144 'Understanding'... art journaling

144 'Understanding'… art journaling

hello lovely butterflies it's Hans welcome to this channel on Monday week 144 I'm working in my trusted gentleman Monday art channel and I'm also using the same kind of paper that my channel is made of which is what a color paper and I'm punching out circles using different sizes of punches you I'm going to take all those circles outside so that I can spray them with this spray which is remount it's very positionable glue from 3m I'm doing it outside because I don't like the smell and I don't want to have it all over my work table and now that my circles are sticky and repositionable I can place them on my paper to use them as masks you I took out three fluid acrylics from DecoArt which is the fellow turquoise the dark gray and the corn acrid own magenta this is what a color paintbrush because I'm going to work with a lot of water and I'm going to use the paint's more like watercolor than actual fluid acrylics you coming back to it my circles were not as sticky anymore as they were at the beginning because of the use of the heat gun so instead of going back in with some more fluid acrylic which would make the color go under the circles which I didn't want to happen I went in with neo colors which are water-soluble pastels you and now I can start playing around with water you this is the most interesting part it's lifting the circles and seeing what you actually created on the paper so as my circles have nice colors on them as well I'm going to reuse those on the paper you using my large circle stencil I'm tracing the circles and I'm using a unit pen fineliner which is a pigment pen which means that it will be resistant resisting everything that I might be doing afterwards you and to have all the sizes of circles I'm combining it with my small circle stencil and now I really have like every size a little circle that I might need you like I said I want to reuse those circles but I don't want to cover up what I've already created so I'm a little bit limiting myself to those small sized circles and as I don't have enough I'm just punching some more you of course I need some help to stick down to the page so I'm using my decoupage glue to help them to stay in place otherwise it will just remain repositionable and at some point they will just fall off you coming back to my page I want to add some details using this masking tape or tissue tape from Tim Holtz and I'm really adding like tiny tiny strips of it you to make sure the tisha tip will stay in place I'm adding a tiny bit of ultra matte varnish on top of it and it's a good thing I used my unit pin because otherwise with the varnish the doodling would go all over the place and now it's just not moving going in with my charcoal pencil and my blending stump I'm giving my little circles a bit of a shadow and this one doesn't want to stick in place so it needs some more glue you when you apply chalk open so the only way to erase it if you have applied too much is a kneadable eraser you going back in with fluid acrylic this time with the carbon black and the photo turquoise I'm going to add some more details I'm starting with the carbon black and just a card to apply it in lines you I need to replace the circles because I need some more masking done and I still had some circles left over so even those that were punched out I can replace them by circles that I haven't used yet you and now I can use my filter course to add some splatters you I want to stamp using my London New York well one of the stems from my London New York stem said I know that I want to use this distress ink but I'm not quite sure which one of the momentum colors that I want to use and I finally opted for this one so good thing that this distress ink is water reactive because I stamped two with too much intensity I wanted to tone it down so I just lifted the ink back up with a baby wipe you and I do think a bit more of those black accents would be good so I'm going back in with the fluid acrylic you my white circles deserve a bit more attention a bit more texture so I'm giving them a little bit of crackle paint just applying it very lightly and as soon as I'm done I'm leaving it to dry by itself so that I get the best cracks that I can can get I absolutely love this stem for my perfect word stamp set it's it's just a line of tiny meaning numbers but I could stamp it on everything all the time that's how much I love this little stamp so I'm just using black archival ink and stamping it here and there and then using a Tim Holtz sticker from the chauchat sets I'm going to add my wording you I want to add some journaling but I'm having a fight with the pen that I want to use so first I took out my unit pen 0.2 then I took out my unit ball signal which was too thick and then finally I took out a yuna pin 0.5 and that one did the 3 the trick you I'm adding my date stamp absolutely convinced that I'm done but as I keep looking at my spread I'm seriously missing something so I'm dueling while I'm giving myself some time to figure out what it is I want to add and then I just need to add contrast so I'm using this punch to make openings in my page so that I can add something coming from behind and that something is this piece of paper which I colorized using color X a long time ago and I'm just cutting it up so that it can fit behind those openings you and now I can just give them the same finishing touches as the other circles have so that everything works together nicely and I'm also adding just a tiny strip on the need the wording to make it stand out a bit you that's it for today's video I hope you liked it if so don't forget to hit the like button don't forget to subscribe to my channel and to click on the little belts who receive notifications from new videos if you would like more extended versions of these videos or if you would like to do life hang outs with me I can only invite you to join my patreon page where there is much much more to discover see you back next time ciao

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  1. France that’s so awesome and fantastic and stunning I really love πŸ’• this….those orange dots behind the page, added a real pop of colour. Thank you so much xx Mags

  2. Gorgeous. I love the negative & positive circle concept …. beautifully done πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•

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