choose a couple good things that you do every day in the mornings that make you feel good about yourself wake up earlier we could buy at least 9:00 a.m. even if you don't have to be at work okay or you have to go to school or ever wake up at 9 a.m. at least 9:00 a.m. session kinda late the earlier you get up the more successful you're gonna feel these units like so much has been accomplished by the time it's even 9:00 a.m. even then you like I've been awake for three hours that's why I get up every morning at 6 a.m. and work on music until noon in which I hope good I feel before noon because I work in music for 6 hours I feel amazing and then the rest of my day I keep working like right now it's 7:30 right now I went up since 6 a.m. I worked amazing for 6 hours right work up some video scripts I'll and my team I went to the gym I ate properly I'm gonna fasting so 82 o'clock and then I've been make shooting videos doing all this for a while now yeah like I get so much done on a day plan your day to be enjoyable like seriously just know what you're gonna do then I say that do things are gonna make you happy give yourself tasks in a plan when you wake up you don't have a plan on the same way probably cup and I'm gonna play you just like mope and wander and just do stuff cuz you have no plan make a plan for yourself so you know when you get up I'm gonna do this tomorrow I'm gonna do this tomorrow I'm gonna do this tomorrow right if you wake it with without a plane you're not gonna do it you're gonna be more depressed cuz you don't know what you're doing for yourself make a plan positive habits like that can help you get out of this bad mental space maybe go to the gym maybe you make a tasty protein shake or eat something that you like in the morning be excited and ready to go eat that in the morning more I know that tomorrow you're gonna write a 16-bar verse you know I'm saying you're gonna feel like compost as soon as you do this thing maybe take yourself to the local music store to go look at music equipment that you want you can envision this is the microphone on one this is the keyboard I want this is the this is what I want right here this is what I'm working for remind yourself of those things as well any type of forward motion and all its going to help you okay so get into a good habit of doing next productive thing or the thing that you want to do the next day give me the habit of doing that so every day when you get up you have a reason you have something to push you forward okay right now I'm Rob Lowe the smarter please see me with a subscribe and please hit the Lobell cuz I release a video every single day and I release a motivational video every day on this day every week so come back next week on this day in order to get another motivational video okay hope this really helps you and I hope that if you are depressed and you made this far in the video and really hope that you feel better and that this helps you you're fine it's gonna be okay all right you're gonna be fine I've been there I know what do you want and start working for it give yourself a reason to hope and work towards the goal 5 minute here anybody can make it here okay anybody that's why I tell my story to everybody because if I did this you can definitely do it – all right things were bad for everybody at some times but you can overcome all right I got your back as always all right anyone who liked you in a comment you know it maybe talk in the comments below maybe everybody below can help each other you feel depressed let me somebody else talk to you tell us some of your story below maybe that they'll comment back make you feel better right you're not on this you're on right nobody knows it's you so you guys know what the no they do keep us and gain hope you feel better see the tough smart gang

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  1. Damn Rob. This is real motivation right here.
    I really want to say thank you for continuing to inspire me with your work, and the wisdom you've gained through your experience.

  2. I swear to god you are making videos just for me.
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  3. It's like I'm drowning at sea

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    I know you're there, but I can't see

    'Cause I'm so drunk off tragic endings

  4. Idk if its just me but i feel like most music artists started their career because of being depressed with how their life was and needed a creative outlet to let their emotions out. Anyone relate?

  5. i feel depressed because i have so many unfinsished songs and thoughts that are not put together yet. i finished a song and it was perfect. combined multiple thoughts and ideas and it felt like a weight was lifted. like im doing something better.

  6. This topic right hereeee Rob. . . . I battle with so much in my head already not including the “Life shit” that takes place. I’m always alone, even in a stadium 🏟 full of people, I still feel alone 😔😒🤷🏽‍♀️ Every day I attempt to work at it, not sure if I’m getting better or worse. . Only Time will tell. Thank you for touching on this subject because the things people don’t like to speak on needs to be discussed for Growth 🙏🏽💯

  7. I have been hesitant to watch this entry. I have dealt with lifelong suicidal ideation. I have always used writing as an outlet. Aside from the music that I work on, the stone carving Hobby, construction and Landscaping for dollars in my pocket, I am working on a novel about coping with and overcoming suicidal ideation.

    Thank you, beyond words, for making this video.

  8. I watch Smart Rapper all the time. There are a lot of great videos, but this one was special. Im currently going through severe depression from a bad divorce and ive been at the lowest point of my life. This video wss very helpful and insightful as to what i can do to better my situation because ive been in a very dark place for 2 years now. Thanks Rob for understanding and giving great advice. Very helpful

  9. Man, you really went in details about depression. How it feels like and what to do about it. You videos have a point. Beginning, Mid, and a cinderella Beautiful ending. I like the little jump cuts you put in between the edits. I am wondering is that an filter add-on? Cause it look so automated. It rocks, cause it keeps the edits moving to a smooth pace and quick through even though It could have been a long drawn out boring white guy talking head for over 22 minutes?? Now I usually don’t sit through this long if content and edit isn’t good. Just like in music, I can scrub through to the song near the middle and tell you if this sign is or ain’t gonna make it. I usually get it right if I don’t doubt myself . im a thinker, I think too much so I find distractions for myself, such as this, analyzing other people’s videos, like what’s the problem here as how can it get even better. I usually respect anyone for trying. I’ve been feeling old and unemployed. Shit ain’t getting younger but I skateboard and play basketball to get back in check with the NOW. By the way, love the cd’s colors in the walls and matching shirt color with red to make the foreground and big scene pop together conceptually. I ESPECIALLY like the camera angle and props set up from wide to small but angle to zoom into nothing but badass ROB LEVEL talking animated head.

  10. Hey, I am deeply depressed. Then you came up. I want to thank you. I love creating or haven’t been productive in years cause of my kid. I feel dead. I use to pretend to rap. Search “golisaho” YouTube. I think it’s there. I truly give props to you for this video.
    You’ve truly been through this. It’s EXACTLY how Depression is. I feel you on everything you’re saying. Amen to you, you’re cool for this REAL VIDEO, thanks rob.

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  12. Hopefully this helps out.
    1. Realize your worth
    2. Work on your self and self improve
    3.keep repeating steps 1 & 2
    Everyone stay blessed.

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