10 Minutes Vintage Art Journal #2 ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

10 Minutes Vintage Art Journal #2 ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

hello hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel it's mater here and I'm super excited that I can make another journal page with you I just finished recording this journal page 10 minutes challenge I'm not even sure how you reacted on it because I didn't publish the video it but because Hana is asleep I thought I'm gonna make one more setup beautiful setup and make one more page since we have some free time with no baby what do I have here this time we have some blank page as always we have some markers watercolors just saw washi I have some gorgeous die-cuts Tim holds a little winky steam horses with little guys and boys and little figures and we have my stencil I hope by the time you're watching this video stencils and stickers and papers and everything is available I have stickers as well so without any further ado grab some few things not too many few different things oh I have some pencil crayon yeah another pencil grab some tools and let's make some art journaling together why do we back in let's put start at first because we need to start our timer I'm going to use some washi tape now feel free to use any washi tape you have you can use masking tape as well if you have if you don't have washing it really doesn't matter now I find that that's for some reason even though I'm saying to you it doesn't have to be perfect I like my a certain things to be kind of perfect like in this case let's say that it has to be like lay down perfectly in a way but top just me as some lines they do speak to me more than other and I feel that I need them to be more more perfect and this is another washer that's super cute with some with some feathers some feathers maybe a cross like that the idea is for you to not overthink the process today just go with the flow just just create something just and start adding things attaching things that you usually wouldn't use or you never used you bought it and you afraid to use so I just encourage you to just just do it that's it we have eight minutes left that's in books in one way a lot in another not so much so it depends how we look at it okay okay okay that's fine now let's put some gesso maybe directly here on the page directly on the page why not and I'm gonna grab some of my finger I'm gonna grab my finger now another thing oh yes I wanted to add them as well they're little stamps why not they are super cute so I'm gonna add them I still have some time left mm-hmm I have no plan for this page at all I grabbed only few things that I thought they put match nicely and just work together nicely that's all I'm gonna put it upside down because I really don't I'm not that fussy about what's on my background cuz I'm building my background you know that's the main thing now I'm building my background this is somehow a dry piece so I'm just now adding this and this in here and there okay that would be nice if we could add it somewhere somewhere there wouldn't it I think so and now maybe with touch off just so I can just gently look with no time for being amazing here and precise so I'm just doing it however I manage if I manage to attach it somehow great if from that that's okay too okay great great eight minutes eight minutes left seven actually some water Oh some water can be nice so this is what actually the Jesus did wet that's okay oh no I need fuller bottle maybe this wet there we go no okay it's really short with time now how about if I'll just spray like that okay now we call me crazy that's okay too with no time so let's just see what happens well laughs where's my tissue no I have it so a little bit of tissue wipe now if you feel like something went wrong look grab some of your gesso and just try to fix it maybe where is my water it was here five minutes six minutes left that's still plenty that's still plenty oh there we go I like that okay I love that actually no no maybe not this one maybe this inktense somewhere oh nice whoops the flower is moving that's okay we have five and a half minutes left five and a half minutes that's fine we didn't use any of that well we can try it oh I know these are more for its like a vintage if page now isn't at all nice maybe we can spray that a little bit there we go so we just whatever tools you have if it's a if it's like a marker great if it's watercolor great we'll use what you have you know now we have four minutes left that's very little I'm thinking yellow for a splash of color for a total splash of something happening here four minutes four minutes do I have my hot glue on I do I do I do oh that's nice okay very messy isn't it that's fine don't worry about it now what we can do where are my little wing jeez I was thinking to add the wing you guys somewhere like this oh I like that now the other thing is I think I need a little touch of gesso in few places maybe if I can draw it in between but probably no point I will actually now the watercolor went down nicely I think for some contrast what could be nice three minutes three minutes what could be nice could be add a little bit of black in here maybe and just spray it a little bit of here maybe just so I have my deck and bright because that's what I kind of love about my projects maybe that's why I don't feel it but you know just go go with what you have go with what you have do I need a little bit more weight I think so I think I'm gonna still try to fix the background we have only 10 minutes so do with what you have around there we go let's try that now two minutes two minutes I actually did the drawing off-camera but didn't stop the timer so we have what 1 minute and a half left I'm gonna grab my stickers sit and listen to the world are you wearing a confidence mister because you have wings on the stickers are from my shop so have a look at it if you wish oh that's gonna be cool if this is dry but it's not that much don't worry I'm here don't be afraid to quit don't be scared to start something new absolutely you can be modern you can wear wings if you like it's up to yourself and be proud of it be proud there we go there we go so mister time for you to have your wings on we have only 50 seconds left mm-hmm somehow like that perfect and then we need some more glue but 40 seconds I see if I can use the thread again because I think it's nice to have the thread and it's just given this interest I guess to the project that's read itself I think uh-huh there we go and now 20 seconds I think this page is surprisingly nice I was I lost my hope and halfway down but now I think it is actually fabulous so I'm I added a lot of glue so it would stand out more so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna lift those flappy wings hoping that this will dry like this so two seconds with me oh there we go I finished I managed but I really wish this all to kind of stand out like this so there is a lot of glue there obviously same for here I kind of curl even add more that's what it's not drying that fast because it's very hot glue somehow glues are not that hot some are hotter so that's perfectly fine there we go I'm just trying to make sure that he is gonna be standing out nicely everywhere the whole page is not try it I should try it but you know what it's okay let's leave it like that for just two seconds and hopefully this will dry it like this back to you everything is dry my butterfly wings are nicely standing out would I change anything in the page if I have more time probably yes probably add a little bit more white but overall I'm very very pleased very happy with it you see the idea about background and about the abstract it's the fact that when it's finished project of someone else you're looking at it thinking oh wow how it's done and you're thinking that there is so much process of thinking involved which in fact it's not it's actually quite opposite it's like throwing things on the page and then here we go work of art so I encourage you to just try it and not be afraid look at those two completely different very abstractly very simple designs on the background so I hope you will find courage to try and to just splash things on your page without thinking too much how do I still asleep I wonder shall I just try and make page number three that means that I will have so much videos to add it for you I'm excited actually I one thing I would change I would use my stencil because I didn't didn't have much enough time but you know what I love what I see look how cute dimensional that is very simple at the same time so grab your tools and let's make some abstract art journaling together thank you so much for watching I love you loads but I have to go let's write it let's create some thinking you let's create a new video let's go

30 thoughts on “10 Minutes Vintage Art Journal #2 ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

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    Stickers: https://maremismallart.com/collections/maremi-stickers
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  2. Marta, lovely work as usual , do you every use perfect pearls powder, would love you to do a tutorial or this rather forgotten media xxx

  3. Ahhhhhhh, love it, but it was also very exciting! My sons always says to me: mam your hobby is a bit boring. Well, I can tell them: it is more exciting than a footballmatch! I was sitting on the edge of my seat, just looking whether you could finish it in time… and you did!
    Great! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hi, Marta!

    I am trying to see if your inktense pencil activated with water. I watched several times, but am not sure if it was just your rubbing that accomplished spreading. I am considering purchasing inktense pencils. They are expensive, so I want to know what I will be getting. Hence, the question…do inktense activate with water? I apologize for having to ask the question, I know that some questions disturb you.

    Again, thanks for all the effort you put forth in doing videos for your subscribers. I certainly appreciate it. Your style of making cards has inspired me to go away from the " cookie cutter style" cards that many make primarily with papers. It was a blessing that I found you before I viewed the "canned cardmaking" of others. My cards are far more creative and I have received many compliments.

  5. You prove overthinking is not always good. Lovely. Where did you get the script washi and feather washi?

  6. I was a bit sceptical about the black you used. To me, it looked way too much, perhaps as I barely use any black for art journaling. But with the figure and the wings, it looks really good.

  7. I love this! And with 10 minutes, if you completely mess it up, you haven’t invested much time in the project and you’ve learned something which you like and which you don’t like about it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as you work on your project – it came out so cool!

  8. Masz nie prawdopodobny talent. Uwielbiam oglądać jak tworzysz 😍 W twoim wykonaniu wydaje się to takie proste i sprawiające ogromną frajdę 😄 Po prostu "robisz rzeczy", a cudowna praca wydaje się sama wyłaniać. Tak ładnie wszystkie elementy do siebie pasują, zarówno w tych prostszych jak i bardziej skomplikowanych projektach. Za każdym razem jestem po prostu oszołomiona . Raz pod wpływem jednego z twoich filmów tak się zjawiłam, że aż pobiegłam sama coś zrobić 🙂 Brakowało mi trochę kolorów, bo nie zajmuje się mediami, ale zabawę miałam świetną, i na pewno kiedyś to powtórzę. Dziękuje za inspiracje i za to jak dzielisz się swoja pasją. Pozdrawiam 😊

  9. You always amaze me with your art. It seems to come so easy to you and everything turns out beautifully. Thank you for another enjoyable video.

  10. I love these ten minutes pages. It proves that overthinking is the art journalist's worst enemy. Too many products are also a curse if you are struggling to create. Gorgeous page, can't wait to see more 😊❤

  11. You create such beautiful art. I want to start creating but I would like to frame them. Where can I get the molding paste? Not sure how it works. Does it dry quickly? Do you always use it on mixed media art?

  12. Not crazy about your time limited pages. You seem so anxious. Love your longer videos and when you take yuur time sharing with us. Still anything you do is fabulous!

  13. j adore, j adore, j adore !!!!!!!!!!!!!! merci beaucoup de nous apprendre tant de choses, thank you very very much

  14. Loving it… These 10 min art journal pages are such a fun way to learn not to overthink and just do.
    I collected some things and crafted right along side of you and managed to have it done in 10 mins.
    You will see mine in the Cafe. Btw your new products are amazing. love to you and the fam.

  15. Oh those wings!! NEED! Great page for 10 minute countdown. May I ask where the pens/markers are from? Are they paint pens? Wow, just seen all of your new papers and stickers ~ WANT them!! Tyfs, happy weekend☀️🐾🐾

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