34 thoughts on “12 Exercises for Martial Arts

  1. Hy brother
    I am 18 year old
    Can i become a martial art please tell me
    I have very found of martial arts…

  2. These look great. I have to start training for the karate EM in 2023. I'm super nervous and scared for it so these can really help

  3. I can only do:
    I can't do the other parts cause my body is not flexible enough, I really love to make my body flexible but how? Hehehe

  4. it is a very nice martial arts video, i hope i can help you more! click this link for more martial art basics https://ckk.ai/fsuCd

  5. | Like your chanal .. — watch Indian kerala kalaripayat; – martial Arti—- Please premot my chanal

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