10 Minutes Art Journal with Magazine Cut Outs #3 ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

10 Minutes Art Journal with Magazine Cut Outs #3 ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

hello hello again how are you today I'm walking around my magazine if I can say it and just grabbing colors look from the magazine very old magazine I'm grabbing four colors so that way I can make some beautiful background imagine that he also found this beautiful photic at ages ago paper notes and flowers and this could be our focal point so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna decide for the colors but before that we have to start our clock so ten minutes we have let's be creative in 10 minutes which colors are matching definitely those colors are matching isn't it maybe not so much maybe this one mm-hmm maybe even dark one or the blue one as well yes I think so and I think I'm gonna skip with the orange and all and just leave those maybe I think so because now it's nice and it's kind of yeah in the family color even without that but if we start playing with this it's gonna be too busy you know so let's do that let's just start applying those on our background as you can see I just used magazine nothing special guys here nothing so really I grabbed elements where the color was all Hanna's just just woke up but maybe I managed to finish up still so I'm going for maybe with the darkest maybe like that so I'm gonna do the darkest to the brightest or something like that uh-huh so just a magazine guys really just that magazine know which one next I think the blue one next if you don't have scrapbook paper look here's what you have around you this magazine is like ten years old definitely no maybe just one actually that looks pretty impressive isn't it or eight and a half minutes left it didn't happen it's left I love that now I'm gonna put this down and now I'm gonna grab some of my white chest so a little bit here and there here and there I think I'm just gonna apply that in a few places just to kind of just to kind of blend in everything and just to you know make this all happy family that they are kind of together you know that kind of way I wonder should I add any other colors like with paints and stuff I wonder would that be nice possibly it would be nice let me just speak that there we go same for here I didn't just too good over the loo but that's okay no let's just match that I love it beautiful let's dry it because that's kind of enough let's dry that and let's pause because drying takes time back to you I do think that we could use a little bit of stamping essentially sorry let me grab some white modeling paste or white heavy just so if you have I think this could be nice I'm going to stop the clock for the drawing part maybe this is nice and delicate there we go I love that and of course you can get them in the store they are available now among with many other designs so have a look for sure oh I love it I'm gonna turn it around like that there we go just a little bit just a little bit there we go and let's try that now Paige is pretty much dry so let's add some color before that we need to set a clock I'm gonna spray directly on my paint some water it's dry with the J assignment but not now it's wet back again with water but I just want to add a little bit of color that will match I have this maybe this water color that I think would looks nice and as well this green one here this and this so I'm gonna play with those two colors a little bit here and there oh wow love that love love love that so we're gonna have this pastel eesh look and now the green as well why not turn tiny touches it's exactly but like this I like that so okay see don't be too precise now just enjoy the process oh well okay now it goes nicely in the grooves so let's just have that still a little bit here and there five minutes five minutes left I'm so happy that I can start finally playing with my goodies and show things to you and so after this video I'm gonna be doing more and more I hope you think excuse me using the Kudus but time is running out of my hand so it's not that easy to find time for everything as you can imagine we need to dry that Paige is right let's do a little bit of stamping I have some stunt text text stamp so I'm gonna be not so precise and not so much just a little bit in few places here and there here and there oh that's when it's think sigh oh sorry the clock that's when things are not dry fully and you are start adding stamping in a wall that's okay that's perfectly fine I'm okay with that okay yeah make sure you dry so don't don't destroy your stamp basically stamp ink okay I like that there we go let's put this aside look it's five minutes only half half time gun and look how much we've already done I think we've done quite a lot I have to say now I think time is to just really at our gorgeous flower maybe here on this side I like that yeah that's what I'm gonna do and I'm gonna use red stuck in this case mm-hmm okay I wish to cover the dark spot of purple now I love that and of course some stickers smiling again I need that for sure it's my link again there we go smiling again don't stop until you are proud of your self stronger than ever stronger than ever there we go now I think I could be a little bit better with with gluing down but look hot glue always comes handy well there we go and a little but here as well that's fine three minutes and the page is actually practically finished to be honest so that's nice to be for a change another not late with time so I love it Wow you know what if we have 10 minutes so well not 10 minutes we have like I need to clean that three minutes but I'm thinking what we could do is we could just go around here with the charcoal pencil look and just nicely do a little bit of outlining to kind of you definition to everything isn't it I think so I think so definitely definition to our flowers I think so the whole design is like nicely standing out now I like that so it's kind of you know brings it more its visibility to the whole page I love that even darker and they just I wonder if the other not this one may be out there fancy would work better it's there this one is the graphic one maybe the graphic would be a little bit better in this case mm-hm I think so I don't know that sometimes I'd prefer the graphic one over the charcoal one and I don't know why and when but here we go look at that page came to life really really nice I'm rushing slightly of course because the outline ink now it's kind of time-consuming it's Alvaro's the outline but that's okay we manage we manage one and a half minutes left that's plenty time guys plenty time I love it love it love it love it love it and so different to the two previous pages I'm gonna show you them in a second once I finish outlining here I lost my voice did I one minute what a minute left I really hope you are challenging yourselves with the clock or without the clock but basically that you are actually crafting with me please do tell me you are crafting with me okay oh wow I love it I love you you are very pretty page you know what one lasting is white splashes can I get my white splashes somehow done two seconds how I can do that white just quickly quickly quickly quickly some white gesso diluted white chesa more water and there we go Wow okay I'm black 15 seconds that's good too late oh no some black where's the black is it here I think so let me check it yeah it is okay for done Wow okay done we did it we did it page in ten minutes can you believe it well without the drying time because it's just we I think we just need drying time to be separated from the whole idea okay let's see it together let's see it together I think it's stunning it's sensational Wow love love love love love it so different to the two previous one so that was the first second and the third look how different and all done in ten minutes only ten minutes so you see it's possible to do that go back to those two previous pages if you haven't seen them please watch them I'll give you links and there will be playlists as well ten minutes journal page abstract painting I love that okay I'm gonna wrap up it that I'm so proud and happy at this paper with this page you can do so much in ten minutes as you can see and I use only one newspaper background magazine background to start with so really you know technically anything will work thank you so much for watching I love you guys thank you for being here for supporting my channel and for jumping into the shop and checking out the new products the launch has happened all the products are in the store and so if you haven't seen them the paper is the stances the stickers and more please do check them out thank you so so much I love you loads but I have to go stay happy stay positive stay inspired and please be be happy yes till the next time happy crafting bye bye

47 thoughts on “10 Minutes Art Journal with Magazine Cut Outs #3 ♡ Maremi's Small Art ♡

  1. Love love love the new stencils. This one added just the right amount of texture. I really like the simplicity of this one

  2. Another gorgeous 10 minute page. Evidence again, we can all find time to do something. France Papillon has "A layer a day" showing you don't have to create a full page in one sitting. You show that with a little preparation beforehand, it's possible to make pages. Half the time, I spend too many wasted minutes searching for product, stamps etc. I need to make up a journalling kit of essentials all in one drawer.

  3. The 10-minute art journaling video. You had a clock next to you. You have a thin piece of something that made black marks on the journal. Thanks for taking the time to try to figure this out.

  4. What are the black pencils called that you use to outline and then blend? Are you calling them "graphite"? I think they make a big impact and I'd like to have a few. Thank you, Sweet Marta! 🙂

  5. Hi Marta if you have the time is it possible for you to either do a memory box I have the box but struggling to come up with an idea on how to decorate it I have two to do one for my granddaughter and one for my grandson I just have no idea where to start they are not small boxes they are medium stacker boxes I have had them for a while just don’t know where to start. Its fine if it is something that would take too long with having a family as well as having Hannah time is limited thank you so much for all you do you inspire me all the time best wishes Diane xx

  6. A dirty stamp? It was real flexible like a piece of thin plastic. What type stamps are they? Do they have a name? Thx

  7. Stunning page 👌😍 I love it so much as it's in pastel tones 👌💙

  8. Love all of your pages! I have done that once I think? I will make another page soon! Thank you for sharing and for all you do for so many! Very grateful!

  9. So pretty. It's amazing what you can do with only ten minutes and torn scraps from a magazine. Love your videos, thank you.

  10. Never tried a timed challenge. Don't think I would do very well. I love the way you used the color from the magazine pages. This page turned out stunning. Thanks for sharing. xox

  11. I really love this series you have started. Please keep doing one or two every month. This one i have to admit i loved even more than the others because you used magazine cut outs. Maybe next time you can combine magazine, newspaper in one but not only for the background but for a focal image also. Isn't it satisfying to apply gesso with your fingers or is it just me? 😉🤔❤️👏😍😘🍬🦋🌺🐞🤗

  12. I get sooooo excited when I see these 10minute challenge videos!!!😁😁
    And yes, I do the challenges: so now I am going to tear up some magazines for colour👍

  13. Never treid a 10 minute challenge. Like the delicate flower on the abstract backgorund. I do way too little stamping on cards -.-

  14. Not yet! Today’s the day. Love this. Could you show your completed project closer to your camera. I love your colors(ie pastels) but it’s hard to see the details. Loved this can’t wait to try it.

  15. I love your videos bit you do use quite expensive stuff. Please use stuff thats at home or can be buyed in local store

  16. Haven’t tried the 10 minute challenge YET but I will soon. I love these ideas (and all your work) but I mostly love how these videos are under 20 minutes! 😊👏🏻

  17. Gosh, I literally have boxes of magazine cut outs, waiting for me to a) remember they are there & b) do something with them. I have in the past used magazines & my favourite thing, inside of envelopes! Have you seen how cool some of them are? Quite sturdy too.
    Your page is delightful and it's great to see the 3 together; completely different but equally lovely. Hope your voice improves ~ how will you do chatty chatty?😶😅
    Tyfs. Happy Sunday. C👋🐾🐾

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