5 Strategies that Helped me Improve My ACT English Score 11 Points | BEST Tricks, Tips, and Review

5 Strategies that Helped me Improve My ACT English Score 11 Points | BEST Tricks, Tips, and Review

so I remember the first time I took an AC to English exam I didn't prep for it or anything before I took the test and after I graded the exam I remember thinking to myself man that was really really hard how am I gonna learn all these skills all these English skills that I've never even heard of before commas apostrophes all these weird things how am I going to learn all this I know some of you guys might be finding yourself in the same position that I was a few years ago thankfully there are some studying strategies that you can use and repeat over and over again to get a lot of AC T English improvement and learn all of those skills almost automatically the more you follow the studying technique and I'm going to share with you how I use that technique to improve my HTT English score 11 points plus I'll give you five really really important and really helpful strategies that I used while I was taking the test to get as many questions correct as possible what's up guys welcome back to another five Academy video my name is Shahir and today we're gonna be talking about the AC T English exam I want to accomplish two things in this video first I want to give you a really really helpful studying strategy for learning as many of these AC T English skills as possible because there are a ton of them and you have to know these skills very well as well as how they're tested on the AC T English exam to succeed on the test second like I said I'll give you some strategies that I use that were really really helpful so stick along I'd recommend you take some notes to just jot down strategies in the main ways that you should be using them also make sure you stick around until the end because the strategies get more and more useful in advanced as the video goes on also I'm just gonna mention this right now if you guys need official a CT practice exams for free there are six linked in the description below so be sure to check those out if you need them alright so let's get into the first thing which is the studying strategy so what is the best way to study for the acct English exam well it starts with practice and I just mentioned those practice exams that are in the description below the question is how exactly should you be using those practice exams well what you should not be doing and this is what I started doing when I first got my hands and practice exams is just run through them as fast as possible just take practice exam after practice exam after practice exam in the hopes of just improving through practice and doing this approach it does help you improve a bit but you're not doing any analysis and finding what your weaknesses are and what exactly you need to improve on the improvement that you're getting from doing that is just through getting more familiar with the test not through actual development of skills so how do you develop those skills when you take a practice exam you should go back look at each individual question especially the ones you got wrong and see why you got it wrong this why question is very very important because you're gonna see what the skill is and how that skill works when you analyze that question and see what's going on this analysis gives you a really good idea of not just the skills that are tested on the acct English exam but the question types that show up those two things skills and question types recur from an exam to exam you're going to see very similar if not the same question types and skills from one English exam to the other so if you go over your English exams and look at them in depth and analyze them especially your mistakes you're going to be helping yourself when you're trying to perform better on the next practice exam you take or the a CT exam you take so this analysis is extremely extremely important to finding what you need to work on and just getting a better idea of how the exam works if you add this little element and you don't even have to learn those skills outside of just practicing and looking at your incorrect answers just look at your exams analyze them and see what you can do better see how you can learn the skills just by looking at the correct answers all right so that's enough on the studying technique now let's get into some strategies that I find really really helpful and there's five strategies again they get more advanced as the video goes on all right so the first strategy is all about omitting or deleting certain answer options in certain questions you might have noticed when you take a practice exam you'll see certain questions will have the option to delete a certain part of the passage or a certain part of the sentence more often than not the delete answer option is actually correct if they give it to you one of the skills that the ACA English tests you on is your ability to find parts of the passage that you need to just take out because maybe it's not related maybe it's over complicating the passage maybe it's just irrelevant so finding those things and taking them out is often they're not going to be the correct answer so do not be afraid to choose the delete or omit answer option and if you don't believe me just look at any of your past ACC English practice exams look at all the questions that have the delete or omit answer option and see how many of them have the delete answer option as a correct answer and you'll see that most of the time delete is correct so when it comes to omitting answer options there are five questions in this passage where delete is an answer option and out of those five questions three of them have delete as the correct answer now there are two where delete is not correct so you do have to notice that in certain cases delete will not be correct you're gonna have to actually choose one of the answer options in this case that would be B or C but again like I said out of the five questions where delete was given as an answer option three of them were correct do not be afraid to choose delete as the correct answer second thing is that the simplest answer choice is always the best whatever you're presented with a number of answer options that provide very similar information but just with varying levels of complexity the simplest one is always always always going to be correct I've never seen it on any AC to English practice exam from the last ten years or any HCT English exam where the most complicated or most wordy or fancy or verbose answer option is actually correct it's never the case so when you're given very similar instructions that say very similar things never choose the wordy ones it's always the shortest simplest a lot of the time this answer option might just be one or two words as opposed to the longer ones which will be maybe 20 or 25 words but they'll say just about the same thing over and over again which is unnecessary keep it simple and that's going to be the correct answer more from the nut and again if you don't believe me just look at any of your past practice exams you'll see that the simplest one is always correct for these kinds of questions all right so for the keep it simple strategy there are a ton of questions that you'll see where all the answer options are going to be saying just about the same thing but one of them will be the simplest and get the point across in the simplest way in this passage that I'm looking at right here there were three questions out of the 15 for this passage that we're doing just that and I'm gonna go through those three right now the first one is number seven these three or four interruptions again they say the same thing I'm not gonna go through them but D is the correct one because it gets that point across in the most simple way possible it's better to just say several libraries and museums devoted to instead of saying a number of additional cultural institutions supporting intellectual endeavors like all that is just not necessary you don't need all those words just stick to the simplest one that gets the point across so which you should be doing for these kinds of question is just checking the meaning and moving on for number ten we have the exact same type of thing the four answer options are saying just about the same thing but J is the correct answer because again it is the simplest and it gets the same meaning across for number 12 we have again the same thing I mean you could just look at answer option J and get the whole idea what I'm saying it says thankful note expressing special things just by itself you don't need the the term the phrase expressing special things because that's what a thankful note is for this brings me to my next strategy strategy number three which is about repetition a lot of the questions that you'll see on the acct English exam will have multiple answer options that say just about the same thing but maybe they'll change up certain words or they will have varying levels of complexity like I said earlier whenever you're provided with answer options that are very similar or that say just about the same thing with just slight tweaks those are never correct the answer option that stands out that has a different meaning is going to be the correct one now this applies only to questions where the main differentiating factor is content of those sentences not the grammar or punctuation but more so the content and the meaning behind them if the meaning is the same for a number of answer options then those aren't going to be correct there's going to be something unique about the correct answer again you'll see an example of that right after this so again when you see repetition when you see answer options that are basically repeating one another that mean the same thing avoid them find the answer option that has something unique about it something unique in its meaning that provides a different sort of value to the passage or to the sentence so now when it comes to repetition 10 is an amazing amazing example and you're gonna get a ton of questions just like this now if we look at 10 we are reconstructing this phrase whatever whoever and we can look at each answer option that is a substitute G and H are exactly the same they're really the same thing so as JJ is also the same thing but G and H are both more complex and more wordy than J is so there's no point in having those extra words that don't really add meaning because J accomplishes the same meaning with less words and when you plug in Jenny and read it out loud you'll see that it sounds just fine so that's the correct answer for that jaja number four is about commas the less common is that an answer option has the better usually an answer will almost never have more than one or two commas in a sentence if you're given three or four commas it's almost never gonna be correct unless you're being asked about a sentence that is a list or something like that but the less comments you have in a sentence or in a passage the better a lot of questions will trick you into using more commas than you need because a lot of students think that more commas means more formality and that that can actually help the passage but more commas it just sounds very clunky it looks very clunky and it does not help the meaning of the passage at all so avoid using too many commas questions usually will not have more than two commas as the correct answer usually one or two in a sentence number four is a great example of a commas question all four answer options have the exact same words and the same sentence but just varying numbers and locations of commas for these kinds of questions the commas essentially give pauses in the sentence to just have the best flow usually commas are used at the beginning or end of clauses which is the main purpose of commas anywhere else they're not really necessary and that's where our end correct answer options are incorrect Danya is a great example of an incorrect answer option because there's a comma between sculpted and seen that's a common between adjective and a noun so that is not correct we should have a comma after the word cinema because that's at the end of the first dependent clause so that means answer options H and J are also out G is also out because it has a comma between sculpted and seen so that means our correct answer is F to not change this 26 is another great example of this kind of question you have the same words for each answer option but just varying numbers of commas here's a hint if there is a commas question you're going to need a comma somewhere there's never going to be a case where you don't need a comma so answer option J is just automatically out we need some sort of pause after this first dependent clause which is but at a length of 22 feet so we need something there can't use H because a semicolon is used for an independent clause or an independent sentence which the first Clause is not it comes down to do we need a comma after length which we do not just try plugging that in and seeing what it sounds like it'll be something along the lines of but at a length of 22 feet Pollock's masterpiece and then it goes on that doesn't really sound right we don't really need a pause after the word length there's no clause that's ending there or beginning so there's no point in having a comma there so f is also correct for this one is the last strategy the fifth one my favorite is the most effective of them all when you practice it and master it as you study more for the exam the strategy is to choose the answer that simply sounds the best and provides the best meaning when you simply read it out loud whenever I'm on the fence about a certain question and I am between two or three answer options and I don't know what to choose I simply use a strategy of reading it out loud as if I was saying it in a speech or in a formal conversation or such as an interview or something like that some sort of formal context read it out loud as if I was saying it in that context and see what simply sounds best what provides the best meaning and what sounds most natural doing this will help you get a better idea of where you need commas where you need pauses all you might want to structure this sentence because again when you say the sentence out loud as opposed to just looking at it on paper that gives you a whole nother perspective on how it will sound and what the meaning will be when you're actually reading it out loud and I'm not even kidding the strategy has helped me get these kinds of questions correct where I'm on the fence like nine times out of ten so it really works you just have to practice and master this technique of reading it out loud and finding what simply sounds best and the more you practice this the better understanding you'll get of the question types and skills that you'll see on the ACTH exam and you'll develop a kind of wisdom about what kind of answers you need to choose for these kinds of questions where you're really not sure but that simply comes with practice and experience right here we have question five which is a great example of a question where you suggest read it out loud and see what simply sounds best when you read it so let's just go through and do that for each answer option that it shows patrons sitting in a movie theater as horse leaps out of the screen now that doesn't sound right if you have a horse leaves it should be a horse leaps out of the screen or horses leap out of the screen but we know that the correct answer has to be one of those two cases and now let's look at the other answer options to see what we have the first one is just about the same but horses has an apostrophe s now this doesn't work because the apostrophe s in this case would be used for possession as to say something is of the horse or the horses so B can't be correct because that's an a to possessive apostrophe s not a plural D has the same problem it uses an apostrophe s on the word theatre and that doesn't work either because again the theatre does not possess anything in this case D also has the same problem with horse sleep it should be horses leap or a horse leaps and that leaves C is a correct answer option that shows patron sitting in a movie theater as horses leap out of the screen we can do the same thing with question 9 we have these different answer options and again they all just about are the same except for slight tweaks in the wording so let's go through and read the first one your creator of these sculptures are not known because okay so it uses the word r4 to refer to creator R is plural so it should be either the create tours of these sculptures are not known or it should be the creator of these sculptures is not known so right off the bat you can see that we've come up with two substitutes potential substitutes we can look at our answer options to see if any of those options match Irby we have the creator of this sculptures are not known that doesn't make sense because this is not the correct word to substitute for these the word sculptures is plural then we should use these not this for C we have the creator of these sculptures is not known that's one of the substitutes that we came up with before we looked at the answer options so C could be potentially correct let's just check D as well D says the creators of this sculptures is not known again that's not correct either if you have sculptures which is plural you have to have a plural is which would be R is is not plural is is singular so D is not correct either C is the correct answer so again you can see the reading out loud strategy works really well with these kinds of questions where all you're doing is plugging in and playing and a lot of questions are doing that so test it out use a strategy and the more you do it the better you'll get at it now at this point in the video I could just go on and on talking about all the English skills and the best ways to learn all of them individually but I'm just gonna leave you with the advice to practice these techniques and these strategies as much as possible with the practice exams in the description below the more you do this the more you get an idea of what your weaknesses are and how you can overcome those weaknesses through practice and looking at correct answer options and learning from them probably the biggest way to improve on the ACA English exam so that's what I recommend you do going forward I hope you guys enjoy this video if you have any other questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below or just simply go to a website create an account and have a chat with us we're open to having free live stream tutoring sessions with you guys you can schedule those in the description below as well apart from that guys I'll see you guys in next week's video good luck on the a CT exam peace

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