4 Tips on Drawing with Charcoal | Drawing Tutorials

4 Tips on Drawing with Charcoal | Drawing Tutorials

Charcoal is a terrific tool to use when drawing. I’m going to show you a
few tips that you can learn and practice at home when using charcoal. First of all, charcoal comes in different
ways and forms. This is called
vine charcoal. The top is round, it’s very, very delicate,
and you can always break it into pieces. There’s something called compressed charcoal,
which is more of a square shape. It’s much harder and it’s much darker. What I suggest when you use charcoal is to
just experiment with the material first. Go ahead and press down on your paper as hard
as you can and keep going, pressing a little softer. Keep going, pressing a little
softer, a little softer, and a little softer, until there’s barely a mark
on the paper. Now we’re just going to blend it. Charcoal’s excellent for
blending, excellent for any sort of dimension. We take our fingertip and we
just very lightly rub right over the charcoal. You can see that you can
create different gradations of tone. Let’s do the same thing with a compressed
charcoal. You can see right away
how much darker it is. It also has a little bit of a different texture. You
can use both types of charcoal together or you can use them separately. This also blends, and blends very beautifully. One thing that I love to do
with charcoal is to use my eraser as a tool. This is called a gum eraser. It literally looks like chewing gum. You can break it apart, you can break
off pieces, you can sculpt it, and you can create even sharp edges to erase
right into your charcoal. I also like to use a regular eraser at the
tip of a pencil, and with that, you can get finer
lines. You can really sculpt
right into your charcoal with the edge of your eraser. I suggest exploring, trying as many possible
things with your charcoal. Find something to draw, anything will do. Use the tip sometimes. Draw hard
edges, draw soft edges, draw with the side of the charcoal. Move the
charcoal around in all sorts of ways. Most importantly relax, enjoy, and
see how you can best express yourself with the material of charcoal.

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  2. Thanks for this post as I'm wanting to try Charcoal as I've only used graphite so far in my studies x

  3. But how do you deal with the 'ending part' where you want to put the paper away and you close your sketchbook, it will be ruined when in contact with the other page

  4. don't use your finger when blending. It adds the oils from your skin and eventually gives off an unwanted orange tint

  5. I have a charcoal pencil. there are 2 types of charcoal pencils in my country. the soft and hard charcoal pencil. soft ones are easier to handle. now my charcoal pencil is 1.5 inches long now…

  6. blending with a blender is better becaue of the oils in your skin can smear charcoal and plus blender are really easy tomake ps no hate

  7. i dont have these types of charcoal. i have one that is in wood as if its a pencil but instead of graphite there is charcoal. but still idk how to use it!

  8. If you want to start learning charcoal please watch another tutorial. Blending with your finger and using the eraser a lot are horrible mistakes!

  9. She seems like she does not know what she is talking about

    And she also looked like a two year old drawing at the end of the video

  10. comment section in a nut shell for ya
    60% her make up isn’t blended
    30% can we not worry about her makeup and just the tutorial?
    10% imma correct this lady. It’s not a gum eraser. Never blend with your hand it has oils

  11. Thank you so much for teaching me about charcoal because I just got some new charcoal pencils and well I needed to know how to use them

  12. I want to say how much we appreciate your advices , real artists here appreciate you please don’t bother with the children on youtube aka haters

  13. 5 seconds into the video, and I figured there would be plenty of comments regarding her makeup 😂 and sure enough, here I am , not paying attention to what she's saying

  14. All I needed to know to transition from pencil to charcoal in 3 mins. Thank you so much kind lady! Don’t mind the trolls.

  15. Tip #1, (remember the thumbnail?) NEVER USE YOUR FINGER TO BLEND. Not only does this make it harder on the finer details, but also gives a fingerprint onto the paper, effects the charcoal and paper which will lead to a nasty finger print on your picture that doesn't erase because it was made from oil on your skin.

  16. Don't use your finger. The skin has oils that ruin the paper. You can't erase it if you smudge with a finger. Use a q-tip instead

  17. I keep getting parts that I absolutely cannot erase and it ruins pieces because it doesn't fit with the flow. It's this a quality of pencil problem or a user error problem?

  18. thank you for the last bit, i have my academy enterance exam in 6 hours and i still dont feel confident enough in my charcoal skills since i dont work with it much, but hearing someone say just to relax and enjoy the medium put my mind at ease for a bit 🙂

  19. It isn’t wise to blow charcoal dust off the page.

    You might be surprised at how often bits of moisture accompany your breath. They will settle on the drawing and make an indelible dark spot.

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