5 tips to draw trees effectively

5 tips to draw trees effectively

Hey guys today i’m going to give you five
tips to help you draw trees. Tip number one is the internal structure which is the trunk
and the branches. You don’t want to make these too straight or repetitive you really
want to capture the randomness of nature, in order to do this you want o be free with
your branches, i recommend not holding the pencil by the tip, I usually hold it mid ways
your goal is to control the pencil less in order to create the natural branches. Right
here i let go of the pencil a little bit and make the tree truck curvyer. However i still
have control over the pencil and know what i’m going to do next. I’m also paying
attention of where i place the branches, i don’t want to leave huge gaps in-between
the branches because that would make the tree look weird and loose balance. I also want
to spread out the branches evenly because to many branches on one side would make the
tree loose balance as well. Moving on with tip number two. It deals with the overlap
of form which helps your tree look three dimensional. To do this were going to use the T method
which is the point where two forms overlap, you want to emphasize the T, and this shows
what is closer and what is farther away. for example this is our first T. and as you can
see it looks like a T and it shows that the branch is above the trunk or that its closer
to us. You can also use this method to show that a branch behind the trunk. Emphasizing
these points will help the tree loose its flatness and its important to do these with
all the branches. Good i think the tree is coming out pretty well. You can even add extra
branches as i am here, i’m just going to erase that little part. Okay to better explain
i’m going to draw two flat shapes that resemble pears, but i’m going to show you how to
make them three dimensional. By emphasizing the T’s i’m going to make the back of
this pear closer to us then the front of the pear. as you can see the flat shape of the
pear has three dimensions now. i’m going to do the same thing with this pear i’m
going to make the front of the pear look closer to us. Good now i’m just going to add some
of the shading and it makes it look better. I hope you understand the method that this
is the closer side and that is the farther side and you can do this by emphasizing the
overlap of form. Now tip number three deals with light source and value. after drawing
this tree i will show you where the light source is, which is the top right. Since my
light source is at the top right i’m going to start shading the bottom and the left side
of the tree to show shadows. I will leave the right and top part of the tree light to
show that, thats where’s the sun is hitting it. As you can see one of my branches is casting
a shadow across the trunk, this makes the tree become a little bit more three dimensional.
When it comes to shadows and value there is a lot of detail, i also don’t want to leave
sections of the tree completely white or completely dark I want to leave it at a middle tone and
thats what i’m doing here. Now i will show how the shadows are cast on a tree with leaves.
First of all the leaves blur out some of the branches and overlap them. the light source
is right above so i’m doing the shadows on the bottom of the leaves. Also the branches
are almost always going to look darker. I outline the leaves to give it more style and
I do the cast shadow in the bottom of the tree and I add a bush just to give it an environment.
For tip number four were gonna focus on texture and this is mostly up to your skill level.
I do a lot of lines on my tree to show that it sort of has a natural form and you can
practice different textures its not only lines. And as you can see i add a hole on the tree
and its part of texture this one you would have to practice a lot. Tip number five and
finally go out to nature and try to draw the trees outside. Try to get a small sketch book
like this one, I took this one when i went on a trip to Europe and as you can see i draw
random trees I drew close up of trees. Drawing trees from the natural environment will help
you a lot, a lot! I tried different textures as you can see in this one, and also weird
ones. I also drew trees with thin branches and really any kind of tree that came close
up of the branches. This sketch book is filled with more than just trees as you can see,
and finally this last tree i actually drew this one out of my imagination after you draw
a lot of trees you actually could draw them out of your imagination. Finally this tree
i will draw it pointing out he five tips so as you can see i’m trying to make naturally
curvy branches that resemble nature. This tree is coming out from my imagination and
i want to not leave any gaps, i want to keep it completely balanced. I will spread out
the smaller thinner branches and i will add this large branch coming out of the tree trunk
to show form and space. Now i will actually start doing the emphasis on form and space
which are the T’s i talked about earlier in tip number two. and as you can see i have
them emphasized now. Now i’m going to do the shadows. I will do my light source on
the top right and as you can see i will do all my shadows on the left side and i will
do some cast shadows on the branches that are sticking out now. Also i never really
stopped drawing branches i keep doing thinner ones, this really only helps me emphasize
different parts of the tree and keep the tree balance as you can see. Now i’m going to
continue with texture and i’m going to user he line method again i’m going to do a bunch
of lines to give it texture so it can look more natural and give it a rough surface.
Finally the shadow, and i believe this is one of my longest videos so hank you for sticking
till the end. I really hope you learned from these tips and if you like this video please
give it a like! subscribe to my channel for more videos!

100 thoughts on “5 tips to draw trees effectively

  1. Beautiful drawings but not so good of a tutorial for beginner artist. please slow down on future videos and actually show how to draw trees. not speed through the video.

  2. If you want to learn to draw trees get some basic bonsai books. Learning how to shape a young plant to look like an old weathered tree gives you all the keys points that you need to know. John Yoshio Naka has 2 Bonsai Techniques books that are phenomenal. You don't have to grow any bonsai but understanding the basics in achieving the appearance will translate into far more realistic looking trees in your art.

  3. Excellent tutorial. You get right to the point and easy to understand.
    I noted your recommendation for graphite pencils but what about charcoal and paper?
    What kind of paper would you recommend that's not too expensive but will hold up if I decide save or stick it in one of those ready-made frames?
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks man! I am working on some 2D sculptures of trees using small pieces of corten steel welded together. Your video was unbelievably helpful! It is a totally different medium and method but your explanation of certain concepts were really helpful.

  5. I love your drawing style. You make it look so easy,thanks so much for the video πŸ“Ή. I take art and im working on getting better in sketching.This helped me so much😊

  6. I started seriously trying to draw for the first time less than a week ago now, and so far I can draw tall grass pretty well and I at least understand the concepts of water (with some practice I'm confident I can make it look really good). But trees looked downright impossible to me. This tutorial I think really made the process look simple, at least for naked trees, and for someone who has absolutely zero experience with drawing and no formal schooling in it I can really appreciate that.

    I'm not sure if this has helped me improve yet, but I can say for sure that this is my first major stepping stone in the right direction :D.

  7. As I first start drawing, I had a hard time with background. Now I've watched this, I feel I don't have to be shy anymore when I draw a scene. Now I gotta find a way to color all these to make them bright but thank you!

  8. can you do a video on how to draw leaf for trees cause you real didn't say anything about how to draw the leafs

  9. this is the best tutorial Ive ever seen! i always thought that trees were hard and not so interesting to draw but after this tutorial i feel like i could draw many types of trees beautifully and finally draw good landscapes !! Thanks!!!!!!

  10. you are amazing man I love your every steps. thanks for sharing this wonderful video. ☁😘😘☁😘😘☁

  11. I did a painting of a bird with the bird on the branch and iam planning to a draw a tree 🌳 to fit with my painting πŸ˜ƒ

  12. Very understandable video for an absolute beginner! Thank you!!
    How long did it actually take you in real life to draw that last tree?

  13. I really enjoyed the video, have you tried drawing the tree without outlines? Thank you for sharing your video πŸ‘πŸ˜†πŸ‘

  14. Good video. Saved this clip in my art lessons folder on youtube. (I just created it, this is the second addition to it) Trying to teach myself to draw at a pretty old age =D

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