10 Magic Products Magicians Don’t Want You To See!

10 Magic Products Magicians Don’t Want You To See!

“DOPE or NOPE” or you use your time to get all the garlic out your teeth to use a head of garlic crackers Wow Boring, we’re doing magic today I’ve been a little weird today guys and we are looking at 10 magic products That magicians do not want you to see that’s right, baby Bring them up stir it up. Get it poppin get it lit today. There is a bit of a twist We’re gonna be playing “DOPE or DIE” and whoever loses which means you accumulated the least amount of points You were going to have to say something embarrassing live on your Instagram story so whoever wins they will get to choose whatever we say on our story and Hopefully I win today’s video. I’m gonna win because I don’t post Instagram stories. It doesn’t matter All right We got the magic trick penetrating ballpoint pen the most exclusive penetration balls can’t penetrate Michael They have no points not how it works. You know, it does have points my jokes. I Don’t get it. What’s the point? It’s an easy treat to perform. All you got to do is force the pen through the dollar I could do that Give me a hundred our bill *Giggles* You’re not taking MY $100 dollar bill This guy, all right, you fold the dollar bill in half.what’s he doing? Huh? He just put a whole is five and we gave Abraham Lincoln a nose What you don’t know how that works yeah acting like you do I don’t want to ruin it for you. If you want me to tell you I’ll tell you how’s it work? Okay. How about I tell one of you and you can confirm once you see it? Well, I mean, okay, we all want to know it The pen has a magnetic head. How does it rip through with the magnet? It has separate so it has to go through the paper. All right, that still may not We got a crisp hunned *YG Fo’ Hunnnedd* that’s a $100 dollar bill right there guys real money from boss man Mathias. Whats your status on my money? just solved it Ohhhhhhhahaha with a pinkie you pull it off and then you wrap it on the other side of the Oh, that’s Humorous me. I gotta fold this. Hey, if you can’t figure it out, Michael, you’re gonna get a no and guess what? That means you’re not gonna get your point. Hey Louie. Let me only mean that Was cool so you figured out the last half you start shouting the first up sleight of hand hunger sweaty right now It should help with your slight. Are your knees weak? Three moms spaghetti for dinner already. I think you’re supposed to do this supposed to see this pen I’m gonna I’m gonna stick the pen inside What do you rate the product this is Michael product by the way, he couldn’t even solve it neither could I’m gonna say it’s a nope because you couldn’t do it, but you couldn’t either so it’s like no I did do it But the products a dope, I’m gonna say the product is a dope, but I’m gonna say Michael’s executions a nope but that still makes the product a dope because you did it. So congrats. You’re a very good Magician Yugoslavia tour. Yeah, go shopping. Yeah, go shopping torch – rose magic trick one item. Oh, that’s cool So it goes from a torch through a rose. What the Rose stays on fire though? Your hands is burning beautiful rose and fire Magic a small torch is lit by a magician. If desired toss a fireball from the torch if what I desire that Use the magic trick to entertain and amuse your audience this top product can be used by professional or aspiring magician with that said What blessed five stars with that said? You didn’t say that buddy Here’s the rose, uh Can you set the Rose on fire and then give it to someone you have burning passion for them? I’m a little confused Let me see. That’s what you light on fire. Oh, I got it. Oh, I can’t help you. Sorry That’s what you do. Where do you get this during your bit? Bring out the lighter fluid? It’s a little big yeah, we’re gonna set off fire alarms this is gonna hurt That’s a dope for me but what’s the bit that’s the bit the bit not supposed to hold the bit of it rose, yeah Alright, I have this watch me turn this bring someone in Robert. You look like a magician. Come on in here Come on in Robbie. Whoa, it’s like you can’t fire Perfect. Can you help me out? Do you love love? Yes. Well, guess what? You’re about to get a lot of love Isn’t that cool that’s pretty cool wanna see something more cool There you go my friend thank you that’s because we love you Come on that was high quality execution high hand I made someone fall in love with me as if you don’t do that before we get to that next product We want to connect with you. But how do we want to do so, you know you donating Oh thousands and thousands of Likes So that we can do a cool video and know you guys want us to do it We have this crazy idea where we buy whatever Amazon Autocomplete tells us to so we type in a random word and Amazon and then we got to choose from the small list of Amazon’s Autocomplete so we have to buy whatever it is If you guys want us to do that, we’re gonna ask for a hundred and fifteen thousand likes 115 thousand What a beautiful number that is America. I love you guys, especially everyone else in the world So hit that number and make sure you guys comment down below roses are red Common roses are red and we might just do so on to the next product lights from anywhere magic trick It’s eight point nine nine. Euros I speak European. Yes, and this is kind of what it looks like everybody First off a man like this is never allowed to date my daughter. It’s just a light you just see the light This is not a party trick quick thing for kids out there in the high school to college range Don’t you ever do magic at a party you will get made fun of and I’m the card ultra bright D Life amaze your friends Magic live from anyway magic get your fingertips show your hands empty show your hands Produce bright light of your fingertips toss from hand to hand and make a disappear on command toss to a friend and do it all Over a game they were made this king. Crab Oh Wide no stop that’s not what he was using it. Ah, ha ha that’s a giant thumb. There’s are both thumb We got next to my thumb. Oh, they only need to be thumbs. That’s right There’s no way anyone would be fooled by this ever oh yeah? Hear me out.. These are actually pretty dope should I test these on people to see like outside if they can figure it out? They’ll figure it out just be like, let me see your thumb. Do you want to make a bet for this? Because I think it’s a no no, come on You guys wouldn’t see you don’t think I think this is a No, this is pretty dope This could work. If you go up to multiple people and their first question isn’t let me see your hand You don’t I mean added three people the majority will say let me see your finger What if one of them says how did you do that? They won’t ok. Let’s see. Ok, let’s go test it. All right guys We’re move it. We’re gonna have him in try this trick on Alton go and see if he can fool Oh A real question. I’d almost fool you guys there wasn’t enough time to process both. Yeah, cuz the Magic time boys see if you guys can figure out what I’m doing this thing bam Bam boom boom. Oh No No, no, you think I have to huh Are you guys so this next one is a combo combo combo combo deal with a FIRE no Oh, it’s the fire glove like we tried in the first video but this time but we’re putting some color in that fire Maybe color color Alright, so the idea is is once you have your magic fire glove you can take this nice color to your campfire Yeah, dusted powder and boom sprinkle it. So you guys remember I tried this last time we both tried it Oh, yeah, Tanner didn’t try it cannon on blow bar Nice Nice noise. That’s a lot of fire, Bob. Okay, so I’m gonna teach you how it’s done Y’all the first glove you gotta wet with water Then you’re gonna take another glove and you’re gonna put this one on but this one you will douse in lighter fluid So this is what the powder looks like on the inside color your flames Alright, so pour letter flute. And what’d you just do nothing? I’m alive. Okay, you got there we go flames Oh blue It’s totally blue. Oh you made a mess. I gotta go this weather. Oh, it is blue. It’s blue slaying dude. Okay, that’s a lot That may be just warm Yeah, it does. It’s fire. Why was I? I’ll give it a dope definitely doesn’t. Oh, thanks product floating gimmick Wow, this is the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen it song is just inside the score table. How do you think it works? I Think it’s actual magic. Do you want this one? Can you unbox this for me? I’m feeling weak I’m doing it right now to my I’m feeling a little weak. Can you unbox this now? I’m sorry. Dang it Okay, that looks pretty cool yeah the fact he switched hands and then he does this Okay, then let me see the back of the cup bruh, buddy, oh, okay All right now I’m intrigued Add to Cart Wait, wait. No, that’s not it. That is it. This is not it. It’s another thumb product. That’s not what he was doing He’s had it suction cup to his thumb and he would constantly switch thumbs out. You could have seen this on camera You forget that they have sleight of hand and that they’re professional. Okay, well You wanna see me float this mug, well, it’s kind of cool And then you’re just like what there’s nothing on the there’s nothing on the other side Let’s see, you do a hot shot. Okay. Well, it’s a mug how they see it. Oh He does not have the possess that I do The quick sleight-of-hand thing with like turning it that was pretty good. No because you can’t have it pressed on it. How do you feel? Up the side slow slowly that’s why this is there you see you didn’t do it on his first try I don’t know how far works. But yeah, this part was easy. Oh, but that’s not the whole trick Okay, that is ultra you’re just trying to show how to disprove it. I got it. Right. It’s easy. I write it No next product magic card bite it’s free shipping on orders over $35 good thing. It’s four dollars. Take a home. Let’s hit again the same guy I Got this one. Oh That was cool, there’s no way that’s what I’m doing. That was cool though We only got the whole fire button But like you would you negate the coolness of like the sparking it back when you just like nibbling under cards? No came with the ring, why does it come with a ring? So yeah, this side looks so dumb and it’s just not it doesn’t even People you like can I see what card it is? No, because it’s just double backside. So I guess the whole bit. Oh, No, no, baby. How do you make it go? Where? How did you get the flame? Yeah, how’s his own twist? From this distance you can tell ya looks beat up It just looks bad. No, let me see if I can fool the front the frames. It’s enough Hey fans, comment up in this poll above you’ll decide Alright so back at dreamland magic, we got a blank deck mental photography cards cards appear and vanish So what these just got to be printed on one side like one sides printed the other sides not they’re meant to photography cards Michael don’t undersell them. What does that mean? I am never gonna be able to do this. I’m not too good with my slide hands fly him This is not fooling me at all this is just like why? He’s just shifting around the same card over and over Okay that did it for me there wait Michael you’re gonna do that part. That’s the only part I want to see I don’t care just the tap tap all of them Okay, genius, whatever. Yes starting this video Michael you’re studying nothing. He’s using mental imagery to make those cards appear. What does that mean? He’s got a photographic memory and what he does is he can put them on the card *PSSHHH* Ace Of Spades! Here we go mental photography deck alright perform a miracle no sleight of hand required easy to do Over sell this either oversaw. It says perform a miracle This is not a miracle. Is that gonna cure my boredom from this project? How’s that be a miracle as you can see your kids even no cloud of do this. Do you? site You’re welcome did it turn them all. Oh We did magic Like I just So you have to put them back together interesting I’ll say that’s a dope that would impress people Michael you impress yourself You impressed me, you impressed yourself. He’s like, you guys didn’t feel what I just felt? That was a great nope. Yeah, it’s a nope. next product. pour liquid into a newspaper What’s so poor about it liquid from newspaper? Okay, so you’re reading a newspaper. You’re just kind of like what’s up? You want a glass of water? Don’t worry, no ink included and then you just pour some liquid, you know a breakfast table like a little bit of newspaper You don’t read your news at the breakfast with your wife. No at the breakfast table. Okay, watch this guy do it He’s gonna be awesome. Yo. Oh, this is so easy. There’s a bag inside of this is so obvious. Yeah What do you mean clothes gonna try to get smart and pour it back into the cup? No, it’s not gonna come out It’s a ziploc bag he just went like this and Sealed the Ziploc bra she’s gonna unseal it and it’s gonna come out because look there’s no water in it It’s dry. You forget is this Wow, there’s foams. It’s fully open Oh, I he clearly showed me all that, but he didn’t open it up all the way on the diversity Show all of it. No. No. Yeah. So how do you open the Ziploc? He just did I didn’t see it Of course you didn’t because he has sleight of hand but me a magic expertise expert magic expertise expertise, man. Okay, let’s see Let’s see what he’s got here. Oh, you have to use a telegraph – this is a real newspaper What else send them back oh, there it is. I don’t know I actually don’t know it’s gone I’m reading some paper now and you know what my papers thirsty OH MY!! Was that on camera? I hope! Wellll That’s gonna be a nope Cant even pour it properly Hey look at how good I am at magic.. Gets the whole entire thing wet How can it go all the way through? Are you sure you were pouring it in the right one? Yeeeahhh That’s where you’re supposed to pour it. No it should of been sealed It should of been sealed, but it’s just NOT sealed.. So it’s a dope right? Let me see, it should be sealed but its not. Its just literally not and I poured water all over my shoes They didn’t glue it.. They didn’t glue it right, so i’m gonna have to say dope.. Next product. $100 dollar bill illusion change a $1 dollar into a $100 dollars.. Hmmm Ok, Ok i’ll believe it when I see it. Uhhh its just called investing, though. Guessing even in their picture the thumb doesn’t even look real. Yeah, this is super corny Wow Look at the thumbnail on that thumb looks like it got smashed in the door Want to see me turn this one too hard into twenty dollars will draw No, well lucky for me. I have a one-dog army. I’m gonna fold that one that way down One more half. Yeah now keep it in your thumb I wear my thumb like that don’t stuff it in you have to get it out You’re not gonna get it out of that magic card Wow, that’s a long thumb brother the long and dirty look looks plump. Is that your skin color? Michael? No, I’m more tan That’s stupid closer to Michael though. So I’m like, oh We raised a thumb know you got a gob brother So I’m gonna try and naturally fold this spam What’s happening I just saw extra band I’m gonna slide it out. This shouldn’t be that difficult I read yours honest. I hate that Whatever. Alright we got a sale five pieces laughing Yeah, five pieces laughs funny air floating magic tricks floating match on card close-up magic house. Looks like french fries. Yeah I’m a little french fry and then I’ll give you a dope All right so we got a levitation Sign, it’s hard. Pretty much. You’ve got two little stakes you got in between one little card and by defending the card It’s supposed to force it to be levitated and upwards. Alright, so this is one of the greatest close-up effects of all the time. Why? a Little wooden stick is placed on a playing card and it magically floats an inch over the card. All right Well, we’re gonna add this part and we’re gonna test it out I just really want a wrench for London magic works 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. I’m just gonna wing it Wait, it doesn’t come like you’re French. Well, what are those literary? I’m gonna levitate this strong. Okay, so right here, right? You got two things plays Are you pooping me? Did you see that having food? It was working. Wait what I impressed people behind us myself. I saw the string There’s string I saw it. I don’t even know how this works with my sports drink. There’s no tune It’s just a card all I’ll do it do it. I was actually kind of impressive. Hmm a Soft string. I don’t get it. I levitated it. He didn’t actually levitate at that time Can you do it for the camera It just looks like they’re rolling not floating but they’re floating right there. You can see that guys right there I get it There’s a film. Yeah, that’s what I said. You said string. Well, it’s just this thing this layer of science This is what it is on here. Look at it See the little strings the little wires superfine, but you can see them right there. That’s what let’s the straws and levitate This is kind of cool. I will rate it a dope. I think it’s kind of cool It did not catch my eye did not first thing to look for string. That means you win What am I gonna put on my story and what is Mac in a Tweetup I want yours to be a live video You gotta talk about alright I got mad Mad run and thankfully my good friend. Michael brought me tums. Okay, that’s gotta go you trying to rhyme No, I’m putting Matloff. I want to be by myself by hey Ricky do together. Yo, what’s up guys? I’m gonna set a doper Nope, and you know we lost dope or die So if you guys want to see why I go check out don’t burn up in the upcoming videos But I pretty much have to say that once I want to talk about with big old Matthias guy over here, you know, yeah Yeah, and so, you know what happened? We ate some bad food man. We got the runs. We got the run good boy Michael had to clean it up. Yeah, thank you Michael. You’re welcome guys for all you kids out there pooping stay strong Testing any magic products if you like to see more click that video right over there because that is another magicians video that they don’t want to see but works both in their secrets and that’d be the right over there is a video that YouTube recommends just for you check it out and we’ll see you next time and their lunch truck is here so I gotta go eat peace out

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