20 DIY Nail Art Hacks you NEED IN YOUR BRAIN!

20 DIY Nail Art Hacks you NEED IN YOUR BRAIN!

well hallo hallo hallo everyone it’s me Christine again if you’re new here and have no idea what the hell I just said I meant to say hallo okay it’s short for holographic see all the rainbows in front of your face right now are you getting a little tingling feeling throughout your body if so then you’re probably hollow sexual welcome to the weirdest nail art channel on YouTube you should subscribe so today I’m gonna show you things I’ve already shown you but I’m gonna show them to you all again in one video because that’s what youtubers do I’ve got 20 DIY nail art hacks up my sleeve I notice that every time you put DIY in the title or the thumbnail more people click the video it’s really weird because to me every time you do your own nails you are doing it yourself anyways now watch me do everything myself the first tack is using liquid latex when you’re doing messy nailer you put liquid latex on your skin so that way when you sponge on gradients instead of having the nail polish go all up in your cuticles and all over your skin all you got to do is peel off simply peel like no big deal well that’s what I say that’s the product I use you can check out the exact one I use at the link below pretty much any liquid latex product will do some are just a little better than others well remember when we used to use tape and acetone and q-tips oh my god the horrors guys this is like medieval times I mean seriously the nail art industry has come so far now we can just peel off all of our problems peel you guys are so weird because you requested this the latex is single-use only and then when you’re done with it you just throw it away like a rubber the next tack is about reusing your makeup sponges to do gradients and no I don’t mean putting it in the dishwasher because that doesn’t work basically nail polish dries up crusty so when that happens the only way you can clean the sponge is to just get rid of that crusty edge did I just say end I meant edge or end I’m not sure maybe both I just made up word sponge cruelty I know guys please don’t sue me har I’m a dragon by the way I’m putting the links to all my videos in this video below that makes sense the next tack is more stuff about sponges this one involves ripping it it’s really fun to do rip them rip you so you can use the jagged edges of a ripped makeup sponge to do a really easy galaxy nail basically requires no talent I love this one you’re relying on the asymmetrical edges of your rip sponge to create something nebular and fantastic yep and this is one of those no fail manis because no one can fail at this literally OOP Leakey’s enough Leahy’s do-it-yourself galaxy nails like every other nail art almost unless you go to a salon that’s not DIY connect tack is one of my favorites that I’ve been doing since I came out of the womb it involves using a makeup sponge again but this time to maximize glitter payoff so all nail polish has some kind of liquid in it right by applying the glitter on the sponge the sponge will absorb the liquidy part of the nail polish but leave all the glitters on top of the sponge so that you get more glitters on your nails yes science or something I often hear people complaining all the glitter polish takes so many coats well obviously you don’t know the sponge trick do you always start off with one thin coat of the glitter polish just to make the nail jakie and then go ahead and statue Spungen so lesson of the day when in doubt sponge away connect tack is something i don’t do to my teeth enough and that’s using dental floss do whatever you want on your nails and then apply a matte topcoat because it only works if it’s matte it doesn’t work if it’s glossy and you take those little toothpick or dental floss or things and start making lines on your nails a lot of people like to use this technique to create a 3d quilt design and yeah that’s all there is to it Chanel nails or granny nails you decide the next hack is for people who cannot freehand paint with a steady hand for the life of them I am one of those people so you’re trying to paint a straight line and then you up well if you used acrylic paint then all you have to do is scratch it off with the toothpick this is very important it only works if you had previously applied a quick dry top coat and let that fully dry for at least 20 minutes otherwise the toothpick will just dig into the nail polish I like to paint with acrylic paint sometimes for this reason because then I can undo all my mistakes like a control Z for your nails now what about achieving super smooth brush strokes with your nail art brushes a lot of people think you need you know the best nail art brush to paint well but I hate to break it to you first you need talent but you could also prep your nail art brushes a little better all you need to do to make your brush strokes a little smoother is dab a bit of cuticle oil in it don’t soak it too much you know you just need a little bit and then you’re gonna wipe it off on a paper towel to get rid of the excess without Doyal with oil but what if you don’t have nail art brushes did you know that you probably have hair on your head yeah I’m not being crazy here I’m serious I took a little piece of hair from my head just from the edge of it at the tip very split ends doesn’t matter it needed a trim anyways licked it a little to make it stick together and chopped it right off just took a random lead pencil and tape to my hair onto the end of it pull out any stragglers strands and there you go you got yourself a custom truly DIY nail art brush like I said you’re also gonna need talent to paint but you know you’re one step closer now maybe your creativity will be inspired because you took hairs out of your head I don’t know what this is it’s a heart the things around it I’m so good at this if you’re too cheap and lazy to buy some nail art brushes and you’re probably too cheap and lazy to buy a dotting tool and you probably have this DIY dotting tool at home lying around it’s a bobby pin who’s Bobby and what did his pin look like I want to know just take the tip of the bobby pin dip it in some nail polish and there you go you got a perfect circle sort of I’m really not good at doing dots add just a note of advice though don’t put the bobby pin back in your hair after there’s no polish on it just putting that out there in the next hack we’re going to be using a toothpick again I love my toothpicks I pretty much use them for everything except my teeth and maybe you have some loose glitter lying around and if you don’t to ask a friend to glitter bonding in the mail I get many of them I quite enjoy it actually I think a lot of people think you need some professional tool to pick up these little glitters but not these ones these loose glitters are super light so all you need to do is lick the tip of the toothpick that’s right ladies and gentlemen just like a tip of the wood and here is six hours of my life condensed into six seconds because the loose glitters are so light the toothpick will pick it up no problem this is what happens when you stab yourself with the toothpick in your hollow sexual you bleed hollow glitter the next tack is doing nail art not on your nails nail art mats they call them are really popular item these days they’re made out of silicone and they let you do things like this on them and even fake water marble designs like this one because I love cheating you let them dry on the silicone mat and then you can peel them off like a sticker or a deagle decal whatever tomato tomato nail polish nail polish doing nail art on a mat first is really helpful to some people who want to practice their skills because then if you mess up you didn’t just ruin it all over your nail you ruined it on a mat and you can easily do it again the next hack is more of a nail polish hack as opposed to a nail art tack but that that’s Imagi hair that’s my cat whenever you’re applying neon polishes it’s best to apply them over white so you can really make the beyond polish pop now a lot of neon polish companies will say that their neons don’t any undies going commando are we not everyone has that specific kind of neon polish and not everyone really feels that that’s an accurate statement essentially whatever neon polish you have lying around your house it will probably be brighter if you put it over a white polish the next tack is from ancient Greece no actually I have no idea who came up with it but it involves taking saran wrap bunching up into a little ball and then mushing it all over your nails randomly now what if you don’t have much nail polish well first of all we can’t be friends but I will still teach you this hack this one is great if you’re bored in math class although it requires some homework you got a sponge on some glitter first then while your math teacher is blabbing on about sin Coast and trigonometry and other things that you will never use in your adult life just color that liquid highlighter goodness onto your nails and bam you got yourself a rainbow Roy D bib represents another school supply item you could use to color your nails with our sharpies or permanent markers you’re gonna need some rubbing alcohol rubbing not drinking alcohol scribble those sharpies on a surface that doesn’t matter preferably not your parents kitchen table they might get upset and kick you out early when you mix the rubbing alcohol in with the Sharpie ink it creates a really cool solution it cools and bleeds really interestingly don’t know how to explain it and it looks like bacteria and you should go back to chemistry class you could put it straight on the nail just like that or you could put it over top of nail vinyls like I’m doing right now so you can end up with a cool pattern now your nails are permanent the next tack is for stamping polish and I don’t do much of this so I don’t even know how I know this I probably stole this idea summer from the internet once you stamp the stamping polish onto your skin you can take it off easily with a piece of tape no nail polish remover needed don’t ask me how this works I have no idea how this is even possible it doesn’t make any sense to me another hack is to just get a robot to paint your nails just kidding never trust a robot with nails the next tack is pretty well known among the nail art community but hey just in case you knew here let me introduce you to it using nail vinyls is one of the easiest ways to create nail art especially if you have very little free hand talent like myself you could use nail vinyls or striping tape or even just regular tape to create straight lines on your nails and yeah this was me on a Christmas cocaine binge these days nail vinyls come in so many different shapes and patterns like it is ridiculous you never need to learn how to freehand ever again ho ho glitter ho the next hack is for people who don’t want to spend money on new vinyls all you got to do is get a loofah hopefully you spent money on that to wash your body with all you got to do is cut off a little piece and wrap it around your nail gets a little tedious so just hold it a bit tight take a makeup sponge put some polish on it and then start dabbing it on top of the loofah I don’t know what the hell this is it just looks like a scaly reptile but yeah let’s go with that it’s a scaly reptile you could also mix it up and take a whole bunch of different colors and sponge it over the loofah design to give off more of a mermaid tail effect um oh never mind let’s just pretend this hack never happened the next cheat is for people who truly fail up doing anything on their nails and you know what it’s okay I am one of them sometimes we can’t all be perfect or rushing to take a design that someone else did or that you find on the Internet in my case I like to steal water marbles you print it off on special waterslide decal paper I put a link to the one I use below and you can watch a more in detail video about how to do this I put the link somewhere floating I don’t know maybe it’s in the corner after having applied clear polish on the decal and then soaking it in water the decal will slide right off the white paper and then you can stick it on your nail I take much pride in my stolen designs okay and finally the last tack is for all my hollow sexuals out there if you’re not sure if you’re totally feeling your nail art or maybe you want to spice things up a little or maybe you’re just bored add a hollow topcoat or hollow taco as we like to say because no one can understand the words that come out of my mouth I’ve also made a video on what’s the best hollow topcoat because there’s several things you need to know including two major different kinds of hollow topcoat basically what it does is it makes whatever design under it shine like rainbows look at that okay it’s prismatic it’s beautiful although his life Paolo is love live in the hollow moment I just feel like everyone in this world needs a little extra sparkle I would put a hollow topcoat on people if I could and that finishes off my 20 DIY nail art hacks I hope you enjoyed it and learn things I hope you learn things if you like this video please subscribe to my channel or I’ll cut you thanks so much for watching and I’ll see y’all Oh

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