10 Inspirational Websites for Artists

10 Inspirational Websites for Artists

I'm Eugene captain's cabin design TV and today we're going to be doing something a little bit different than something we would normally do normally we do tutorials or I talk about my daily life but I want to talk about inspiration now as an artist it's not good to be in front of the computer every single day you need to get out you need to go experience life but sometimes you just don't have the luxury of doing that and therefore you need certain resources that you can go to and be inspired now I've compiled a list of 10 different sites that you can go to that have communities of other artists now some of these communities are for 3d artists some are just for concept some are for graphic design anyway each community is a little bit different and the varying levels of each community is very apparent I mean the community behind deviant arts typically won't be to the same standards as say the Hantz or dribble so anyway here are 10 websites that you can go to there is a full link of all the sites down below and let's just jump into it the Hantz is an online community ran by Adobe it's mainly Adobe users so people who build websites in Dreamweaver or muse or are illustrators use illustrator or Photoshop experts or after effects artists there are in fact a lot of cinema 4d artists that use this site as well and you can really see the quality of not just individual artists but full range studios as well art station is great because it's really artists who are in the fields of film video games and entertainment now if you're in any of those you might actually want a portfolio on this site there's also a job board in case you're looking for work or do you need an artist you can post as well so third on our list we have dribble dribble is mainly a consisted community for graphic artists in the illustration artists you'll see a wide variety of either flat art or logo design or color Theory markups this is a great site for anybody who does a lot of illustration work and a lot of studios that specifically specialize in illustration we'll post this site so number four on our list is draw crowd now draw crowd is mainly for either anime concept artists illustration artists it has definitely like an anime community feel to it a lot of artists that I've just seen on here are like concept artists or people typically drawing manga or you know pinups so it might not be like my first pick of things to go to as far as like trying to get inspired but I wouldn't rule it out next up we have ello now when ello first showed up on the scene a lot of the Rose a lotta talked about it we're placing Facebook and it just never got off the ground on that scale but ever since it's been a great resource of photography and illustration design work again it this isn't like my top pick as far as places to go to to get inspired specifically for me but if you are a big fan of photography this might be a place to go to and have an account so Pinterest isn't one that you would normally think right away as being an inspirational creative outlet now I really enjoy Pinterest and I'm a big Pinterest user because I can grab things from other websites pulling them into a single board when I'm trying to do like a study and I can use those as like research samples so I'll have like one board full of like UI in UX or I'll have a board specifically for 3d design and modeling say I'm trying to make something or I need like tutorials on how to do something this is a great resource for making sure that I have all that information saved in one general place so among this list sketchfab is probably the biggest 3d creative inspiration site I can possibly find it's a great community where people are uploading their 3d models and animations and you can actually view them in a 3d space which is fantastic each page or each model gets loaded up into an individual player and you can check it out you can spin it around just see it in all of its 3d glory now if you are a 3d artist or a character designer of some kind I highly recommend this website another resource that you might not consider right away as being an artistic community unless you're in this site a lot is tumblr I mean it's it's not only a site where you can search for other drawings or artistic properties but you can create basically your own blog or your own image gallery or a place to put all the other assets that you might have on other web sites so I personally like to put everything I make on this website whether it be images or YouTube videos or motion design pieces that I've done tumblr is really the combination of all the other sites I have into one basic long feed so number nine on our list is going to be Vimeo now if you do something with video whether it be as an animator or the effects artist or a director or cinematographer Vimeo is going to be your best friend now it's going to beat out other video platforms like YouTube just because it's a more professional community if you are a big-name filmmaker you might be putting things on to Vimeo rather than YouTube and the end the pieces that are actually put up very much reflect that thought process and community now a lot of these are like award-winning short films that people have made and it's it's great this is the very last inspirational artist website on our list might be one that other people have been like oh that's that's really obvious or you know I I don't really see it but it's Instagram yes it's a lot of the stuff that goes onto Instagram are photos with filters but there are so many artists just throwing up pieces in 612 by 612 pixels and it is like look at this this is amazing I love this but anyway there's a huge community on Instagram of motion designers and 3d artists building pieces and sharing them onto this platform it's it's a group it's another great resource get an account share whatever you want anyway that's gonna end our video for today I am gonna give a special mention to Divi nartz while it's not something I would normally go to as far as trying to find inspiration there are a lot of commercial artists on there but there's also a lot of artists who aren't artists that I would normally go to for inspiration also there's a lot of furry artwork and that's not something I'm personally into if that's something you're into you know that's awesome go check out devianart but you know again not something I'm going be into if you'd like to check out any of these websites that I've talked about today there is a full list in the description go check it out if you found at least one website that you wouldn't have been to otherwise without finding this video go ahead and hit the like button and let me know in the comments what channel that is or what website is that if you haven't already hit the subscribe button go ahead and finger me we're in a relationship let's make it official anyway I'm Eugene Cap'n this is a cap and design TV I will see you in the next video you

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