43 thoughts on “10 Art Hacks Painting Techniques

  1. Hi Jay …love your painting hacks… can I ask…what brand of paint brushes to you use for watercolour…thanks Robyn x

  2. This is one from my favorite channels 👍
    Your New videos are always different and more informative that the previous
    keep struggling Dear and best of
    Luck 💞💗 Friend💕

  3. He makes the trunks looks so realistic and here I am making something very similar to a very weird twisted silly tree. T ^ T

  4. Honestly I don't like it at all. It looks like 5 minutes craft thing and it is not really usefull. Especially the one with the cake roller…

  5. The creativity, the techniques, the painting it's the most wonderful and the balloons looked as real I love this creative video

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