30 COLOR SCULPTURE CHALLENGE Fortnite Battle Royale Leviathan, Raven, Wukong Skin Polymer clay

30 COLOR SCULPTURE CHALLENGE Fortnite Battle Royale Leviathan, Raven, Wukong Skin Polymer clay

This is for your reference! HERE’S ALL 30 Colors in this piece SHOOK💢💢💥 some blocks are COMPLETELY gone because i had to use ALL of it : (all huh? right… ) I’m so tired :(. What’s up guyss! this is Jackie your nerdy crafter and recently I started playing the new God of War. Before you go anywhere, don’t say Jackie You’re just being click bait it has nothing to do with God of War look I want to share my video game okay, and I am enjoying God of War but since Fortnite is Super popular, I want a piece of that pie🍮🍮 But I also wanted to make a craft that both Fortnite people and non Fortnite people would enjoy and the first thing that came to mind cuz I’m a sucker for punishment is😑😑 A 30 color Clay Challenge why do I do this to myself. So as you can see here this set comes in 30 colors😮😮 And there’s 30 really odd colors, so I’m like what can I create so I wanted to create this fantasy magical forest, but at the same time🌸🏵🥀🌱🍂🍃🌺🌲🌳 I know there’s fantasy type you know🎆🎆🎇🎇 People I totally should have done my research on Fortnite shouldn’t I what I’m trying to say is I want to have fun. I want to have fun with 30 different colors✨✨✨ There aren’t really any rules to this so my only rule is that I need to use each Individual color on its own. I can add to them😮😮😥😥 But if I mix two colors together it still counts as one because it’ll be the dominant color of it😅😅 Oh my gosh this this is going to be quite the journey. Won’t it my friends this week’s shout outs Go to Lexyy Carranco and Andrea Taylor if you want a shout out in my Friday videos. Don’t forget to #nerdeficationsquad in the comment section below or #nerdecrafter on instagram with one of your creations😋😍😍 Anytime videos are out twice a week, so you have plenty of opportunities to give it a try so first things first things first let’s See what we have to work with my only worry is that because blocks are Because blocks are so small we might actually Not have enough of them to work with so I’m gonna try and embellish as much as I can To make sure that everything I want to make fits on this board Let’s go for it as I usually do with these projects I draw a rough sketch and since I have 30 different colors it felt very Overwhelming so I separated them in Terms of different tones of the same color that really made it so much easier for me to be able to organize How I wanted it to go By putting down a layer of pearl What ended up happening Is that I am able to have a clearer Blue when I put my resin later on so you’re going to see it’ll show up a lot better There were colors that I had no idea what to do with kind of like this peachy brownish pink😅😅 It was so weird it was like What do I do with this so I shaved some chalk pastels and totally made it look like a rock is it cheating most Definitely not it’s called Creative liberties, and if you don’t like that well I don’t know why you’re watching a creative Channel Since I wanted the grass part to be higher than the water. I put some foil paper. Just to kind of fluff it up😃 Some people ask me what is one of my biggest tips on starting or using clay? My biggest advice for you is be patient.🤔🤔 I’m doing this grass texture because I decided you know to make a huge area of progress. Oh poor Jackie. And this part alone is taking me about a half an hour, and that’s just grass. 😶😶😶🤐🤐It adds absolutely nothing other than just texture and maybe visual appeal so be patient with yourself because it’s some things just take longer and there’s the magic of editing. See I can I can add a rainbow if I wanted to but you know🌈🌈🌈 Editing just makes things more magical🌈🌈 For the waterfall area I decided to use real tiny rocks so by putting liquid sculpey🌫🌫 I made sure that they were there forever These vibrant colors are just… they stumped me. I’m like What do I do with super vibrant red or this hardcore Purplish color? I just had no idea how to use them in their pure form So what I ended up doing is thinking of mushrooms because mushrooms you know in Fantasyland Can definitely be trippy colors and that’s totally What I went for. So for the base and top they were two different colors and since I made five mushrooms Well here I go I used ten colors just for the mushrooms alone🍄🍄🍄 Is that not genius because I think it is genius. If you had these vibrant colors🌸🌸 And you were going for a fantasy type environment. Let me know in the comments section below What would you have done with that selection of colors specifically? Oh my gosh Seems like I’ve made a dent in this. As you can see I still have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 exactly halfway through so we have 15 colors to go through to use them in their Pure form or at least if they’re mixed to be the majority of the color right now I’m going to be adding a bit of a darkened area inside the log, and I’m gonna make a little bit of a raven So far so good Squeaky chair. think it’s time for me to go play some video games, and then head to bed in like three hours We are the next morning. I get my haircut. Let me know do you prefer? Longer hair style or shorter. I personally prefer shorter. Just because it feels Fluffier you guys vote that this way or that way. You’ll vote you’ll find it. when I was doing my research on fortnite I saw that there was a Wukong skin So I’m a huge fan of The Monkey King So if you don’t know that Dragon Ball is kind of inspired by The Monkey King, and that’s why Goku has a tail but yeah I’m not gonna bore you guys with that so I really wanted to make the head gear from Wukong skit from from the Wukong skin If i say so and yeah putting PearlEx powder made it so shiny so I’m really happy with the way this one turned out For the slurp juice I took a piece of glue stick from a glue gun carved It just a little bit and then made a mold out of it that way You know I could try a new technique by putting the clear liquid sculpey Bake it let it cool down and then later on you guys will see that we put another layer of Liquid sculpey but colored and then we’re gonna bake it again, but for now let’s make Leviathan which I think is such a cool name because in the scriptures Leviathan is actually a female Sea monster in which the male counterpart if I’m not mistaken is Behemoth or behemoth whatever you guys want to call The creature this little creature made me so happy because I used 6 or 7 different colors just on this little one now of course there were some other colors repeated elsewhere But this thing alone was so small, but I was able to use so many different colors, so that totally made my day Oh. Mer. Gerd. we are down to three colors, and I am completely stumped what to do with this super dark brown I could try to make it as a tree by mixing in a little bit of the Lighter brown and then keep it so that it is the original color because I did mix it But the dominant color was the other color My gersh, I think I’m gonna use them as different tones for crystals. Let’s see where it goes Oh my gosh, I have Goosebumps, this looks really cool so far pray with me to the baking gods that this goes well I hope nothing breaks or falls Let’s definitely pray together if you have a prayer write it down in the comment section below, otherwise This is our prayer hands together Look up Oh baking gods of evermore grant me your baking blessings off it goes for 30 minutes I am so happy with the way this turned out I mean 30 different colors and that excludes combinations of different colors that I put together I Will have to give myself a pass for this if you ever make something with 30 colors definitely Tag me on Instagram, I would love to see it really happy with this I mean, I know I’m gonna say this, but I don’t want to toot my own horn But I’m gonna toot it you can toot your own horn right which video game. Are you currently playing? I am absolutely loving god of war so I Really, probably should give fortnite a try just because it’s super colorful and the characters seem colorful, too If you want to check out my most recent craft challenge make sure you click over there, and if you want to watch another video Right down here. Thank you so much for watching until then I will see you in the next video

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  1. I would have made fairies and other magical woodland creatures with the bright colors sorry forgot that part

  2. Fun fact: I was not allowed to play video games as a kid. What did I do? Plagerise cartoons from PBS kids. I literally re-drew characters from Clifford, cyber chase, etc. I'm pathetic, I know.

  3. When she said "Can you toot your own horn?" I seriously got up and blew my own trumpet!
    What a coincidence.😋

  4. WAIT GOKU'S TAIL IS A MONKEY TAIL I THOUGTH HE HAD A CAT TAIL in a dragon bl z rp on roblox i use the same tail by person is a cat girl oh uhh T-T oops

  5. And someone in my class last year said I don't like fortnite because it's not girly jeez just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I have to like girly stuff!!!!

  6. I pray to the baking gods that there = no cracks, no breaking off pieces , and most importently it does not cach fire

  7. Real tiny rocks ok so is it like a real rock or like a real tiny rock so like it’s super small also like we have finger tips not toe tips yet we can tip toe I’m confused life is not what it seems have a good day y’all

  8. here's a little ditty i thought up

    I play with clay almost every day
    Still hope nothing goes wrong
    Oh Baking Gods, please hear me say
    Please listen to my song

    Into the oven at 275
    For 25 minutes, no more
    I hope my creation comes alive
    Once I re-open the door

    If all goes well, I pray it might
    The colors will dance and sing
    And when I see that pretty sight
    I'll have worried for nothing


  9. Os I have a prayer
    Dear baking Gods
    Help my piece of art survive
    The evil art breaker oven to not destroy it this time
    Leat the art take place and make my work beautiful

  10. I love your videos and I love how funny you are and when I'm feeling sad I jest watch your videos and it makes me happy

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