29 thoughts on “3 Are Legend x W&W – Khaleesi (Cover Art Video) [Ultra Music]

  1. Para los fans siempre será Komodo, pero aún así estamos agradecidos por esta joya. Thanks for this 3 are legend & W&W 👏🔥

  2. 3 are legends isn't that dimiture vagus ,like mike and Steven aoki thay said in a live performance

  3. Se que sin komodo no es lo mismo Mauro Picotto empezó de niña, pero bueno dejemos eso atrás seamos sinceros valió la pena esperar 2 años para este increíble song :')

  4. How a producer can produce the same style over and over is beyond me (in this case bigroom). What has it gone now 5 years, maybe more? And bigroom still hasnt evolved and the same synths are being used. This is so fucking boring and repetative. Anyone who isnt 12 is welcome to reply because thats when bigroom died, when I was 12. Do something new with the scene jesus.

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