10 Easy DIY Binder Clip Life Hacks | Sea Lemon

10 Easy DIY Binder Clip Life Hacks | Sea Lemon

(Music) Hello! It’s Jennifer from Sea Lemon. Today I want to show you about 10 different DIY’s you can do with these binder clips. And I’m calling these life hacks because there are so many different ways you can use these clips which help you organize and simplify your life. Some of these you may have already heard of, but I wanted to try them out myself, and show you what they look like. And along the way I figured out more clever ways to use these in every day life things. So you can obviously use any of these to spark an idea or adapt them to fit your life. If you are new here, welcome. There is new video each week so I encourage you to subscribe to my channel Sea Lemon so you can see when those go up and hit that like button if you like these life
hack type videos. Alright, let’s get to it. This first one is a super easy way to
add a pen holder to your notebook. Add a binder clip to your pen or pencil and
simply add it to the edge of your book cover and there it is, an instant pen
holder. You can also move the clip toward the top of the cover so that the pen
stays put and this will help if you’re adding your notebook into a backpack or
your bag. This next one is an easy way to bind single sheets of paper. Let’s say
you just printed out a report or a final paper. You can use binder clips and a
sheet of cardstock on the top for the cover to make it look a little more
polished. Stack those all together and using your binder clips you can add as
many as you like. I go with 3 usually on 8 and 1/2 by 11 paper just clip those on
to the spine of the book. Then, remove the handle parts to give it a cleaner look
and make it easier to open your book. You can leave it at that
but if you want an easier way to open the cover so that it bends over, you can
add a score line just below those binder clips. I’m using a pen here to score a
line but you can of course use any other tool that you’d like, now rather than
your pages looking like you just printed them out, you have slightly upped the
presentation and it looks a little more professional with this simple binding.
Binder clips are such an easy way to display art or photos. You can make a
simple stand on your tabletop by just simply putting your photo in
like this or if you want to pin something to the wall and you don’t want
to add holes through the artwork simply add a binder clip to the top and hang it
up just like that. This next one is for the painters out there. If you’re like me
and you like to rest your brush on top of your water dish and you don’t want it
to roll around, simply add a couple of binder clips on the edges, leave two of
those handles up and slide in your brush to keep it in place so that it doesn’t
roll around and possibly hold onto your artwork or your table making a mess. It’s
a really easy holder and a good way to keep track of your paintbrush. This next
one is a really easy way to organize and dispense your ribbon. On a container add
a binder clip to each side, then with some sort of stick like a dowel or a
pencil or in my case a paintbrush, slide it through the clips and ribbon to keep
it in place. Then, for the dispenser part, put a binder clip in front and pull the
ribbon through. Then use it to trim off as much ribbon as you need while still
keeping your ribbon organized and depending on the size of your container,
you can continue adding ribbon to your new dispenser and add more clips to the
front to hold the ends in place Something else that these binder clips
can hold is your jewelry. I’m going to make this hanging mirror into a holder
for my necklaces with just a couple of binder clips. Hang a mirror or a frame
onto the wall, add some binder clips to the sides and then hang your jewelry
onto the holders. You can also add a clip to the top or bottom for more places to
hang your jewelry. I like the idea of the holder functioning as a mirror as well
so that you can kind of see yourself when you’re adding accessories to your
outfit for the day. It’s a quick grab and go away to accessorize and I think this
would also work well in a locker. Another easy life hack with these binder
clips is using it for a keychain clip Remove one of the holders, add it to your
key and slip it back into the clip and it makes a functional keychain this is a
great way to add your key to a note maybe you’re house-sitting or someone is
house-sitting for you and you need to leave a reminder. This is a great way to
do that. Another DIY holder for your everyday
things is making a sunglass holder with these binder clips I’m using a really
large one for this but it can just depend on the size and thickness of your
sunglass arms. Simply clip it on to the edge of a tabletop or a shelf and slide
your glasses on in. Add more along the side if you have a collection of
sunglasses. This is a great way to display them and save you some table
space. I’m sure you have seen this binder clip hack by now but I have not tried
this yet and I am so bad at just leaving my charger on a table just letting it
fall off and then I have to pick it up all the time so this time, I am adding a
binder clip to the edge of my table so that it catches my charger and it holds
it there now I don’t have to keep picking it up from the floor and it’s
always there on my nightstand so that I can easily charge my phone when I need
to. Another thing you can try for your phone is making a DIY cell phone holder
with these clips. To make this, you’ll need four medium or large clips and two
small clips. Starting with the two larger clips, add one inside the other so that
it’s angled like this. On the clip that is on the inside, pull the handle up so
it’s making an L shape then with a smaller clip, add it to the end which is
the bottom of the L and that’s all it takes to form one of the holders. You
want to repeat that step and make two of them. Placed side-by-side then they’re
ready to hold your phone. This holder really comes in handy when you want to
watch your favorite YouTube channels like this awesome one called Sea Lemon
which you should totally subscribe to, it’s the perfect toy to watch your
favorite YouTube videos on a tabletop or to follow a DIY video or instructions
while you’re making something. I hope you found these helpful there are literally
so many ways you can use a binder clip and a project and if you have tried any
of your own binder clip life hack. I would love to read about it so leave it
in a comment below and if you’re not already, be sure to follow me on my
social links because I love connecting with you guys there and be sure to subscribe to my channel Sea Lemon for more DIY
projects. For more projects that are like life hacks and make your life just a
little bit easier, check out one of these tutorials here. Links will be in the
description below and I will see you guys next week

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  1. omg have been using binder clips for years. and other clips too. I am constantly dropping glasses especialy of night stand. 2 pair currently missing! put a plastic clip on tv and glasses hang perfictlly.

  2. also have tried binder clips on cell phoneto anchor charger wire so that when phone falls off bed I can pull it up. never realy found where to place clip without interfearing with phone touch screen function. switched to plastic clip and they don't seem to interfere with phone function.

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  17. You can use binder clips for putting up curtains. I'm renting my place and as such don't want any damage so I get my deposit back if/when I move. The front and back doors with windows are metal which would make putting curtain rods on them damaging, so I improvised. Glue magnets to the clips, glue or sew one end of fabric with a large enough hem to run a thin dowel through, then have the clips hold it while the magnets keep it on the door or window.

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