10 Arts & Crafts Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier!

10 Arts & Crafts Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier!

– You finally leveled
up your painting game with fancy tapes and then (braking skid) this happens. No! Well, this is definitely
not what we wanted. If you don’t want it to happen ever again what you can do is use a hairdryer. ♫ What you do ♫ Doing what you do ♫ Doing what you doing you do ♫ Doing what you do No, not like that, girl. (crickets chirping) Once you’re done with the painting, go over the tape with the hairdryer to slightly melt the
sticky part underneath. This will make it a lot
easier to remove the tape, and now you can easily peel it off without ruining your painting. Having art as a hobby isn’t
only frustrating for you but also for your wallet, especially when you want to get new paints like these fancy metallic acrylic paints. Don’t worry, there’s a hack for this. All you need to transform
your regular acrylic paint into shiny metallic paint is one small bottle of
silver acrylic paint. With only one shade of
metallic paint such as silver you can create as many
metallic shades as you want. All you need to do is mix a little bit of the silver metallic paint
into any color you like and mix it very well. The more of the metallic
silver paint you add, the brighter and more shinier the metallic color will be in the end. And you can experiment
with different amounts. You can use lots of the metallic paint and add just a tiny bit
of any color you like. And the result is beautiful. With just one dot of red acrylic paint I created this pretty rose color, it is super shiny and so beautiful. And you can create pretty
much any shade you want with just one shade of
metallic silver acrylic paint. – [Voices] Wow! – Is this how your paint
tubes usually end up looking, and even if you try to
squeeze out everything there is still so much
paint that is inside that you just can’t get out? Well, there’s actually a
pretty cool tool for that and that’s this tube squeezer. All you need to do is place the end of the tube inside this tool and then squeeze it
through it just like that. You just need to close the
tube between the two sides and then turn on the
side to move the barrels, and all the inside of the
tube will get squeezed out. You can actually use it for other tubes like toothpaste and cream, so this is pretty much a
game-changer in my opinion, as it will save not only your
nerves but also your money. You know the struggle when it comes to sharpening your precious
and expensive color pencils just to restore the tip, but you don’t want to waste any of it because there’s a chance that
the pencil lead can break. What you can do to get the
most out of your pencils is to simply use fine sanding paper or a fine nail file to sharpen the tip. Move the pencil along the sanded surface and turn the pencil around
so you sharpen it evenly. And voila, the pencil is ready to go. This way you not only
get a super fine tip, but you can also save
a lot of your pencil. Did you know that you
can draw a perfect circle with just paper clips and pens? I know, that sounds crazy. Place the clip where you
want to draw the circle and hold it with one pencil. And to draw a circle around this point, take another pencil or
a pen of your choice and draw a circle at the end
of the clip just like that. And voila. If you want to create a bigger circle simply attach two or
even more clips together and repeat the step. But if you want to make the circle a little bit smaller or a bit bigger you can also open the clip and use the round edge the same way. Now if you don’t have any clips with you, you can also do that without
any additional tools. I know that’s even crazier but it works. Place your bone that is right above your wrist onto some paper and hold the paper
firmly but still loosely and then carefully move
the paper around your hand while holding the pen down
so it kind of pinwheels. It’s important that you
don’t move your hand that is holding the pen at all. This way you get a perfect circle. This can take some practice but as long as you hold the
paper firmly but still loosely you can do it. Just try it out. You can also try to use the
side of your small finger. The steps are the same. Place the side of your
small finger onto the paper and press it down firmly
but still loosely, and while you hold the pen on the paper carefully move the paper around your hand. If it doesn’t work the
first time, don’t worry, just practice a few times and you will be surprised with the result. In the end you won’t be able to stop drawing circles freehand because it’s actually so easy and fun. Do you have one of those habits where you’re just too lazy to clean your bottle of paints, glaze or glue, that in the end the
lids are glued together. Well, before you hurt
your hand even further, here’s a simple hack for you. Just use a silicon cupcake mold, place it on top of the lid, and while you hold the
lid, turn it around. The silicon cupcake mold will make it so easy to move the lid and open the bottle. That simple. You love drawing with
pastels and charcoals but this is how your
hands look all the time after painting for a while. If you don’t want to wash
your hands every five minutes you can just attach some tape
around the end of the charcoal to keep your hands clean while you draw. Here I’m just using washi tape. And once you used up some of it, you can simply remove some of the tape and then keep drawing. And to avoid any further
smudging while you draw, place a plain piece of paper underneath your hand while drawing. This will not only protect
your drawing from your hand, but it will also make the
drawing so much more comfortable. Super simple but so helpful. You’re finally done with your beautiful
watercolor masterpiece, but your paper looks
kind of similar to this, more wavy than flat. Don’t worry, I have a
very simple trick for you that will help you flatten the image. Spray a little bit of water
onto the back of the paper, place a piece of fabric or paper on top just to protect your painting. And then iron everything on
the medium or high settings, depending on your iron and
the paper you are using. You just want to carefully
even out the paper. Here it was watercolor
paper was a bit thicker so I had to use a harder setting. Afterwards, place something heavy on top so the painting can cool down
while keeping the flatness. After a few minutes, you
can take out your painting, and voila, the paper is
flat like a pancake again. Did you know that you
can use an ice cube tray for mixing watercolors and for creating as many shades and colors as you can fit in? Simply add a little bit
of water to the tray and then you can load up
your wet brush with paint and kind of clean the
brush and set the tray to transfer the paint. The more paint you use the
darker the shade will get and the less paint you use
and the more water you use the lighter the color will be. Have you ever painted with watercolors and then realize that
something looks totally off and you wanted to fix it? Well, this happens to me all the time. God. But instead of throwing
the whole piece away, you can actually erase the paint. All you need are these dirt eraser sponges that are actually used for cleaning. But this works even with watercolors. Cut the sponge into smaller pieces so it’s more convenient to use. And one piece into some clean water and squeeze out the excess water. And then you can carefully
erase the watercolor paint. Turn the sponge around and clean it with clear
water from time to time so you can always use the clean side. You can only remove mistakes but you can also use the
sponge for different techniques such as adding details with the stem. You can cut out any shape using some thick paper or cardboard then use it as a stencil. Now all you need to do is erase the paint inside the stencil, or you can also just use
the edge of the paper to clean the edges of your painting. And for example, when you don’t have a tape or
the paint ran through the tape and ruined your perfect white frame, you can just remove it with this eraser. This erasing technique
works with thicker paper such as watercolor paper. I tried it on print paper
but this doesn’t work. But if you work with watercolors
and watercolor paper, this is great. And if you want you can even
erase your whole painting and no one will notice that you actually mess
it up the first time. Wait until the paper has dried and you can go back and repeat the area. Let me know in the comments below what hack you found the
most useful and helpful. And if you have any other tips and tricks, share it in the comments below as well, so we can spread the hacks that will make your life easier. I hope you like this
video and find it helpful. If you did, give this
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  1. Using crayons and make a mistake?

    1: scribble with pen over the crayons (this gets rid of the top layer)

    2; erase the pencil marks (and the pencil is mixed in with the crayons it will also get rid of the crayons!)

    I learned this in school so your welcome!


  3. Oh there’s a trick to getting non ripped paper u just simply pull it slowly, and ur fingers has to be close to where the tape is pulling at. It works for me, and it’s hard to write how to. XD I don’t make any sense do I?

  4. Great tips! It seems weird but I use a 2 week (14 compartment) pill box for mixing my colors! You can snap the lids shut too.

  5. These are all super helpful, but the silver acrylic paint one saved a project idea I discarded few hours ago! Thank you for sharing! 😍😊

  6. You can also buy white metallic paint too! I found it changes the original colour less than silver does, it only lightens the tone rather than making it more grey 🙂

  7. Another back for dried paint lids that are stuck is to run the paint bottle/lid under hot water to melt the paint slightly and the lid will come off.

  8. the perfect circle hack and the magic eraser hack is very cool and the one that i love the most and the very useful ones to me

  9. For iredesent shiny watercolors schmincke and winsor and newton have a iredesent medium!
    I also reccomend the dahle 155 pencil sharpner. Only takes away a little shavings and makes a super sharp point.

  10. Your videos are funny + so so so so so much helpful. I usually can't use water colours but I'm going to use it now. Cause I know how to erase it !!!
    Also that tape removing hack is so much helpful for me. Because I always ruined my drawing.
    Thanks a lot 💟

  11. I LOVE all of these hacks! Especially the ironing and erasing. I am new to watercolor painting, and your videos have been an amazing help to me! I even mention your channel and videos in my art blog. I have a new hack (maybe) for you. I use painter's tape for delicate surfaces to frame my watercolors. Have never had a problem with it lifting the paper (so far). In a pinch, when masking fluid isn't available, I have simply cut a shape from the tape and applied it to the paper where I would have used masking fluid. It would be problematic for super complicated masking, but it actually works pretty well for more simple shapes and lines. AND, I can use your hair dryer hack to remove it just in case. Thanks again! You're amazing!

  12. Do you think I could use a clothes steamer instead of Iron? It sprays water and irons small areas simultaneously.

  13. The last one. I had bought these on Wish, basically cause they were so cheap but I already found out they work well on erasing watercolor, and I believe soft pastels. But you have me more artistic ideas instead of just "cleaning up" 😊

  14. I suddenly remembered making a water lily at a forest river painting and used those tapes… Then I just cried the whole night because it was already ruined because of the ripped parts ㅋㅋㅋ


    Sorry LMAO.

    (Also not to be a troll but it could've been a boy, too 🤷‍♀️)

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