#1 Secret To Selling High-Priced Coaching & Consulting Services – The Art of High Ticket Sales Ep. 8

#1 Secret To Selling High-Priced Coaching & Consulting Services – The Art of High Ticket Sales Ep. 8

– Now here’s a truth that
nobody dares to talk about. How many of you work with
and sell to entrepreneurs? Like business owners, B2B? Okay, nice and high. Okay, wow, a lot of people in the room. Okay, beware of this. Beware those who speak
entrepreneur but don’t live it. Meaning that most of the
clients can talk the talk, but won’t walk the walk. Most entrepreneurs are full of shit. (audience laughter) And I mean it. – [Narrator] The King
of High-Ticket Sales. World’s Highest-Paid Consultant. Media Celebrity. Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx Speaker. International Best-Selling Author. Dan Lok. – They say they wanna grow. They say, I want more customers. They say, I want this,
they say, I want that. They’re setting off this goal. But when the shit hits the fan, when it comes to hey, you know what? I could help you get results! Oh, no. They have so much mental
garbage in their minds, that it’s holding them back. That it’s holding them back. And I’m saying it’s
not your job to fix it. I’ll say it again, it’s
not your job to fix it. Don’t get into the fixing business. I tried that, it does not work. Okay, think of the person that talks about wanting to be in business for themselves. How many of you know
some friends and family, that have been telling you, hey, yeah I want to start a business? I wanna do that. They’ve been saying this
shit for years, right? Complaining I wanna do
that, I hate my fucking job. I hate my boss, I wanna
start my own thing. But every single time
they don’t do it, yes? That’s what I’m talking about. That’s why they’re full of shit. Because their actions don’t match with what they say they wanna do. Think of the person who talks to you about sincerely wanting to lose weight. While shoveling an extra
order of cheese fries into their face. They say one thing, oh, I look so fat. I don’t know man, New Year resolution, I gotta go to the gym. And they sign up for the gym, and they go to gym for two
times in January, and that’s it. After, in February, something else. Something else. Heres a secret. The big money today, write this down. The big money today, it’s all in helping the ambitious. Typically, already successful people move to the next level of
success in their lives. Please, if you can write this down, this is the key to the whole thing. The big money today is in
helping the already ambitious, typically already successful, move to the next level of
success in their lives. Knowing this key piece of information, allows you to create an ultra-profitable, and high-ticket business. You want to sell to what I call PWM. What is it? – [Audience] PWM. – Players With Money. PWM. Repeat after me, Players With Money. If you want to build a
successful high-ticket business, sell to Players With Money. Players With Money. You see, I think that’s the next slide. That’s interesting. I just got this the other day. You can see January 7th. That’s the Facebook message. Hi Dan, looking for a mentor, help me. You would be shocked how often I get this. I get these kind of messages
three to four times a day. Through Facebook, through Twitter, through all that social media. What does that tell me about this person? – [Audience Member] Nothing’s here. – Nothing’s here. – [Audience Member] Desperate. – Desperate. – [Audience Member] Cheap. – Cheap. – [Audience Member] Quick. – Quick. – [Audience Member]
Doesn’t understand you, and where you come from. – Where you come from, probably knows nothing
about me, very little. – No respect.
– No respect. – [Audience Member] No investment. – No investment, yes? – [Audience Member] No clarity. – Yup, no clarity. – [Audience Member] Expecting
you to do it for them. – Yeah, to do it for them. Here’s the thing, and that
was something I taught Ali. He learned a couple of months ago, I’m not in the business of
turning losers into winners. How many of you have tried that? Turning losers into winners? I’m in the business of
helping winners win more. I’ll say it again. I’m in the business of
helping winners win more. You look at everything, if you dissect and study everything I do, from running the group,
from all the marketing I do, it’s designed to filter out. It’s designed to attract the
best, and repel the rest. Everything I do. I’m not in the rescue business. I’m not interested in rescuing anybody. That’s not the business I’m in. On the other hand my free
stuff, my podcast, my YouTube, stuff that doesn’t take my time. Awesome, all you can eat. Have in the marketplace,
give back, that’s okay. I’m talking strictly from
a business point of view. That’s not the segment I serve. ‘Cause I sell to who? – [Audience] Players With Money. – Either to the affluent,
or entrepreneurs. Even though they may
not have a ton of money, but they at least willing
to invest in themselves. They are willing to do that,
and this who I sell to. And here’s what’s amazing, when you’re selling to Players With Money, your life is easier, and
they get great results. Do you know why? – [Audience Member] They do the work? – They do the work, yes! But why? What else? Why it makes your life easier when you sell to Players With Money? Why, Kevin? – [Kevin] They understand the process? – They understand the process. – It takes time?
– It takes time, yes good. But there’s something
deeper than that, why? – [Audience Member] They inspire you. – They inspire you with your work, or you want to help them more. Yes, what else? – [Audience Member] They’re committed? – They’re committed, yes. – [Audience Member] They
understand the value. – They understand the value, but there’s something deeper than that. Yes sir?
(overlapping chatter) Yes. – [Audience Member] They help you grow. – They help you grow, yes because
you love from the clients. – [Audience Member] It’s in their DNA. – That’s it! Here’s the thing, there’s a reason why they are successful
in the first place. And it has nothing to do with you. John is successful because of John, not because of Dan, right? So John even he, you know John’s DIC. John is looking for the extra edge. That one thing, or maybe that one stride, that will take him to the next level. John is already successful, and there’s a reason why he is successful. Because of his habit,
his work ethics, right? His mindset, his belief,
so when I work with John, I don’t have to fix all this shit. He’s already got the fundamental. He’s already 90% there, all I
need is take him to the 10%. That’s not hard, but when you
work with someone at the 10%, you gotta get them up, oh my God. Holy shit. Oh fuck, oh fuck me. And then self sabotage, ah fuck, oh shit. Oh limiting belief, oh shit, oh my God. And the negative programming, with negative association
with money, ah fuck. Right? So what happens they’re like this, and you feel like you’re dragging them. You feel like you’re dragging them. Versus someone that’s already there, it’s all about client selection. Listen to me, select the winners first and that’s why people say, oh Dan, you’re so great at this. Well, my genius is in client selection. Yes? (audience member speaking faintly) Absolutely.
(audience laughing) Ladies I’m gonna show you how
to turn losers into winners! Right? Don’t do that. – [Audience Member] And they
typically give up on you, after all that energy
that you put into it. – Yeah.
– And your like, what? Why I did I just waste all that– – That’s exactly it. You pour your heart out, you try to help, because you had to rescue them. They feel like, it’s like this person. I used to do that shit, trust me. I used to would get on the
phone with this person. Let me see how I could help you. And they bitch for an hour. And I pour my heart out, you know, maybe you don’t
have money, that’s okay. I would spend all this time. Remember what I said, the more they pay for
something, the more they value? All these years, no good
deed goes unpunished. Every single time I do that, none, none of them do anything. That’s what I learned. I wasted his fucking time. I wasted my fucking time. Nobody goes anywhere. It’s like a, it’s stupid. It’s very, very stupid. That’s what I’m saying. (inspirational music)

86 thoughts on “#1 Secret To Selling High-Priced Coaching & Consulting Services – The Art of High Ticket Sales Ep. 8

  1. I really appreciate your videos
    Keep up the great work
    One day I will meet you and tell how your videos made me successful
    Aziz from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  2. Wow. Every video has a big insight, but this one really punched me in the face. It makes total sense, while making me feel very uncomfortable, that life is easier when you help people who want to help themselves. It goes back to how we want to best leverage our time and energy.

  3. "Your life is easier because it's in their DNA." This was one of my Aha moments. I've also tried many times in life to help and fix other people (be their savior). In the end, it always ended up with me being disappointed. Usually, they never invested anything. I was always the one spending my time, energy, and resources. Thanks for the insight Dan!

  4. The Shattering Truth!!! I am guilty of all that is said. Another well received msg… I also echo your sentiments Aron Choi.

  5. Sifu Dan you are so wright about those who are cheap and seek for help. I have tried today to help someone and at the end I got so angry because in my response an entrepreneur with DNA would have understood what I was talking about and this guy just kept asking for more detailed help and I gave up on him. I said, sorry no more help from me. Man, people can be sometimes so anoying when they are greedy !!!

  6. OMG my style is more modest but I heard you on a podcast and now found this. YOu are as good as @GaryVee, I'm sure you know him. This video helped me realize like duh who to help and why. My first coaching client on website marketing- nickle and dimed me on everything, hated everything, wouldn't do the work, it was a nightmare….

  7. You provide more value for my business than any other "guru" that I've ever come across. Thank you for being so incredible.

  8. Mostly everyone today loves to preach about "unity and helping one another, and saving each other" with all these motivational speeches, yet each of them deep down are miserable and in despair, like you taught us. I rather work with and be part of the elite few, the players with money, the people who know real commitment and change, which can be found in our HTC family. This is one of the core reasons why you Sifu Dan resonated with me the second I saw your videos, and I knew you are the one.

  9. This video is a total breakthrough for me. Anyone struggling in business keep Dan's statement in mind and think about this everyday:

    "The big money today is in helping the already ambitious, typically already successful move to the next level of success in their lives."

  10. Quite working with people that aren't looking to succeed and work with people that are determined to get there. P.W.M. don't need to be motivated and that saves so much energy. It's like friends in your life. Good friends don't always need you to pull them along!

  11. another key to profitable high ticket business, you continue to remove obstacles between us and a great life, Thank you (HTS group 3)

  12. The big money today it's all in helping the ambitious typically already successful people move to the next level of success in their lives.

    Sell to players with money!!

    Not in the business of turning losers into winners.

    In the business of helping winners, win more!!!

  13. Hahaha most Entrepreneurs are full of shit lol I use to be scared of your brutal honesty but now I'm glad I'm learning from you on HTC.

  14. You truly make your life easier if you select the best of the best as your clients. And that's amazing in High Ticket Selling or Closing also I assume. Most of the "losers" wouldn't even try to buy a $3k+ product because of the negative shit in their heads. Therefore you don't have to deal with "low" people. And then what you do, it's not even selling then. It's something much, much deeper. It's helping the already established get to the next level. You're basically offering that chance for them through the service/product they're interested in. And that's a great realization for me right there. Thanks a million, Dan!

  15. I just joined Dan Lock University, and “can’t wait “ to get started! Prior to yesterday’s sign up, I’ve been DAILY hunting down Dan’s “ nuggets of wisdom about HTC. Dan Is The Man! You need PLAYERS WITH MONEY to be successful as an HTC. Wow Dan-Wow!!!!!!

  16. wow. I have struggled with understanding why we don't have to.. kind of.. sweet talk our prospects…I have come from where I had to convince to sell…but now I do, I am dealing with already successful prospects , who basically need a slight edge to accomplish their targets. they already know what they want…..just close them!!

  17. I do not get tired of watching this and other videos you continue to share. Thank you, Sifu. My main takeaways:
    1. Work with PWM,
    2. Continue to succeed in everything I do,
    3. Keep my clients at the forefront of my mind and whole-heartedly.

  18. I learn more and more everyday that I watch your videos thank you. This has given me a huge insight on my life. I no longer have time to try to help the losers around me. Instead helping and being around winners will be valuable for both me and them

  19. Damn I love and felt both these quotes..

    "I'm not in the business of turning losers into winner's!"

    "I'm in the business of helping winner's win more!"

  20. This one video has completely changed my view of my ideal client. I love the way you communicate the concept by example. Thank you for being you and sharing this valuable information.

  21. Add to winning trades and traders and cut your losses with the losers. I've personally wasted too much time trying to help the losers. Fuck em!

  22. I love how you break down of why to be very selective of clients. I know exactly what you mean when you said they never do the work, take action and then bitch they dont get results. and on top of that, you waste your fucking time. That made me change my model completely. Thank you Dan

  23. Thanks dan. For helping us. All your content you talk about I believe we all felt that before about client , thanks for giving us the permission and confident to execute what you said.

  24. Just like you did, I spent so much time in helping people to rise from their situations only to find out later that it was a waste of time and effort. I'm wiser now especially with your incredible message of "making winners win more."

  25. Dan Lok. Your work is inspiring & it motivates me to be profit-centric in action and direction of my enterprise. Whenever or wherever in the coming future we will meet, I will pay for your steak dinner in gratitude. Thank you so much for your upload of Sir Dan Pena as well. He must be your Mentor. How inspiring and awesome you Sir have the same name "Dan" it must be preordination. I am thanking for your teaching about copywriting, now I am learning to be an astute student of the art. Your story of how copywriting has earned you 10k per article page in your late teens was shocking and inspiring as well. You are the real Morpheus from the Matrix, i am now opened up to linguistic contruct that has the power to sway purveyors, viewers toward consumerism. A strong toolset to make any business more sustainable, and more competitive. Godspeed Sir Dan. Ps. Please provide more lessons on copywriting, and It would be amazing there will ever be a panel conference as presented by you and Sir Dan Pena, Jason Calacanis, Grant Cardone, Jay Abraham, Patrick Pet David, Neil Patel, Darren Hardy. That would be out of this world awesome.

  26. That's what I learnt by doing "helping people on chat, on call, 1:1 – if they ask" similar to what you did too.

    I'm basically a 1:1 person but I went extra step and started FB group dedicated to keep helping more people.

    Few weeks ago, I eliminated the group after realizing that nobody give a dam shit to values I was giving to them and I was feeling myself like a prisoner of group.

    And the funniest part is, out of 50 people, only 1 asked me after a day where is the group? And, another asked after a week the same. The rest 48 did not even bother yet to ask what happened to the group?

    I was shocked, what the hell?

    I was just wasting my time helping and sharing premium stuff with those who don't really care the value of stuff, my time, my values and didn't even bother to take action at all or transform their lives

    Although, most of them reached me directly in FB chat before the group.

    Now, I'm free again after eliminating the group. I experienced the proper lesson by doing.

  27. I've look into the mirror and said to myself I fuck up by doing business with the wrong kind of people. I really appreciate your videos they are forcing me to be completely honest with myself.

  28. Dan… Remember the one partner i've mentioned before…. She will be fired after our last project… I was blinded… She got no such DNA thing….. I can't fix her. I never will.

  29. I've done that many times in the past & didn't produce results. But now I'm smarter & wiser. Thanks Sifu Dan for being a business genius & for sharing.

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    Can I know how to remove my own limiting beliefs?

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    But that perfect cut when you say “Entrepreneurs are full of shit” and it goes into your promo reading Dan Lok, Entrepreneur” is just perfect timing.. just coincidence I suppose but a funny one at that.

    Anyway, good stuff carry on.

  34. So much truth in this lesson Dan. It has given me a new perspective on selecting who to target in the market and how to adapt your teachings (just on YouTube) to help 10X the company I am working for and my parent's business. Selling to PWM was the biggest take-away from this lesson, it was so obvious but even after all these years I had not realised it. Thank you sifu for sharing your wisdom with those of us who want to make it big for ourselves, our families and our employers.

  35. I’ve got one former client that wanted help with her marketing, for fucking free!! I told her she would blow up! (Dessert business). Initially she was excited and now is fizzling out. LOSER I TELL YOU! Thank you Dan for brining this to my attention! No more losers! ONLY FUCKING WINNERS WIN MORE!

  36. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Yes!!! The frustration of the low end clients. No more!!!

  37. I’m a coach with a social work background. I can’t help but turn losers into winners. I guess that’s my niche. Someone has to do it!

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