030 – Pamela Caughey – Starting in ACRYLIC – Ending in COLD WAX/OILS – Part 1 ❤️😊

030 – Pamela Caughey – Starting in ACRYLIC – Ending in COLD WAX/OILS – Part 1 ❤️😊

– Hey, everybody. I’m in my studio here in Hamilton, Montana and I’m gonna be starting a
couple of new large panels. I’m getting ready for a
show and my studio has all kinds of things going on. I’ve been actually working in four mediums over the last several months. And right now, I’m going to
be working in mixed media, which means that I’m going to start some panels with acrylic. And my panels are coated
with white acrylic gesso. And I will share sort of
with you how I get started. I’m not gonna be thinking too
hard, I’m gonna be playing and putting on a lot of marks and a lot of color, lot of shapes. And later, if I decide to switch
over to the cold wax medium I will show you how I would do that. And there is kind of a way that you can ensure that the adhesion is good between acrylic layer underneath and future cold wax oil layers on top. And that is to coat the surface
with Liquitex clear gesso. I thought I would mention it now because if I don’t continue
on with cold wax and oil over this surface that I’m starting today, then you’ll at least
know that it can be done. It doesn’t mean that you mix acrylic with the cold wax and oil. You’d never want to do that. But you can certainly do an
under painting in acrylic, play with that as long as you like, and then, if you decide that you’d like to switch over to cold wax and oil, then just make sure that you would put the clear gesso over the top. It’s very gritty and super absorbent and that’s a surface
that the cold wax and oil really likes to sit on top of so that there’s no problem of adhesion, problems between the
acrylic layer that’s dry and the cold wax and oil
layers that you put on later. So I hope you enjoy this video. It’ll be in real time and I’ll be working both on the floor and on the wall. And I don’t know if these two pieces will remain together as a diptych, but that is how I’m
working on them right now. Okay, I hope you enjoy. Thanks for watching! (upbeat, energetic music)

35 thoughts on “030 – Pamela Caughey – Starting in ACRYLIC – Ending in COLD WAX/OILS – Part 1 ❤️😊

  1. Can't wait for the sequel…..I received The Cold Wax Book last week.  Just starting to get into this medium. Looking forward to a New Year full of fun exploring.  Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dog 1 … I really want to go outside ! Dog 2 … She's painting, there's no chance either of us will be going anywhere soon ! !

  3. Hi Pamela…I'm enjoying your marking up your panels…and I am also watching your pups wait to go out! They are very patient…my pups do the same thing.

  4. I am fairly new to cold wax and oil and I find it very freeing to watch you work. I have the wonderful Cold Wax book so filled with amazing information and possibilities. However it is advantageous to watch an experienced artist working fluently and being so generous with information. very enjoyable look forward to the ongoing adventure. My question I notice you are using canvas rather than a wood substrate. I thought that canvas could pose problems such as cracking with cold wax and oil applications?

  5. A correction to my last comment question. I made an assumption you were using canvas but I believe it is in fact a wooden panel.

  6. Sorry to ask this but are your dogs cavapoos or caboodle, which are the same thing apparently . Or what are they. They are very sweet

  7. Just loving your series of videos and thankyou for sharing them. I'm afraid I wanted to reach in and open the door for your two adorable little dogs that were sooo patient!!! I'm inspired again ….

  8. Hi Pamela, that does look fun! I love your print/reprint process, I've never seen that before. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What type of pencils do you use , also what type of paper  did you use? Did you buy the paint in those bottles or did you transfer  them to it?thanks for your answers…beautiful work!

  10. https://www.ARTandSUCCESS.com/p/powerful-design-and-personal-color-in-cold-wax-oils Create Your BEST ART! ❤️🎉🍿🎈🥂🍾🐝

  11. this series is another of my favorites of your videos. i have always loved/used Novacolor paints. I am working up the courage to work larger. i am up to 9" x 12"!

  12. Hi there from Costa Rica! I recently discovered your channel..I have not yet seen anything related to what you do with the canvas edges. Do you extend the paint all the way? I do do with mine but wonder how yours look like. Thanks 🙂

  13. Always enjoy your process. Thanks. I always benefit from seeing you work and your invaluable tips.

  14. why is it you cannot use acrylic paint with cold wax? I have done it and I am wondering if I have compromised the painting in some way. I was told at the art store I could but it wouldn't any longer have the acrylic properties. I could not use plain acrylic over it.

  15. Pamela, you have inspired me to paint freely!  I really enjoy all your videos, and have just ordered your Simply Not catalog from artandsuccess.com.  I have an odd question – where do you buy your painters apron with the shoulder straps? Smiles!

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