#157 Best Wooden Sofa Set Design for Living Room | Buy online @ Aarsun

#157 Best Wooden Sofa Set Design for Living Room | Buy online @ Aarsun

Ashish Mittal again from Aarsun Woods Today I have brought a set for you, for Wood Lovers. Most of the sets I have shown you earlier. They are in different paints. And different colors. This is your choice absolutely. What would you like that we have no issues
about that. But wood is wood. And once you have the wooden flooring, or
some interior that is in wood, the best thing that suits with the interior is the wood color. Natural wood color. Now have a look at this set. This is a small three one one a 5 seater set
in teak wood and in natural finish. Natural wood finish when I say this it means
that the color of the unit is the wood color. here if you see this area, you will see something
that is called the wood grains or the texture of the wood here. These are the natural wood fibers ; texture
that you see here and that is only visible when you have the wood color on the unit. This is a three seater. Now one of our clients asked me to sit on
the unit and show you how does it feel when you sit. Now here it is. This is in folding seats. Here we have different seats for everybody,
1 2 3 and similarly folding seats here. Now these can be removed and placed again
if you want. This can be fixed also as per your requirement. If you want this you can get this. If you want single seat for the entire unit,
that can be done. We have no issues in making this. Its your choice completely. Now this is in a beige fabric a very royal
and very premium fabric color. In most of the units that you see at like
Politicians places or in Government big offices, big reputed politicians, they have mostly
these, colors like these, because it gives a touch of calmness and people love this kind
of finishes. When you have sofa in this color. Now with wood also, wood color also, this
type of fabric goes very smoothly. Now the other fabric that we have here is
a little darker color with some flower design on it. This is a dual shade fabric – dual color fabric,
different for the handles, and different for the seats. This can be customized as per your requirement
as you want it. Now we don’t have a table in this set because
the client did not require one. And absolute comfort sitting. This is a cushion, you can keep it here, at
the back, as you want it. A comfortable sitting height, because both
your legs much touch the ground when you sit. Now if you have very tall people in your family,
you can get a little higher. It can be done also. we have no issues in that. So a simple set with our class. the touch of Aarsun, the quality of Aarsun,
and absolute wood finish. Color your choice, Fabric your choice, Design
your choice, Number of seats your choice, tables, side tables you can add. This is the complete set. Thank you.

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  1. Ashish bhai, this set is far better looking then any turkish classic furnitures in market. Saharanpur furnitures are so rich. It will be better if you quote price also. Do you deliver furniture across India ? M from Odisha , how can I avail your furnitures ??

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