33 Organizing small things ideas

33 Organizing small things ideas

♫ Turn
the lights off, carry me home ♫ This is 33 Clever Ways To Organize All The Small Things
by Natalie Brown. Another organizing ideas your might need more than you think. 1. Store bobby pins in a magnetic paper clip
holder. Works infinitely better than a magnetic strip in your drawer. 2. Corral your hair ties with a carabiner. 3. Pair your earrings up in an ice cube tray. 4. And pack jewelry in a daily pill organizer when you travel. yes. it’s a daily pill organizer! You can find these containers at your local pharmacy for just a couple of
bucks. 5. Cover a corkboard in linen for a flexible
necklace display. This tangle-free version is from “hello beauty blog”. 1. Cover a cork board that has a wood frame
with fabric. The cork board itself cost $20 from amazon. You could also use a staple gun. There’s no need to be neat becuse no one will see
that. 2. Add furniture tacks or thumb tacks to the front of the board, evenly spaced 3. For a simple decorative touch, layered on a piece of organza ribbon on the left side 4. Last but not least, add a sawtooth picture hanger. And that’s it! Now I have a “jewelry box”
of sorts that allows me to see all my necklaces and
bracelets so I actually wear them, instead of forgetting about them. 6. Group nail polish by color in a shoe organizer. (you know you never actually put your shoes away anyway). This one looks like it may be a jewelry organizer, but a shoe organizer would work too! 7. Store your makeup brushes in a toothbrush
holder. But, um, please keep them clean. 8. Paint PVC pipe to separate your underwear.
Direction: My drawer was 4 1/2” tall so I cut my PVC pipes down to 4” in width. I used a piece of wood and some clamps onto my saw guide to cut my pipes all the same size. Then I chopped away. Next step is art job, (You can paint them different color if pink’s not your thing). 9. Loop shower curtain rings on an over-the-door towel rack to organize your scarf collection. (You may have seen this trick with a hanger, too). 10. Give everyone their own jar for their toothpaste and toothbrush. Or mini bucket, or cartoon character cup. Credit goes to “agirlandagluegun”. THE KITCHEN. 11. Stack spaghetti boxes in a magazine holder. Although I don’t know how much spaghetti you need to keep in your house at any given time. 12. And your plastic wrap and foil. Also cutting boards. 13. Keep your Keurig cup drawer in check with egg cartons. Great for work, too. 14. (If this one isn’t obvious, there’s
no hope for you.) It took about 10 minutes and my daughter
got into the action too 15. Build a big jar shelf to decorate with your beans, snacks and pasta. They are A LOT more safe than they seem in
a toddler or clumsy person or earthquake situation! It is impossible to knock the jars off of the shelves unless you physically pick
them up, lift them, pull them out, and throw them on
the floor. Follow link and try if you sceptical type. 16. Customize drawer organizers for all of your kitchen utensils. The problem with premade drawer organizers is that the slots are never big enough and never where I want them to be. And custom drawer organizers are expensive and can take awhile to come in if you custom order them. Kevin and amanda provide this solution, in collaboration with lowes. 17. Sort plastic lids by size in a dish drying rack. Old CD racks work well, too. Started with the larger lids on the right and worked to the left with the smaller lids. It was much easier to choose the correct lid because we didn’t have to take the basket out to look through all of them. A simple tip to help you get organized on a budget! 18. Line a vintage tea tin with scrapbook
paper, and make small dividers labeled with types
of tea. Very simple tutorial provided by “hiandhello.com” 19. Hang a tiered fruit basket with an “S” hook to give bath toys a happy home. If you’re worried about rust, spray lightly with a corrosion inhibitor or anti-rust spray paint. 20. Fill a bean bag cover with stuffed animals. Your kiddos won’t whine about wanting beanbag chairs anymore, either. Doesn’t it look sooo much better?. 21. Separate colored pencils, markers or crayons by color by taping together old Crystal Lite containers. Tape is all there is to it. 22. Pull out that serving plate stand you never use and turn it into a craft caddy. Not only that, Some useless wedding gifts CAN have second lives too. 23. Label toy drawers with photos of the toys to make clean-up time easy peasy. More cute play room ideas at “familyeverafterblog.com” 24. Transform an ordinary LACK table into
a lego table. And build magnetic storage containers into the sides. Making the Lego table itself is pretty self explanatory, assemble a small table (we got a white IKEA Lack table for $8), Gorilla glue four Lego base plates to the top (be sure to add legos to all of the seams
so that the spacing is correct- pushing the base plates all the way together makes for the wrong spacing). On one side, there’s a row of hanging buckets. perfect for storing project leftovers (or waiting-to-get-to’s). And on the other side, there’s a magnet strip, complete with magnetic tins for lego storage. I think these tins will eventually become ‘homes’ for all of Burke’s lego guys (providing a way for all of their ‘accessories’ to stay with them
and also protection from our littlest lego afficianado, Piper Jane). 25. Stash game pieces in plastic bags behind the game board. Brilliant if your kids own tons of board games. 26. Save your scrap yarn on clothespins. You never know when you’ll need it! 27. Group your yarn by color on an unused wall-mounted wine rack. 28. Sort small office supplies into muffin
cups. More stylish than plastic drawer dividers. 29. Screw peanut butter jars to the bottom of your garage shelves to keep nails in check. Direction:
Screwed the lids into the wooden shelf that sits above the work top and then simply fill your jars with whatever small you need storing and screw
the jar onto the mounted lid. Out of the way and pretty organized. Gotta love that! 30. String up a rainbow of ribbon spools with some chain and curtain rods. You could also use dowels, and co-opt a few of the rods to hang wrapping paper. You will want to make sure the rods don’t slip out of the chain by putting some sort of stopper on the ends. (maybe rubber bands). 31. Dedicate a drawer to spices. If you have enough spices, maybe it’s worth sacrificing a drawer. I decided to give my spice jars
a little make over this weekend. I had small labels on the lids, but they were starting to come apart from all the twisting of the lids. This time I wanted to do something a little more permanent. Here is what you need. 1. Spice Jars (I already had a drawer full of these,
they were $0.99 each at “Bedbathandbeyond”) 2. Vellum Paper 3. Adhesive sheets 4. Paper cutter and 5. Printer First, I created a template for my larger rounded
tops as well as my strips. Then I printed the templates onto the vellum. Using the paper cutter,
I cut on either side of the black lines. You can use a circle cutter for the circles, but I didn’t have one large enough, so I cut them out by hand. Next,
You need to turn the strips and circles into stickers. I don’t have a fancy sticker machine (though I’ve seen them at the craft stores), so I used these adhesive sheets. Here is how they work. You strip the backing off the sheet, like so. Then you lay a few of your strips onto the sticky part and then cut them out. (You can also cut the adhesive sheets into the same size of your strips first) Now you have a sticker! When you are ready to apply them to your jars, just remove the second strip from the back. Apply the sticker to the jar. Work from the middle around to apply the sticker without any bubbles. When your jars are finished,
fill them with spices! How cute are those? I love them. More story:
I have a shallow but wide drawer in my kitchen island. It is a perfect place for my spices. I found these spice jar holders for drawers
at IKEA. (They also sell jars that fit in them with silver lids.) I used four of them in my drawer, leaving room for my larger jars. (I have larger jars for things I use a lot
like baking soda, poppy seeds etc) I alphabetized my small jars,
but you could do them by color or however you like. My larger jars are organized by the amount I use them, with the sweet items on one side. Now they are My favorite drawer in the kitchen! 32. File circular needles away in a binder full of 4-pocket organizers. You can also write down the needle’s size
and length on a card behind it. 33. Re-pot your glitter into salt and pepper shakers. Found this one at Target. This works best if you find a little caddy to hold them all. That’s it,
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  1. You can just buy adhesive labels for really cheap or just use a small piece of masking tape. Its allot less work than sticky paper

  2. The ice cube trays, pill organizer, storage boxes, the cork board, etc.. Most of items can be found in your local Dollarama or Dollar Tree.

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  4. 6:56 Skip the jar redecorating. Dedicate a kitchen drawer for small spices using the drawer inserts. If needed, use a lazy susan for larger spices. Can just sharpie spice names on top of lids on lazy susan

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  7. I use large tic tak tubs for herbs and spices they are rectangular so they take up less room than a round herb jar

  8. Typical ideas seen countless times. Respectful to give credits to others, KUDOS! Hated your unnatural, poorly paced, overly perky, high-pitch voice until it got to the seasoning jar idea wherein your normal voice and natural rhythmic pace finally shone through! Aaaahhh! So enjoyed only the last wee bit. But in fear that your other videos are also high-pitched plus contain that horrible background music plus TALK TOO DARN FAST to really think & consider utilizing each idea I will PASS on subscribing.

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  10. Just get regular plain sticker labels at the Dollar Tree and use a black Sharpie to write the name of the spice….even easier peasier.

  11. I love how you repurposed those smaller peanut butter jars for hanging nail storage. I, personally, get the bigger jars of peanut butter and repurpose them for storage of the creamer I keep out on the counter for coffee and tea, also the Equal for those who don't use sugar. Also, any product that I get in a glass jar, I repurpose those as well. I really like the Clasico sauce jars as they are square and have measuring on the side.

  12. Bored housewife with a tiny neurotic touch. Circular needles labeled in drawers? Spices alphabtically arranged? Knitting yarns organised in a wine rack? Really? Working moms week-end pleasures.

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  16. About the jewelry display: not a problem if you have good air filtration, but if your house gets pretty dusty your necklaces on display will get just as dusty. I'm thinking of adding a pretty sheer scarf over them so I can see them but ones I don't wear often won't need a rinse off before I put them on.

  17. Some of these "new" ideas have been around since the 60's. My Mom used them in the garage. Mist of them are also on other sites. As for the yarn on clothes pins, NO! The yarn will catch on the wood. That amount of yarn is useless.

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  22. Don't leave your toothbrushes exposed to the air. Stuff flies when you flush the commode. Keep them in the medicine cabinet or a drawer.

  23. plastic containers should be stacked smallest to largest and the tops stacked below… if you have rats and roaches cover the container and stack them… to catch roaches put a few drops of juice in a small yogurt container and set in sunk or counter the crawl in and won't crawl out then pour down sink in disposal with spray bathroom cleaner. Small rodents toilet paper roll with smidge of peanut butter at the end of the cabinets on the floor. 🐀🍯

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