30 DRAWINGS, 30 HUES, 1 MONTH – Huevember 2019

30 DRAWINGS, 30 HUES, 1 MONTH – Huevember 2019

Hold on what day is it? It’s November 30th, which means Huevember is wrapping up. It almost seems like tradition at this point, I have been sent a new art supplies to play around with for Huevember. This is an illo sketchbook. Those fancy square sketchbooks, ooohh, that you see everywhere. And they were so awesome to not only send me a sketchbook But their set of alcohol markers. So far I really like this pack of markers. Check it out. Wow. You open it. You use the back… And tada! You have this little display of your markers. So that’s really cool to have them and work with. I also really enjoy that these markers are named. Numbers are a good system, especially for quickly grabbing what color you want, but when they have names. Love it. All right, but this isn’t a review. We are here to make Huevember illustrations. Every year I try to do something a little different to keep huevember a little exciting and not the same. So this year I decided to theme Huevember around my character Eyeder. And the pack of markers actually came in a pack of 36. This was pretty easy. I basically just cut out all over the grays. 3 warm grays and 3 cool greys so that equals 6 and made a very easy decision. If you want to specifically know which number of markers I’m using for each day, this is my little chart for Huevember. So what did I decide to do for Huevember this year? Well. I decided to make a circle for every day, and I’m just going to make little doodles and just see what I can come up with. I thought this would be a really interesting and different unique way to tackle Huevember, and I’m excited to get into it. So do you say we get to doodling? A big bright yellow circle… All I could think of was the Sun. So I thought it would be really cute to put Eyeder in space and have him just Comically and cartoonly- Is that a word? …Wearing a space helmet and floating through space and just give the Sun a very comic and cute face with sunglasses as a classic Sun character, Of course a grin and then also filling the space around our circle with black instead of leaving it white. This way I could suggest that Eyeder was in space. And then once I put those stars around the black area, it just came together so well and looked so lovely. I love this piece. Working our way through the yellows moving towards orange I couldn’t help but think those bright yellow look like a fat bumblebee. So I colored the face of this bumblebee black and then I decided to go with a really cute striped look for this bee. Instead of giving it fat black stripes, I went for a variety of small thin stripes. I think it turned out really cute. And then I put a flower costume around Eyeders neck to suggest that they have some sort of playful relationship?
It’s cute. And I really like that fat honeybee. This yellow is a little bit more on the orange side and I couldn’t help but think what if a big fat round carrot was sticking out of the ground and also Eyeder was popping out of the ground and looking at the carrot like
“That is a large carrot…” I had a lot of fun playing with the sort of large round simple blob of color and just letting that be the main focus of the Illustration just a very bright round attractive shape in the middle of the illustration that I only put a few details on and I think it works. It’s silly. Look at this big fat round to carrot. Okay, our next shape is for adults only. If you’re not an adult don’t look at this. I’m joking. It’s just a butt. Everyone has a butt! So when I saw this peachy pale color I couldn’t help but think ‘a booty.’ So I put some underwear, or maybe it’s a swimsuit, on this Circular shape and turned it into a butt cheek and put Eyeder inside of the underwear and Eyeder is kind of freaking out. He’s sweating. He’s nervous. He’s embarrassed to be in the underwear. But look at the underwear aren’t the stripes cute? So this is the first Huevember where I didn’t work strictly with very saturated bright colors and I let myself use the browns, the tans, and overall a few very less saturated colors. So when they came across this light tan color, I couldn’t help but add a lot of blue. So forgive me for sort of overtaking the hue for this day. But turning this into a beach scene and having Eyeder float on a floaty was irresistible and it just turned out really simple and cute and I love this little scene. As I included more of the Browns and had these nasty dirty little colors. Wow. What was that? I couldn’t help but think of a planet especially when I included such a black space scene earlier. I knew this would be perfect to make into a planet. It just looks so nice. The stripes turned out really wonderful the white of the spaceship of course pops off of that black space and if you didn’t notice, I actually had to break out my black ohuhu alcohol marker. The illo alcohol markers don’t have a black and I was really struggling to fill in the space scene with my microns because they’re just not the best for filling in a large space. And at first I was actually kind of worried about the alcohol markers not being archival which is why I was using my sakura microns and then I realized I’m coloring with alcohol markers and they’re not archival to begin with? So screw it. Let’s just use another alcohol marker to fill in the black space. I scanned the illustrations so even if they are going to fade over time, I at least have a lovely copy of them. Anyways, I talked about this one a lot probably because I love it. I mean look at that planet. It’s just *chef kiss* It’s amazing.
😩👌 Moving on to our other brown colors after I did a planet I just really was at a loss as what to do for other Brown colors. Until I thought of a mushroom. So I drew this really round silly looking mushroom with little spots and particles on it. And next to the mushroom I drew Eyeder in a… another dimension you could say…. I don’t know. What do mushrooms do to you? They make you…. They make you silly. And then I got to this lighter brown color and I couldn’t help but think of a chocolate chip cookie. So Eyeder is of course very happily gnawing on this giant chocolate chip cookie.
If you couldn’t tell throughout these illustrations I wanted to keep Eyeder at a consistent size in comparison to the circles. So every time I turn the circle into some sort of shape of an object or animal or whatever, Eyeder is the same size in comparison to the circle. So we have a giant chocolate chip cookie, very simple yet very effective. Now when it came to this very deep sort of reddish-brown color I was kind of at a loss as to what to make it so I just turned it into a giant rat…? No reason why I just thought maybe the fur color would make for a cute fat round rat and I had Eyeder running alongside this rat. It was kind of difficult to turn this circle that already existed as a shape into something that wasn’t a circle shape. I think I managed to make a good use of it. And it kind of turned out pretty cute. I don’t know why it was that I kept struggling with all the shades of brown but this orange Brown was no exception. All I could think of was an acorn. Is it because it’s fall? Is it because Poop was the only other option for brown? Who knows but I decided to just go with a giant floating acorn and then also gave Eyeder an acorn hat and… There you go. That that’s the drawing. Very excited to start getting into more vibrant colors getting away from those Browns. Of course, we have orange next and when you think of orange you think of an orange. You know… Like the fruit. So that’s what I did. I just turned our orange circle into a Orange fruit and then had Eyeder popping out from the top of the page and and there you go again, That’s… that’s the drawing. Moving on to our Reds I wanted to avoid turning every color into a fruit so as much as I did want to turn this red into an apple I thought it would be more fun to turn it into a flower. I guess this is a tulip and having Eyeder popping out of it. The green goes along nicely with the red obviously because red and green are complement colors and then for the background I just threw in some petals to float around and just add to the background and then also I’ve put some leaves in there because I accidentally let the green seeped through the page. So if you do want to get an illo Sketchbook, just a warning, you do want to put a piece of paper in between the pages to avoid bleeding. And that’s my PSA. Our next shade of red is a more bright red and I had a really good idea of turning this into a giant punch bowl This isn’t my favorite drawing but as a concept I do think it might be one of my favorites just because I think it’s really silly turning this red circle into a giant Punch bowl and then having a faucet where that red color is coming out Straight into Eyeders mouth and he is enjoying some punch. It’s really cute. Not the most enjoyable drawing to look at but I think the concept was really cute. Alright it is time to get into our pink colors and I couldn’t help but think of a ball of yarn and Eyeder is more of a dog or a fox like character, but because he is not a real animal I figure he probably has some cat light features in him. So I’m sure if he saw a giant ball of yarn he would play with it and it was just really fun to put the yarn all throughout the page of this illustration in his pose of playing with the ball of yarn is really fun and overall, this one is playful. It’s fun. I like it! Another pink that is very similar to our previous pink, I couldn’t help but think of bubblegum. And obviously being in a very circular shape It only reinforced my thought of someone blowing a bubble with bubblegum. Obviously that someone was going to be Eyeder. And going into this project I did sketch all the Huevember pieces beforehand just to make sure I had their concepts in and the sketch for this piece especially turned out a lot better as a sketch. But to be honest, I think that is true for probably 90% Of these Huevembers. Oh, well, what can you do? Another pink hue meant another cute illustration of Eyeder in a flower this time. We have a more fluffy flower and Eyeder is sort of lounging in the flower. I really liked the subtle pink. This one is a more grey color. I really enjoyed that and for the leaves of this flower I went more dark green and I had a lot of fun blending the shadow of the leaf as you can see the shadow is like wow. Love it. It was really easy to blend dark and light tones of these markers. So I really enjoyed that aspect. So yeah… would recommend. For our last and final pink hue I couldn’t help but think of a pink iced donut. So that is exactly what I did for this piece. Donuts are round. They’re pink iced. They have colorful sprinkles. How could I resist? So to turn this into a donut because donuts have holes, and our circles are completely filled with the hue for the day I just went ahead and colored it as if the entire circle wasn’t already pink I filled the donut in with a yellowy orange color and then filled the hole with a dark pink color to suggest that maybe there was just a background. That was dark pink. So there we go Eyeder in the center of a donut. Moving on to our sort of peach color I couldn’t resist making a really goofy face with a big pink tongue. So that’s exactly what I created. I have found out recently from a Tokyo treat video that I really like to have tongues fade out from mouths with black. It just looks really simple and really good. My current obsession. So beside this really goofy face. I have Eyeder also sticking his tongue out. And there you go. Just a goofy simple illustration. Going into this deeper dark red I actually thought this was called ‘Wine Red’ until i realized that I was looking at a marker that I got the previous day. And this was in fact not called ‘Wine Red.’ But the deep dark red color really reminded me of wine, obviously. So of course I turned the circle into a wine glass and had Eyeder climbing out of it as if he had a little too much to drink. Is Eyeder of drinking age? I don’t know, but I couldn’t resist this idea and it was just really fun to have different emotions of Eyeder throughout this project and having him drunk or just a little silly was a really fun one. So there is it. Eyeder in a wine glass. So this one is definitely in my top fav favorite’s. Just something about this one looks really nice and simple and I like it. So I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with this sort of magenta purple Blob, I just I wasn’t sure what to do. But I knew at some point I was going to do something art related or paint or crayon or something. So what I ended up with was a spilled bucket of paint and I had Eyeder from a top view walking over the paint and creating paw print tracks and I just really like the way this one turned out. It’s just really simple. I like the concept. I love the look of the spilled bucket. So I love this one. So this is one of those pieces where I knew eventually I was going to turn one of these bright colors onto a balloon illustration. It was just a matter of when and which one? A very light violet color was definitely a perfect candidate for this so I ended up doing it for this one. The balloon shapes and the sketch was a lot better. There are just so many wonky balloon shapes in this one. It’s almost embarrassing, but you know what? Whatever. The focus was on the hue, not the drawing. And I really enjoyed creating that that transparent effect on this piece. You know we couldn’t get to the color purple without creating an illustration with grapes. I don’t think I really incorporated the circle too successfully for this one, but I really wasn’t that concerned about that with this project. I thought it was just really fun that I was creating illustrations from a circle to begin with. So the fact that I was able to just draw grapes somewhere on the page was enough for me. So we have Eyeder standing on a grape and a… What? A bunch? Is that what it’s called? A bunch of grapes on the side. Once I added the shine with the white pen I knew it really came together. And there you go. Grapes! Once I started to move in the colors that weren’t quite a blue but weren’t also a purple I really wasn’t sure what to turn them into but once I remembered umbrellas were a thing and they come in every color, I got really excited for this piece. So I created an umbrella out of the circle and then filled the page with raindrops going around the umbrella and I think that was just a really fun effect for this illustration and that really brought it together. Oh and I guess Eyeder is sad under the umbrella. As we continued throughout the blue illustrations I couldn’t help but continue to think of water themed illustrations and of course with this really dark deep grey blue. I couldn’t help but go into the deep ocean. So I put Eyeder in a submarine sort of deep ocean exploration vehicle…? And inside of our circle of color I put a deep fish- Deep fish and some other fish and this one’s just really fun. Again, I love that light colored machine popping off of the black of the deep ocean. So this one’s really fun. Moving on to our light blues I couldn’t resist a sky illustration, so I thought it’d be really cute to put a pop of red into this piece so I added a balloon and then put Eyeder tied to the balloon because how else would I make sense for Eyeder to be in the middle of the sky somewhere? As far as the rest of the details for this illustration I thought it would be really interesting to just play with the line art of the clouds for this one. I didn’t want to worry about them being white. I just thought it would be really cute to play with the transparency of the color and just play with line art and I think this one’s really fun and cute. Moving on to our darker blues maybe more teal colors I thought it would be really fun and interesting to create an illustration not deep in the sea but maybe on top of the sea. So I thought it would be fun if Eyeder was diving into the ocean and looking at some fish or just some sea life underneath.
And for this one I did want to play around with making the clouds white, so I used the white pen and created those clouds which honestly look amazing and I loved them. Moving on to our greens and I love green you guys, I thought this really dark gnarly olive green would be really fun to create a snake illustration, so I have a snake consuming Eyeder as Eyeder freaks out because well… He’s being eaten. But I thought it would be really fun to use the circle shape to create this coil of a snake and at first I was going to do a spiral, but then I came up with this illustration of a snake sort of stacked on itself and I thought that was really fun. When I think of deeper maybe more blue tinted greens I think of forests or just more plant-y based green things. I don’t know. Like- Like thick plant things. Like an evergreen tree or a bush or something, so that’s what I went with. Originally going to this illustration I was thinking of a forest but then that kind of turned into a bush because I wasn’t sure how to put Eyeder into that forest. And having Eyeder coming out of a bush made a lot more sense and it just looked a lot better. So here we have Eyeder coming out of very either thick grass or a bush. I also can’t help but think of plants when I see a light and vibrant green so I couldn’t help but think of A sort of sprout sort of situation, but I really wasn’t sure how to include Eyeder in this illustration. So we have a very large sprout coming out of the dirt and Eyeder approaching it looking very curious and that’s about it for this piece. It’s kind of cute imagining the size of Eyeder. Is he super small or is the plant very large? Who knows. And for our last Huevember piece, We of course end on a green Yellow hue because it circles back around to yellow. And I couldn’t resist having Eyeder laying in a field of grass with some red flowers. I just thought it would be a very peaceful cute ending to a challenge and having those red flowers compliment the green that just seemed really nice. It was simple it was cute. It was round and I like this piece. Eyeder sleeping. Very cute. So I hope you guys enjoyed another year of Huevember. Did I record this in two days? I mean, maybe. Maybe I did, Huevember is a month long challenge but, whew, you guys sometimes you just don’t have time to draw all day, especially after Inktober. So thank you guys so much for watching this Huevember video. Did you participate in Huevember? Let me know in the comments. Alright, thanks so much for watching. Stay golden. And now a huge thank you to my wonderful patrons for all of their support. You guys are the best. If you want to be in the credits at the end of my videos, see secret sketches, coloring pages, early access and more. check out my patreon by clicking a link in the description. Thank you guys all so much for the support. Bye! [Music]

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