3D in Windows 10 Tutorial: Make a donut with Paint 3D

3D in Windows 10 Tutorial: Make a donut with Paint 3D

[MUSIC] Hi there. I’m Becky Ho, and I’m a Product
Marketing Manager for 3D in Windows at Microsoft. Welcome to our tutorial
of how to use Paint 3D to create your very
own 3D objects. Paint 3D is a great way to
explore your creativity and bring your ideas to life
in a whole new dimension. If you’re someone itching to
flex your creative muscles, stay tuned because today we’re
going to create something super fun by making everyone’s
favorite food, a donut. But not just any donut, eventually we’re gonna make
an adorable donut creature. Let’s get started. I wanna create a super
unique donut shape, where someone, maybe me, has
already taken a bite out of it. To make this into 3D, I choose
one of my favorite tools, 3D doodle, and I use my pen to trace
an outline of a donut shape. And so here, I’m using my pen
to just roughly trace an outline of the sketch that I’ve
already created in 2D. And what it’s going to do
is transform my 2D sketch into a full 3D object,
how cool is that? But my donut’s looking
a little skinny, and I definitely like my
donuts much fluffier. So I use the handles to
make it much fatter. Perfect. So next I’m going to color
the donut, just adding a quick little dimension to it so
I use the spray can tool and choose this cool yellow to give
a little highlight to the front. And because I’m working in 3D,
I’m able to turn it to the back, add some highlights to the back
and turn it to the side and then also add some
dimension to the side. [MUSIC] Next because I’ve taken
a bite out of the donut, what I’m going to do is
add in some bite marks. And so I’m gonna use the crayon
tool to give it a cool little texture. And so here I’m adding in
just some colors so it looks like someone took a big,
fat bite out of my donut. And then I’m gonna add
some dark shadowing. Just to color it in, and make
it a little bit more realistic. [MUSIC] So now I have the shape
of a donut, but what I wanna do is add
some pink frosting. Be able to liven it up. [MUSIC] And so here, I’m gonna use
my 3D doodle tool again and choose this cool pink frosting. And then just doodle
kinda freehand, a quick little semi-circle C. And use the Z axis, which
begins to layer on different elements to my model, to move
it up to the front of the donut. I’m going to rotate
the donut to the front. Next, I’m going to
bring in a sticker. And so
what this does is it’s a fun and easy way to add in some cool
textures to my 3D item. And so, I click Custom Stickers
and click Add a Sticker, and here’s a cool glitter
pattern that I found. And you can see that it
literally just wraps onto my 3D drawing. You can tell I really don’t
have much 3D training, but Paint 3D makes it
super simple and easy to learn how to
start doing this in 3D. How pretty does that look? So now I have a full glitterized
3D drawing of my donut. So next, what I’m going to
do is add in some sprinkles. And so I use these pre-done
3D cylinders, and I just pull it into a quick shape, and
I move it right onto my drawing. And I use the Z axis again, to
bring it to the front, and then because I’m working in 3D, I’m
able to rotate it and place it. And then I simply copy paste. [MUSIC] Add a couple more sprinkles. And then now, I’m gonna copy and paste them as a group together. [MUSIC] To really fill in my donut. So now I have some
sprinkles on my donut, but we want to color them
to different colors. So I go to the brushes tools,
and use my fill tool, and here I want to color them green. Maybe add in a little blues. Maybe a purple. Just having a lot
of fun doing this. [MUSIC] So next, what I wanna do is turn my
donut into a little character. [MUSIC] And so I’m gonna create a cute
little bow to put on its head. So use the 3D doodle tool
to draw a triangle and also draw a square. And you can tell that I’m
starting to build the building blocks of a bow. And I’m gonna use the brushes
to add a little bit of color and dimension. And so
I use the spray can in black. [MUSIC] Looks a little punk rock. Make sure you color in the back. [MUSIC] And so here I’m just coloring in
the different elements of my bow [MUSIC] And then, I’d also like to
add some highlights, so I choose the watercolor tool and
choose a white color to just draw in some quick
highlights into the bow. [MUSIC] And now I’m going to copy and
paste it to the other side. [MUSIC] And now I have a cool bow to
be able to put on the top of her head. So I’m gonna group this and then move it to
the front of the donut. [MUSIC] Doesn’t that look so
easy and fun? Now, for some eyes. I’m simply gonna choose
the hemisphere 3D shape. [MUSIC] And then look,
we have created some eyes. I am going to copy and
paste it, and then move it on to
my donut creature. So I am going to the Z axis
to move it into the front, and do the same for
the other eye. But, she has some
sprinkles in her eyes, so I am going to simply
move it to the side. [MUSIC] Just to clear up some space. [MUSIC] And then what I’m gonna do
next is also add in a mouth. So I’m gonna use the curved
cylinder to draw a mouth shape and then use the Z axis to be able
to move it up into the front. And look she’s already smiling. Going to move this green
sprinkle away from her face. And so now let’s add
some arms and legs so that she can run around. And again I’m gonna use
the 3D doodle tool. And this time I’m
gonna use the hard edge tool to be able to draw
the legs, this is great for if you want very
precise hard lines. So I’m simply gonna
tap the screen and then look how it creates
a perfectly straight line. And then I’m gonna draw the leg,
and again, tap the screen. And then now I have a leg. I’m gonna draw the other side,
so I just tap the screen, pull down. [MUSIC] Perfect. [MUSIC] And then because
we’re working in 3D, you can even position the leg
into different angles. And so I’m gonna make her
foot come out a little bit to give her a little
fun personality stance. And do the same
with the other leg. I’m also going to make her leg a
little bit more narrow cuz it’s a really large leg. And then move her
to the other side. So now for the arms, what I’m
going to do is use the 3D doodle tool and then just
draw some fun squiggles. [MUSIC] And here, I want her
to be waving to us, so I draw it up, and then I
position it onto the donut. Again, using the Z-axis to make
sure it’s connecting with my donut shape. [MUSIC] And wouldn’t it be great
to add some gloves? But I don’t really know
how to draw gloves. So what I’m going to use is
Remix 3D, which is our online library with thousands of 3D
models for me to be able to look at what other people in
the community have uploaded. So I simply search,
let’s try cartoon gloves. And see what comes up. [MUSIC] I really like this first one so
I place it into my project, and as you can see,
it’s a full 3D model. I love being able to
borrow from the community. Here, I put it onto her arm. [MUSIC] Use Z axis to make
sure it’s connected, Copy>Paste it onto
the other side. [MUSIC] Really looks like
she’s waving hi to us. Let’s fix this one real fast. [MUSIC] And now we have a full
donut creature. But let’s see what this looks
like in the real world. With the mixed reality viewer, you can see 3D objects mixed
into your actual surroundings through the world facing
camera on your PC. You simply click on the Mixed
Reality button up at the top of Paint 3D. It may take a couple of minutes
to render your model, but it’ll place the object you just
created in Paint 3D into your real world. It is turning on my PC’s camera,
and look how cute my donut looks. I can drop her right
into the real world, and I can make her bigger,
I can make her smaller, and now let’s have her
wave to the world. I can snap a quick picture on my
bookshelf, and it’s rendering my photo so that I can share
this photo now with friends. Let’s take a look at
what it looks like. How cute is that? [MUSIC] Well, that brings us to
the end of the tutorial. So today we’ve learned how
to use Paint 3D’s tools and features to make a fun
donut friend and then put her in the real world
with the mixed reality viewer to take a fun picture. Now that you’re
familiar with Paint 3D, I’m excited to see what
you will create next. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

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