馃挮 DESTRESS 路 Painting at Sunset.馃挮

馃挮 DESTRESS 路 Painting at Sunset.馃挮

last thing I was missing hello, it’s Annabelle, and I am currently set up and ready to paint, it’s currently sunset, I meant to start earlier, but, what I’m gonna do is try to paint from life as best I can, with this light source for now, and when the sun sets, this will be my backup. I’m already all set up to paint so I’m just gonna do that show you how I apply oil and chat with you, and perhaps in a different video I will talk about set up, and supplies, more in depth and, I also want to mention that this video is sponsored by Squarespace, I’m gonna talk about it in a little bit, I just wanna jump into this painting. I’m currently taking an oil class, which is so nice and this assignment- our professor wants us to push ourselves when it comes to color, and use Wayne Thiebaud as an inspiration, so if you don’t know who he is, he was a pop artist in the 80’s and does a lot of oil painting, and our professor wants us to study his work, study his process, and somehow draw that into how we observe this still life I love this one that he does of the cake, or the pie, one thing that he does great is applying hues to white, he never really uses a pure white as I observe, they’re always kind of greyed out- here he paints glass. it’s never really clear, there’s always food inside, so I guess I’ll just… see… over here for the glass he uses green, and then, orange, and blue, and red, the background is slightly yellow, or slightly pink, or slightly blue, so I think I’m going to apply that observation to my white wall,I’m not just gonna paint like white-greyish wall, probably make it blue-ish? I’m also thinking that I’m going to put some orange… or red, into the glass, because the grass itself has a green hue, so, complimentary colors would make it pop. right.. so this is my under painting, and you can see that this is obviously not a cola bottle, but I used this prop from my class, and I looked everywhere and I couldn’t find it, I think maybe my professor removed it or locked it up, I went out and I bought a bottle of coke, and I… drank it I’m just gonna have to alter the shape because it concaves right here. … convex? concave? covex? hmm I normally like to start with the background, so for that, I use a bigger brush, because it makes really nice gestures, big broad strokes, very nice, I like that, and it’s fast. also one thing that’s really annoying about my set up is that my palette is on my left, and not the right, and since I’m right handed, I’m gonna have to reach over, but I’ll just make do today.. I’m guessing I’ll make the background… blue? and I’m gonna make… the… floor pinkish… pinkish tan? and I’m using canvas paper, so it’s not even canvas board, or a wrapped canvas this crap is pretty bad quality, but, it’s very affordable for I guess just practice painting and if you wanna do it on a budget, so i just block the colors out really quickly, and my bottle’s already disappearing, but this paint is quite thin, and you can already see the underpainting coming through, which is a lot more dimensional than just painting on a flat white. see, what I see in the bottle is like… grey, and then more grey, and then… green-grey, and then… green. so I’m applying some pastel green, cause that’s the essence of glass, or specifically cola bottles, it’s like, a muted green-tone, it’s not just clear glass. so I’m changing the shape of the bottle here really quickly, just because that’s the way it’s shaped and I’m using a darker valued green, but it’s still very vibrant as you can see. I hate how this brush is crooked because when I washed it, and placed it in my toolbox to bring home, it must have just been caught on something, and it dried like this, so it’s gonna be crooked until I wash it again. the general angle of this.. is… something like that, I would say? so as i mentioned in the beginning, this video is sponsored by squarespace, I’m really hoping to build my own site, within the next couple of months, and I wanted to document my process, I haven’t decided on a template yet- if you don’t know what Squarespace is, it’s an online platform- just a tool- to build your own site really of any kind, because it’s very flexible, they have a ton of templates that you could look through, you don’t really need to know anything about building websites in order to use this, because I don’t know how to code for shit, so I’m really hoping to be able to create an amazing website where I hopefully sell some merch on in December, my sister and I came up with an idea to start our online store, and obviously, that hasn’t really happened yet, we made a bunch of merch actually, and we have a little box of it, we just haven’t launched anything because we got really busy with school, and at first, she wanted to try her hand at making it from scratch, or attempting to code it… so before I go any further with the blue, I’m gonna actually start putting in details, in the curves of the bottle and, I still haven’t put in the darks, because the back of the tag that I see through the bottle is quite dark, and I’m trying to imagine what that would look like if I wanted it to be more vivid, so… maybe, put some burnt siena first? because when you add white to burnt siena, it turns very vibrant, even though the value is pretty low I’ve changed the angle for a little bit, so you can’t see my reference, but I wanted to chit chat a little more, and I thought that talking with my back to the camera wasn’t a good idea and I would hate myself when I’m editing, so, you can see me, and I can talk for a little bit so right now I’m really missing the fluidity of all of the colors, I think, and, even though you can tell it’s glass, it’s really flat. so I’m gonna attempt to put some colors and gestures in, to shape the glass my background is too low, in proportion to the bottle, so I’m gonna bring that up because I feel like from here, the floor is almost right… there. like where I’m standing, or- sitting… – I normally like to stand when I paint, it’s better for your health, and also, it makes your body just more fluid and free, and when you’re sitting you’re more stiff. but for the purpose of this video, I am sitting. I think I’ve been using oil for 9, 10, years now, I started when i was really young,right I think of all the years, it was really last year that I just jumped in improvement, because of the RISD freshman classes I was taking, and the work load is a lot, and sometimes it makes you forget about what you’re doing and you just want to do it, a common frustration that people have when they wanna paint or draw is that they’re too in their head about it, they think too much about what it should look like, or what they want in the end, and maybe because of school, or I’m not really sure why, maybe because- I learned a lot last year! or something, I don’t have as much a block in that sense anymore, and I’m able to really submit to the process, submit to my medium, and just go with it, and really enjoy it oh and also another random thing, if I were to do an arting series, where I just craft, or paint, things like that and chill out with you, what should I call it? I can’t really think of anything. I would really love your suggestions if you can leave some down in the comments I’ll probably ask my sister as well, I always ask her for when I wanna name something- she came up with WeWednesday, she came up with CatCreature, so I’m painting the shadow, and I think I’m gonna go in with some blue because when I studied Thiebaud’s works, it seemed like there was definitely a lot of vibrant blue hues, in his shadows, so what I’m doing right now, I’m attempting to do an underpainting, so you know how I started with that underpainting rough-sketch, so I’m doing an underpainting right now as well, I really wanna know how your school terms are going, whether you’re in high school, middle school, college, tell me what you’re studying, tell me your favorite class and also if you have any plans for spring break, I actually just planned another trip to the west Caribbean, in a couple of weeks, and I’m so excited to go, so I really wanna push through these weeks of deadlines, and schoolwork, and it’s really easy to do that when you’re looking forward to a tropical escape, my sister is going home and visiting our family, and I asked her if she wanted to come with me and Tyler, and she thought about it, but then she realized that when we go to the west Caribbean, we’re gonna be doing a lot of swimming, and aquatic activities, and she hates water I wanna put in some of the bottle’s colors into the shadow, it might play well with the blue that I’m attempting to add in does it help imply that the bottle is translucent? I don’t know, maybe? when I’m sitting I have to remind myself not to hunch. and I’m sorry if I don’t always look you in the eye, I try, but but then, sometimes I fail. so as I mentioned this term, it’s busy, but very manageable, and I’m enjoying it a lot more than last term, because we’re doing a lot of hands-on learning, like weaving, and knitting- I’m not taking knitting cus I did it last year as you guys saw, but, in place of knitting, I’m doing painting! which is just so good, and it’s just a breath of fresh air into the week. you know, cus I’m doing all of these weavings and silk-screenings I got really sick last Friday, and I didn’t do any homework for two days, so I had to catch it all up during the weekday, which was doable, it wasn’t actually that bad, I went to bed before midnight each of those days, but, I definitely would prefer if I don’t have to procrastinate, I was supposed to go to the loom tonight, but painting kind of…happened. so, I’ll do it tomorrow. and I’m so glad I did this, because I swear, up until sunset I was just in a really grouchy, irritable mood all day and I’m not really sure why, but I just…no matter how well things are going, and like, nothing is really wrong, I just felt really down for from reason, and, now that I’m destressing, it feels so good- I think.. I was just really stressed. that’s probably what it was, because, I keep thinking like why do I feel like this? I’m fine so I’m just gonna stop it here, and it looks pretty good, I have this issue of always over working my paintings, and if I see something in the future that bugs me I can always come back to it, but for now I’ll leave it be, and I’m gonna just clean up- you know, I used 5 brushes in the end and go to bed… mainly that’s why I’m capping it as well, it’s like 10 with the new daylight savings, so I really want to go to bed and wake up early tomorrow again, and… Ooh- I have art history to read tomorrow morning. I always do it in the mornings now. so thank you so much for tuning in and watching, and keeping me company, and thank you so much to Squarespace for sponsoring this, and for giving me the opportunity, and of course, this wouldn’t be without my amazing community here on youtube, so thank you for being here to share this with, and if you’re interested in using Squarespace, go to this link- squarespace.com/catcreature, and for now I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day or your night, I will see you very soon, probably in an updated vlog, or… I also really wanna do an updated makeup routine, because mine has been more simplified, and, efficient-it’s just what you see me wearing today, except I had a pasta break, so my lipstain is gone … but I really wanna show you that, and hopefully I can film that sometime this week, so, I will see you then! haha- I hope that you don’t hear my sister flushing, I love you, bye!

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  1. I'm from Dublin and in my second year of studying Journalism and Visual Media, I really like the course but I find most of my lectures this semester pretty boring. My projects are interesting though, I had to do a presentation on a historical photographer for my History of Art and Photography class (I chose Margaret Bourke-White who is so interesting and amazing, especially as a female in her time), I'm also making a short documentary which is cool, filmmaking is such an interesting process to me.

  2. Your work is very beautiful! And I love your makeup!
    After a long and anxious day, your videos really help chill me out.

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    I'm in middle school
    I'm just you're average middle school kid I suppose art, history, (and maybe algebra) are my favorite subjects
    I self teach myself art and I like learning new things every day and trying new techniques
    I like studying and drawing the human body and unique and different features on people
    I'm currently working on realism but I'm also trying to keep my cartoony style alive
    I haven't been drawing in it that much because I've been drawing in my realism style alot and I don't wanna lose it so I'm trying to keep it consistent
    I also wanna start painting but I don't really have the time but I'm sure I'll start once summer break starts in 29 days
    Portraits are what I usually do realism wise so I wanna start drawing realism in side views and different poses
    Still life isn't my forte but I think I should give it a try
    There's one thing I really wanna do and that's painting on some altoid cans because I'd think it would be rlly cute
    Love you're channel 鉂

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    Have a nice day
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  31. It's August right now and this video is from March, but I want to tell about what I'm doing anyways. Next Friday (8|17|18) is move in day for my first semester at University of Montevallo. I just graduated high school and I'm so excited to be going to school for musical theatre. I found this channel because YouTube always suggests me thrift haul vlogs, and for some reason it suggested me your "what I wear in a week at art uni" and I loved your aesthetic and voice. I've been binging your vlogs and I love seeing what your college life is like. The amount of time you spend in the studio and how you talk about art reminds me so much of doing theatre and the work that is put into it, and it's making me more and more excited to go. Thank you for your videos!

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