#1 Easy Printhead Change for Epson Artisan 1430 Detailed Guide - Cartridge T079

#1 Easy Printhead Change for Epson Artisan 1430 Detailed Guide – Cartridge T079

welcome to psh technologies this is Kevin today we're going to change our print head for t79 waitress and the first thing you do of course is to shut off the electricity when this one is moved when this car our cartridge is moving and next thing you do is you want to remove this cover which is totally useless some people just young kid and that took it out if you do that you're gonna leave a piece in there I'm gonna show you how to remove this piece and take the cover so you just got a plier and got a hold of that black plastic and just who it towards your right and you may get some help from school gravity okay so you'll pull this piece out and the cover will come right off this is important because later on you're going to move this piece so some people still have the thing in it they just rip this off with this piece in it if you do that then later on you'll need a remove this piece so so this can be pull out okay the second step is to remove this board how one is already removed and so it it goes down like this what you can see is to get a tab here and get tab here and you don't need you don't need a to figure out figure out the words that have so because this thing is slide on wall and you can see here this is this is not that holding the holding the the tab so if you just slide your screwdriver so like slide again and the twisted like this they'll come off so as slide Ian just put a square – screwdriver – as a wall and just the squeeze and you use your thumb to live live the thing up okay so crowded so this has is up then we work on the other side so once this whole thing is freed don't forgot to put some gloves on the whole thing is freed we need to remove this piece of plastic and just remind you again if you still have if this guy in there in there yeah you have if you have this guy in there you can use your pliers to open this but it's likely it's going to break oh it just like me you just pull the whole thing out and remember to repin see see there's a curve here all the ribbons are sitting like this so try to remember this when you put it back and now we can't disconnect this remember for this one the blue part is facing towards you now going to remove this schools it's better to have magnet magnified scooter around so once here was here if you use your person like me you like to label stuff and they gave this labels so this way sound so what I do is I always make the label that's towards back and this is the chip look at the printer so I was a thesis printer in that and this is a bottom you that one is not a task or hoe it I often get confused here's the one here now the chip word and often this chip or disassembly is really loose so there are lots of time you put it in and that this got a knock off and then when you turn the printer on the printer just just says there's no cartridge if you turn the printer on and said there's no cartridge and the one that has water is this cables loose or you have something going on with a few chipboard what you do is you can take your CS out and put the original absent Rocketeer you don't need a pull all of them you could just put a wire to them see if the printer can recognize it if they are so you don't have to take the print out I'll bring that out again so we can focus on troubleshooting good and an inert harmless other thing if I always pull and that they got disconnected you might get or get a problem so remember what a way salary and you need to put those things in here I know how I got is connect so we'll put this in here your provider to pull on this so get a disconnect just make sure it's still good yeah I still good so now I got this piece and always for that I see I see you I hope you enjoyed this video consider our table table table table eh analogous become for locally the crisper not : ah Thank You cartridges with so the H came out to play the quality cottages save the day

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