#117 Double Carving Furniture Explained, Innovative Furniture Sofa Ideas Designs by Aarsun

#117 Double Carving Furniture Explained, Innovative Furniture Sofa Ideas Designs by Aarsun

Ashish Mittal, Director, Aarsun Woods

Today we talk about the very interesting concept that we have only in carved furniture This concept you will not get anywhere in any other furniture Now this is one of our sets that you have seen earlier You can check the video #109 In that video you have seen the same set in Double Carving Now what we call double carving Double carving is something where you have work on the front here Also on the back of the sofa Now if you see video number #109 , will also put some references in this same video Now both side carving Gives a unique concept to your furniture Now how does its work. When you have a big hall and you want to keep your furniture right in the middle of the Room in that case If you have the furniture that is carved from both side let me give a reference also this is a dining chair, you can see work on the front Now the same chair is also carved on the back you can see the work at the back also Now the dining chairs are generally kept in the middle of the room so it looks very beautiful when we have the furniture carved from the both side on the same concept goes in a sofa also Now this set is single side carved there is beautiful carving done on all the side everywhere the hands , the legs and everywhere this set is 3+2+2 with the big table and two peg tables Now you can see the set and talking about the double carving sofa also if you have that in the middle of the room it can be viewed from all the sides look to the living room and the same set can be made in single carving and double carving also so any of our sets that you have that you can see online on the website Also on the you-tube videos can we done both ways single side or double carved This is one reference set , please have a look The top part of the table is also carved with beautiful flowers now this will require a glass to you put on the top This is the center table The two seater then we have a peg table right here this one is little bigger you can get a smaller depending on the sizes required Beautiful three seater here another peg table and two seater, if you see from the back is plain Now generally when you have wall at the back use this kind of set this part goes to the wall and doesn’t look is not visible in the other set video number #109 see the back also that is dual carved this is the difference in both the set which can be done any of the design you like and we can accordingly make the set for you is not available in any of the other furniture available globally This is only available with the hand-carved work at our sets in these videos you can check that. Thank you

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