Wow! That was coool! Bye, guys! Thank you for the awesome session! Sam, you’re soaked through and shivering. Yes, Sue. I’m soaked through and through. I have a fever. I can feel the end is near. Can i have some hot tea and raspberry jam? Poor Sammy. Oh! Ugh! I feel awfuuul.. Here, my dear Sammy, your tea with raspberry jam and a sandwich. Just, please, get well. Hmmmm? Oh nooo! Aaaah! Heeeelp! (giggles) (sniff) Where’s the cheese? I’ve put it away! Phew! Hail the Great Tibidodo! Sue, you know that I can’t stand the smell of cheese, I faint at the sight of it! I know, Sam! But the illness was gone in a instant! You didn’t need any treatments or pills or even raspberry jam! Cheese is your cure, Sam! What a rain! Shiver me cheddar’s! I was nearly washed off into the drain. But it was cool! Luckily I was given a ride. What were you doing under the rain, Sam, and who gave you a ride? Not telling! Guys, do you also know what I was doing under the pouring rain? Come on, Sam. Tell us! Watch this episode to the end and I’ll reveal the secret! Alright, deal! Give a thumbs up if you want me to reveal my secret. And subscribe to the channel! You’ll get a super bonus from super Sam at the end of the video! Sam, why didn’t you take an umbrella? I warned you about the rain and you didn’t listen to me as usual! It’s too late to tell me about rain, Sue. I hate rainy weather! Shiver me cheddar’s! But, Sammy, what about the saying: We’ll weather the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! Yeah, I can weather any weather. But not rain! Rain can be different. And if you don’t believe me again, I’m ready to prove it to you! How are you going to prove it? We’ll create bright and colorful rain. Wow, Sue… Going against the laws of nature. Let’s hope it doesn’t backfire! Laugh all you want, Sam! I’ll prove it to you in a unique way! Prove all you want! I’ll offer you moral support. Guys, have you ever got caught under the pouring rain or any other natural hazards? And how did you manage to get out? Write in the comments. I’m curious to know how you deal with harsh weather conditions. And don’t forget to give this video thumbs up! Sam, but what interesting thing were you doing so that the rain wasn’t a bother to you? I’ll tell about it only at the end of the video! Well, fine. Let’s start “turning the tide”! I’ll get everything ready for our experiment. And you, Sam, should dry yourself with a towel. Right! I’ve made a puddle here. (giggles) Sam, what’s going on? I didn’t find a towel and decided to dry myself on our cat Fluffy. He has to be useful at least in some way. Not only drink milk and sleep! Wow! Guys, you’re so creative! Not so long ago I asked you to help me with ideas for new videos and you suggested so many things! Let’s show all those wonderful ideas! But haven’t you forgotten that we have a veery important thing to do right now? I haven’t. Let’s show the ideas of our viewers at the end of the video? Yes! Best ideas from our viewers at the end of this video! Okay! First we’ll need an A4 white canvas. It feels so good to be dry and warm and to watch Sue trying to defy the laws of nature with a canvas. Hahaha. Don’t get too excited, Sam. Not until you see it all. Next I’ll need wax crayons of different colors. Aha! I know! We’re going to draw the rain. Not quite. We’re not going to draw. Ooooh! Intriguing! By the way, Sue. When I was travelling in the Tibidabo mountains, I was caught under a pouring rain. Then what? There was thunder! Sharp lightnings all over the sky! The rain was pouring down, washing everything away! What happened next, Sam? I grabbed a twig of a fig tree and prayed to the great Tibidodo! The keeper of the mountains heard me! And sent raindrops upwards into the sky and the sun came out! You’ve got quite an imagination! Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it Great Tibidodo! Rain upwards! A fig twig! Hahaha… Here, look! Ooh… so pretty! We’ll need to glue the crayons to the canvas with a glue gun. Guys, be very careful working with a glue gun. Last time I was lying on the table, dreaming and suddenly I could smell a pleasant gummy scent. I nearly chocked on my own saliva. I started wondering, where this delicious smell was coming from? It turned out I forgot to turn the glue gun off and my heels started to melt. After that I always wear shoes. Well done! For the next step we’ll need a printed image of a person under the rain. Here we have a girl and to tell you the truth it’s me. Wow! What a beauty! Stop, Sam. You’re making me blush. Sue, I’ll be right back! I’ll carefully cut the picture out. ugh… uh… Sam, are you going to play? Who’s going to help me? Sue, I’ve just read an interesting fact about rain on the internet. The darts game appeared thanks to the rain. During a contest archers were caught under the rain, they left the field, went to a bar and started throwing shortened arrows into a target! Well done, Sam! That’s an interesting fact indeed!
Yes! Thank you. Thank you. ugh… um…. Now we need to glue the picture at the bottom of the canvas. Then I’ll use masking tape to cover the picture. And cut the edges of the tape with a stationary knife. Sure, while you’re doing all that, I want to ask you a question, check your general knowledge. Shoot! Tell me, Sue, which country gets the greatest amount of rainfall? It’s hard to say. Guys, do you know? Write your answers in the comments. I’ll tell you the answers towards the end. Using this blow-dryer, we’ll need to heat the crayons until the wax starts to melt. It’s important to let the wax drip to the bottom edge of the canvas. And then let it harden again. Ooooh…. just like we melted broken crayons… I can see that our craft is almost done and so it’s time to announce the second rain fact! Soooo… The country that gets the greatest amount of rainfall is Uganda! They get rain 250 days a year! Well done everyone who got the correct answer! An interesting fact, Sam, I had no idea! Guys, write interesting facts about rain in the comments! The wax has hardened and now we only need to remove the tape from the picture. ugh… mmm…. And voila! Our masterpiece with bright colorful rain is ready! Give it a try, guys! Write about it under the video. And now it’s time for your comments! We didn’t forget about you guys. It’s time to review the secret. Who saved me from the rain? Attention to the screen… Subscribe to our channel, guys! And give us some thumbs up. It will get even more interesting! Guys, if you want to get to know Sam better. Comment below. And we’ll tell you even more funny stories of his life. And, uh… While you’re doing that, we’ll show you another cool thing. Yahoo! This disco ball inspires me to throw even more parties… Hey, guys. Do you remember that video of we made this disco ball? Give a thumbs up if you do! To make it extra awesome, I need to throw a themed party! Hmm… A monster party? Eh… Nope. A space-themed party? It’s cool, but not the time. A pirate party?.. Oh, oh, a sea party! Yes! Awesome! But…. I need to plan so many things! Food, and music and… and party favors! Sam, what’s all this noise? I’m planning another awesome party. And… I don’t have any ideas for party favors. Well, you’ll think of something, I’m sure. I’ll have some tea…. mm…. good…. What do you think you’re doing? Er… I’m drinking tea. How can you be drinking tea when I’m in trouble?! I can’t think of anything! Oh, well, alright. I’ll help. Just don’t worry. I have an idea for a party favor. Here, look. You can give your guests pictures of fish. Just right for your theme. Hm… er… No! This won’t do! It is too ordinary. Well, alright, you’ll have an ordinary picture of a fish. But you will have to draw party favors yourself! It is your party, after all. Alright, alright. Just show me how. Here, look. We’ll take a piece of paper. Yep, got it, got it! What’s next? Be patient. Next we will need a marker and some pencils. Yep, yep… I’m off to get the pencils First we need to draw an outline with a black marker. Yep, yep… I’ve got a pencil! Sam! Stop running around like crazy! Sit down and watch. Fine, I’m watching. Let’s continue with our fish. I’ve got it! I’m off to draw! Oh Sam, you haven’t even watched to the end. Guys, do you think Sam will be able to draw the same picture as me? Okay. The outline is done. Now… It’s time to color. Coloring already? Yes, yes, yes? Oh Sammy. Can you watch from a distance? Yes. Now we need to color the fish to make it pretty. To make it pretty. Yes, boss! Oh… Sam continues to amaze me. Well, alright, I need to finish the drawing, anyway. Aaaand… done! Hey, Sam, come see how it turned out! Yes! I’m here, I’m here! This is how your party favor’s going to look like. Hm… it isn’t much different from what you showed in the beginning. And now?And now? Aaaaaaaah! Wow! Hahaha! Cool! Cool! Show me again! Sure! If you make pictures like this you will definitely surprise your guests! Yeaaaaah! I’m off to draw! Guys, if you want to know what happened after the video, leave a comment below. And while you’re doing that, we’ll get to our next interesting craft. Let’s go! Come on, come on… Ring! Be a good phone and ring! I got it! A watched phone never boils! Actually why is that? It has to boil sometime. It can’t NEVER boil. Then it’ll be… the wrong phone. I’ll just take a peak… Sam, keep it together! Arriba!!! Ohhhh… Still nothing? Why am I surprised, geniuses are usually recognized after death… Sammy, chin up! What’re you doing? Drawing for a new episode… With paint? Yeah. What else? Sue, my dear baby… Let me tell you how YouTube works. This – is our wonderful channel. Uh-huh… This – is our amazing viewer. Right. And these – are millions of other wonderful channels that are luring our amazing viewer. Question! How to get our amazing viewer to watch OUR wonderful channel? How? Become a purple cow! Huh?! Be different from other cows! Do something unique! Oh! I thought you were my purple cow… He! That’s true, I am the best. But the ideas also need to be unique and then we’ll take over the world! Let’s go, I’ll show you. Cool! Oh, boy! Guys, something is coming! Command, marketing genius, what do you need? Let me see… Thick drawing paper is here… A brush! Here. Water! Here we go. Hmm… And food coloring! I hope he won’t eat a drawing to be unique… What was that? Er… Nothing, it’s all here! Aaaaand a disclaimer before we begin. Dear viewers, I urge you TO DO TRY this at home! Maestro! Cough-cough… Sam, are you sure about this? Shh… Now get some food coloring and drop it little by little. Hahaha! Wow… Sammy, you should do drawing workshops! EXACTLY! How did I not think of it myself? I know so much! I draw so well! And they won’t let me pay fo candy with my smile! It’s done! I’m doing an art-workshop! Yay! High five! Cough. Er… Yeah, ok. We’ll work on it. Nobody called and it’s been a whole day! Sammy, look, candy! Candy, Susan? Life is suffering! Dis-recognized, unwanted genius… Are you sure the phone number is right? Of course I’m sure. Well, show me your ad. Here! Huh? Oh! No, that’s not it. This one! Sammy, no offence, but it looks nothing like a purple cow. You lost me. You told me yourself that to be noticed you need to stand out! Yeah… Can you imagine how many people sell drawing lessons? You need… a thing! Something that nobody else does! I can sing during lessons! I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky! No, a drawing thing. I think, I have an idea… Fast, fast! I can’t wait to start teaching! Do you remember how we made fluffy slime? I’ll say! The best snooze of my life! Puffy slime paint will be YOUR THING! I’m rrready! We’ll need fluffy slime ingredients except borax. White glue, shaving cream, food coloring and a few bowls for the different colors. First, I’ll pour the glue into the bowls… Like this. Guys, I’m wondering. How many times does one need to see a purple cow in order for one to stop wondering? Comment below. Now I’ll add shaving cream to each bowl. I think I better fill it to the top, like this. And the same amount here… And… Ready! Aim! Fireeeeeee! Wohooo! Sam, that’s whipped cream! Sweet Sammy needs sweet paint! Ok, one color less. Hahaha! We’ll see about that… The last step is to add food coloring and stir. The color is so intense! Don’t overdo it, guys! And one, and two… And one, two, threeeeeeeeeeee! Sugar! Yes, please! It could never be too much for me! I’m right here, ’cause I need Little candy and little sympathy! Yeah you show me good loving Make it alright Need a lot of sweetness in my life Sugar! Yes, please! It could never be too much for me! Almost done here, just one more color. It looks pretty cool so far, guys. Look at this texture! Guys, what do you think these paints looks like? Comment below! Oooooh! Is that them? It’s them, Sam. They are so… fluffy! How about we try and improve your ad? Yes, please! Guys, if you liked our idea with puffy paint give a thumbs up! Try to make it yourself, create puffy paintings and send us some photos! And subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! My art-workshops are FREE for my amazing viewers! Also, guys, never be afraid to be a purple cow! Bye-bye! Juuuust to be safe… Yes, Sam is here. Yes, unique technique. Hold on, I have the other line. Hold on! Hold on!!! Hello??? I can’t handle iiiiiit! Sue… Sue, help me out of this popularity!


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