#46 – Mesquite Crotch Part 1… Art over function

#46 – Mesquite Crotch Part 1… Art over function

Hey, y’all. Welcome to the Messy Studio.
Come on in and see what’s going on. Hey y’all. I had a request for a special piece
from a return customer. He said just make me something cool out of some cool wood.
I don’t what that means, but…
I mean to me all wood is cool. You know what I mean? But I found this beast in my pile. I’m not sure what this is. It’s heavy so I’m pretty sure it’s either Oak or Mesquite… I’m not sure. I just know it’s heavy. And uh…
This is probably 20… 25 pounds. So I’m gonna take it over the band saw. I roughed out a circle with an orange marker.
I’m gonna take in the band saw, make it roughly round. This will be turned away. I plan on putting the foot down here. This way the top of the bowl. So I’ll put a
face plate on it. We’ll put it on the lathe and we’ll go.
So first, to the band saw. That’s somewhat round. So we’ll take this piece of Mesquite, put a face plate on it, get rid of some of this… and we’ll see what we can do. Right now it’s measuring… that’s 12 and a half… 11 and 3/4…
almost 13. So it’s probably going to be 11 inches
when it’s done by probably four. This looks like a job
for one of my big face plates. When you’re put a face plate on always use real wood screws. Don’t use drywall screws! These are number 12’s by 2 inch. Well from the looks of things the center
is right there. That’s where I’m gonna call it. And because this is Mesquite, I’m a pre-drill it. Now the real question is, how many of
these are going to shear off when I try to take them out? Got that one chewed up already. I’m gonna attack this a different way. Wow! That ain’t good! Three broken screws. Two of them on one
side… or next to each other. It is a little disconcerting. I expected this to be a bit off-balance. Face shield on. Let’s go. About 500 RPM. Making progress. Slow going, but we’re making progress. Well at least I’m cutting more wood than
air over here now. That was a knot.
Well, I’m making a mess today. I love having the grinder right close. Balance isn’t too bad now. About 900 (RPM). Got some nice checks… checks nothing
these are outright cracks. But I may can stabilize them. Famous last words, I know. I’m gonna try to save this piece
mesquite. That oughta be about right. Alright, I’m gonna stabilize these cracks with CA and call it a day. The humidity is just too high, I can’t see.
Everything keeps fogging up. Well I made a mell of a hess now… but you can’t make shavings and not make a mess. It’s all over my grinding cart. I threw mesquite all the way back to my drill press. All right, see y’all tomorrow. I’m actually
considering changing the shape on this a little bit. Well if I’m gonna fill some of it I might as well fill it all. From the looks of it, it’s going to take several applications of this. That’s the own thing I don’t like about
doing this stuff. Slows the process down. But… my customers like the effect so… Well y’all get a bit of a noise break today.
It’s only 80 out here right now… 79% humidity and it’s comfortable enough
I don’t have to have the big fan going. So we don’t have all that noise to deal
with. I’ve been told that that background noise… all that shop noise is a put off to
a lot of people watching my videos. So I’m gonna try to keep it down. We’ll see
I may have to just start doing voiceovers. If you’re not bothered by the
shop background noise let me know. I’m still undecided on how I’m gonna shape the top. I don’t know… I’m gonna play with some stuff. We’ll see what happens. But
now I’m gonna get this sanded up. I’m just gonna put some sanding sealer
here on the bottom. Let that flash off for a few minutes and then I’m gonna
Yorkshire grit it. Boy, that’s got some pretty chatoyance. You can actually feel this stuff cutting. It’s crazy. Just keep going so it goes back clean. It
ain’t clean yet. Wow! I don’t know if that chatoyance is
showing up on camera or not. Got a little bit of sapwood over here, but it’s okay.
Got some funky rays running in here. That hairline crack that I hit with CA.
It should be okay. Now I’m gonna part this off. Get it off of here, put the chuck on it, turn it around. Get that face plate off and get those
busted screws out. Now the fun begins.
I need to look into ordering a better quality screw. These are supposed to be
good. Now if all four of them were this easy
it would be wonderful! So, fat boy, how you gonna get them
other two out? Well, let me show you. You could use a plug cutter and cut around it.
I’ve got plug cutters. I also have this small hole saw. Now I don’t have the
center drill in it. Okay, I’m gonna try to break this wood
away from the screw. This is a an old beat-up Stanley bench chisel that I’ve
had for thirty, forty years.
And this… I use it for all kinds of stuff. Like this. And I keep picks on the lathe just for this purpose.
For digging stuff out that is. That’ll work. And that goys and birls is how you get
broken screws out of your piece. Now I’m gonna do some work on the front of this.
I don’t know what I’m gonna do on the middle yet or on the inside. So for the
time being, I’m gonna keep my tail stock in place.
I try to work as close to the center of the tool rest as I can.
Now I’ll true this up a little and then I’ll start working on what kind of shape
or what I want to… what kind of accents I want out here. Got a fresh edge. Going about 850 (RPM). As you saw, you can really hog some
material out, but if it’s nice and sharp like that one is, keeping it a relatively
smooth as well. Now I have a nice radiused curve right here.
No tool marks and this is where I’m gonna put my texture. And then I’ll put a… I’ll have a bead right here. And I’m gonna sweep down in the middle. It’s not going to be terribly deep.
Walls are gonna be thick obviously because this is a decorative piece, it’s
an artistic piece. I like that.
I’ll use my homemade point tool for a differentiation mark. And establish the bead. Thanks for watching! Please like, share,
subscribe Y’all come back!

9 thoughts on “#46 – Mesquite Crotch Part 1… Art over function

  1. l really enjoy and learn from your videos. The background noise seems to over power your voice making it difficult to hear you at times

  2. Hi Billy yes the background noise is a tad loud how about in editing cut the sound and do a voice over at the most important parts so we know what's going on. Screws in hardwood you may need to go up half to one drill size and in soft wood down half to one drill size depending on the density of the wood trial and error on small bits
    Regards Dave ( in the UK )

  3. Fantastic video! Mesquite is wonderful to work with. That crotch piece is beautiful. Thanks for taking us along for the ride.

  4. That is a pretty chunk of wood, and a good video. I mount big pieces on face plates to start turning bowls. I've had less trouble stripping or wringing off screws since I started dragging the threads across a piece of paraffin before driving them in.

  5. Background noise what background noise just sounds like a dude at his lathe with fans running if guys turn without an extractor and/or a filtration system then thats the noise you get can hear you just fine and sometimes I can even smell the wood

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