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  1. First I was like what is that mysterious number in title 🧐 … And 8 minutes of splashing gave the clear answer. 😅😅😅

  2. Long time i didn't watched one of your painting. Nice work as usual and the final touch remind me fancy plate from chefs of great restaurant.

  3. it reminds me of my color splashes before I learned how to read and write 😁 Now I can polish it Beckley-inspired! From start to end, it's perfect!!! I will DO this sometime soon!!!

  4. Omgoodness!…
    The explosion of colours was absolutely amazing I loved it, then when you took the masking tape off it just went to another level, so smart and clean, as I said absolutely amazing, I would hang it on my very blank wall right now…
    Looking forward to your next video, have a great week my lovely… 💫🎨💫

  5. Bravo John j'aime beaucoup ! C'est quand que tu nous présente ton nouvel atelier ainsi que des demos de street art ? J'ai hâte ! Bye !

  6. very good because you do not do some hr giger in abstract HR Giger was the creator of the alien would look cool and give them the routine even in my opinion his paintings are spectacular ….

  7. Beautiful music and wonderful painting! One more week and I'll be in my new home and art studio…I can finally use your DVD course!

  8. Bravo John! C’est Magnifique!
    I’m a new subscriber here and I love your work. I am a fluid artist but I’m really loving your abstract work! Much love from a fellow Canadian 🇨🇦 (Toronto)

  9. Salut John, c'est très beau et je pense qu'il me faut un demi siècle pour arrive à peuuuuuuuuuuuuuu près votre niveau "rire".

    Merci vous êtes formidable.

  10. Quelle évolution en 13 ans ! Je pense qu'il y a une grande réflexion en amont. Celui-là est beaucoup plus abouti que l'ancien. L’exercice est hyper intéressant, je vais essayer, en fait je n'y ai jamais pensé ! Petit bémol, mes vieux je les trouve moches – je parle des tableaux hein ! 😉

  11. amazing as always john. You and ray grimes have really helped uncover my talent, passion and hobby for abstract art and each video you put out helps me get better and try new tecnhniques and improve thanks.

  12. Super !!!
    Juste une question le stoch de masquage c'est une marque bien particulière car j'ai souvent eu de mauvaises surprises.

  13. As I was watching you my thought was, a more controlled Jackson Pollack. Then you took off all the tape! There was a very exciting John Beckley painting – no Pollack in sight. Love your art.

  14. John this is yet another wonderful piece. Truly beautiful and creative. I would love to have this in my home. Please come visit and have a show in Seattle. As you know John I love your work.

  15. Salut j´adore ce que tu fais et tu m´a fais découvrir l´art abstrait ! 😍😊
    Je trouve que ce qui serait génial, ca serait que tu peigne tout en suivant le rythme d´une musique (même si je ne m´y connais pas du tout en art), je trouverait ca vraiment dingue !

  16. Pure excellence! Thank you for sharing John. You are blessed with immense talent. I'm going to try to be as brave as you are. I love how you always take risks and your pieces turn out amazing every time.

  17. Mr. Beckley, your works have taught me to be more patient when it comes to art. I am an artist myself, but I find it hard to spend a long time on my work. When I watch your videos, it reminds me that sometimes the piece doesn't look right during the process, but in the end it will be beautiful. Merci beaucoup!

  18. Ich hoffe du kannst deutsch.

    Wenn du die Grundfläche abklebst, geh mit der Farbe die unter dem Klebeband ist, noch einmal am Klebeband Rand entlang.
    So füllst du die Lücken unter dem Klebeband, und die nächste Farbe läuft nicht drunter.

    Ich gucke jedes Video.
    Super schöne Bilder.
    Ich hoffe das ich die iwann mal in Real Life sehen kann.

  19. Absolutely LOVE this! This may be my favorite of all your paintings. I've been watching your videos for a couple of years now, and really enjoy watching your new techniques. But this one is my all time favorite!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  20. Sabe,eu fui parar na pintura abstrata pq eu pensa (minha opinião) q é a única maneira de despertar o meu inconsciente,algo q n seja realista 🙂 ate sonhos em cores mesmo kk

  21. Hi John, I love your abstract style! It's unique and innovative. 1 question, why 377? Does this number have any other significance? Intrigued to know… Keep doing more of what you're doing, we love it! It's so inspiring 🌟

  22. Das ist doch nur Farbe zusammen Matschen, wo ist das Kunst?
    In meinen Augen ist das absolute Material und Zeitverschwendung?

  23. Apparently I'm the only one who doesn't like this piece… I pretty much like every other painting by John, but this one felt too easy. It's colorful splatter on a black and white background. No exciting tape-created breaks or patterns, no specific techniques other than splattering.. I'm sorry, it just seems rushed and uninspired… but I appreciate the video anyway. Thumbs up.

  24. at first…sorry about my english:-) I can not get the mix. If I want to work with the pipette, the color is too thick or too thin. Likewise with the bottle. Do you have a simple formula for mixing color-water?

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