5 Unique Tools for BLENDING Graphite Pencils

5 Unique Tools for BLENDING Graphite Pencils

Hey guys! I hope you are fine & doing well. Its wednesday and i’m gonna show you five different methods of blending graphite pencils so after watching this video
let me know in the comments which one you are currently using
& which one you like the most First of all we have this synthetic watercolor brush and the manufacturing company is BOMEJIA I have these 5 different sizes of these brushes and i use all of them in my hyperrealistic drawings Secondly, we have this paper stump of size #4 and is manufactured in a local company in pakistan i also have 6 different sizes of these stumps Third tool for blending is a Cotton-bud also known as Q-tip I also use cotton bud as a tool for blending 4th one is an ordinary pocket tissue and i mostly use them in background of my artworks Now the 5th one is my own HAND you must be thinking that i’m joking but actually i’m a self-taught artist
& when i started drawing a few years ago I was unaware of these tools
so i used my fingers for blending for about three to four months So i think its a better alternative for all the other tools Anyways, lets compare
all these tools by blending some shades I’ll be using this B pencil for shading lets add 5 consecutive shades for each tool First of all i’m going to blend with brush Now blending with a paper stump now blending this one with a cotton bud now using the tissue paper and the final one which is, blending with a finger tip Now as we have all these 5 results in one place I think these 3 tools are better than the others we got this super smooth result from tissue paper and also from brush and finger and we got this textured result from blending stump and also from this Q-tip Anyways, i hope you got an idea of each tool and you can use whatever you want

40 thoughts on “5 Unique Tools for BLENDING Graphite Pencils

  1. as a self taught artist I also used handmade blending stumps and instead of tissue I used a piece of smooth cloth it blends really well , but is it good for hyperrealism?

  2. Hellow bro… Plz make one video one how to draw white hair and mustache… I'm not talk about natural black hair..bcoz you already have made one on that… So plz..

  3. i really love your channel im 11 and i have improved so much now i draw realistically and im glad,you made a big change thank you. all love from egypt 😁

  4. I never would prefer using a finger tip.. becz it will leave you with oil marks which won't fade anyhow after shading… Hope it helps.. thanks

  5. hey this jay and i am an tattooist from gujarat the state of india. our topic which one Tachniqe i'm using or which one i like most, so before watching this tutorial mostly i'm using number 2 Method which called BLENDING STUMP tachnique but after seeing These Defrences now BRUSH technique is top on my fevorite. its look so realistic/smooth and clear. THANK YOU very for this amazing tutorial and keep inspire Beginner's and a new telents.

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