#2 King Emojis (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

#2 King Emojis (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we are going to create the other two Emojis from Clash Royale: The Laughing King and The Angry Face and I will also pick the winner of the Shelf of the month. Before we get started let’s have a quick look at the Snupps group Clay Creations and I will pick the winner of the Shelf of the month series and let me tell you I am amazed, I am inspired by all your artwork you’re posting every day. Sadirian, for example, the Orc Warrior I love your stuff, but unfortunately you didn’t have a shelf, so just click on the bottom of the screen New shelf and I can present it within my series Shelf of the month. But there are so many other great creators among you guys. Aartvarkk, for example, Browser Jr. You are doing so great, I love your artwork. It’s so different. Look at this dinosaur, for example. It’s so detailed. I love this! And this is my number 1 place to be inspired. Snupps does a really great job on this and it also helps me to organize all my stuff on shelves. This is a feature I really miss in Instagram. And this is why I go to Snupps the first place. Try this app out if you haven’t. I’ll put a link down in the description. OK! And now let’s focus on our creation and we start with the Laughing King. This is size comparison of my former tutorial. The Thumbs Up King. It’s the same way, so we start the same way the stand for the King, the torso. And we are mixing an orange for I assume this is the belt, maybe. So we can build up in layers and go on with our creation. In the last video, the first two Emojis I created I got so much response and great ideas for futher Emojis. So I think I will definitely create another video with all your suggestions and great ideas. For the big mouth I’m using my pointing tool to create really big mouth, wide open. This will be the throat we are currently creating, so just create this tiny thing in the throat. I don’t know what it is in English. And now we will put in the clay for the tongue. Well, this is obviously for the teeth. I think all of the Emojis have teeth they show, so maybe this is pretty important for Supercell to show teeth. Maybe they are even paid by some toothpaste companies. This is the beard we are attaching to the creation It is also done in the same way like in my other Emoji tutorials, so this shouldn’t be very difficult to create. Well, I have some exciting news to announce. Last night we hit 400.000 subscribers! I still don’t believe this really happened to this channel. Well, we are just creating clay and this is incredible. I will definitely make a special for this purpose I haven’t figured out a great way to thank you all for the support. Maybe some of you suggested I should create myself. This could be pretty funny maybe I’m working on that for 400.000 subscribers special. This is the crown we are creating for our king. It’s also done in the same way like in the other tutorial, so I skipped this part and just showed how to attach it. Now let’s work on a very angry face. A very angry King. The start is pretty much the same and all you need then, after adding the belt buckle, of course is red. His face… well, he’s so angry that his head is almost exploding. And on top of this red clay we will place the King’s white teeth. And this is surrounded the outline is this dark brown clay. I mixed this, so there is no such colour. I mixed it, I just took some brown and black, and so we can create the beard and finish this one. And after that the nose. There is no color gradient. Didn’t I tell you that there is always a color gradient in Clash Royale creations? No! Not this time. The eyes are just white and the eyebrows. And this is the crown, as well. We will glue it onto the head, after baking in the oven And I guess that’s where we will go with our creation. Freshly baked Emojis and the crowns, of course. And we will glue them onto the head but first let’s take a black pen and make a tiny outline. This is some kind of a shadow. on top of the hair. The brown hair and this is the super glue. We will glue the crown onto the head It should look like as if it was flying off the head. And for the angry face, as well. Here we go for the outline. Meanwhile, please participate in the poll, which creation should be next? I’m always so drilled to see the end results of the poll. Yeah I drilled these tiny holes into the side of the head, but I used this wire as well. But in the end I went without the wire. I removed it again. As the wool for the angry steam effect is also working without the wire. And I guess, finally that’s it! I’m so happy now I can play with all four Emojis from Clash Royale. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as well and I will definitely work and create some of your ideas for further Emojis. So stay tuned for further videos about that. I guess that’s it for today! Thanks a lot for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t and you want to see more stuff like this. Take care and see you on Friday. Bye! Yeah, I guess that’s it.

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