Teams react to the Champions League draw liverpool vs portal FC piss portal boom That’s lucky. I was worried. We would get somebody hard and the Robertson is suspended for the first leg and our backup left back Hasn’t been training well I wasn’t talking about you Millie. I was talking about Moreno At least he’s still training better than Nabi sheiter Fish tactics for Liverpool, they’ll be seeing Jesus when I’m done with that. I exper sees your Ventus Mattias, this isn’t quite what I meant when I said get in you Venters was a great opportunity to put your shelf in the shop window Breaking news aiex have been drawn against Juventus Notes for knocking out my old club. I wanted that pleasure Shitting me Quarter-finals, we usually do this as a team. Where is everyone else? As I proved against athleti you only need news Man united vs. Barcelona Happy birthday, Paul Make a wish I wish for men United to be drawn against bottles. We got pasta. Oh what a shitty birthday Are you going to wait for church? well It’s been a while since I’ve had a full English Let’s see What’s on the menu a four thousand ants altar fatty lump of Belgian meat for 70 million? What a waste of money and four thousand ounces Jesus Christ, even these world-class canines couldn’t munch their way through that. Yes what I was going to say Tottenham vs Man City Manchester say I am a not afraid. I Feel different every time About you choose to get down here and learn to lay some bricks The only chance we have of picking city is by our cloud sing was through at our new ground the Niki Stadium is a nice idea. No, it’s the Niki stadium. It’s like the sports branch good Mr. Libi told me it was the Niki stadium as I told him I would quit if we became a pleasure club and salty naming rights. Well, I wasn’t He said he was naming it after the sports club legend Nicky Barbie Just we have Juventus or IX in the semi-final those horrible scousers. Can’t smash up our a coach and tomatoes this year Hundred the quadruple were about Spurs boss its spores Who do you things gone through the semi-final here are my predictions? Below and my money is still on Man City to wind up old thing Thanks for watching

100 thoughts on “🏆TEAMS REACT TO THE QUARTER FINAL UCL DRAW🏆 (Champions League Draw 18/19)

  1. Flashback
    Pep: “on with the quadruples!”

    Sterling: “ but what about Spurs boss?”

    Pep: “…it’s Spurs.” (echoes as screen fades to pitch black)

    Weeks Later

    Sterling goal/hattrick gets canceled by VAR

    Camera pans to Pep

    Record scratches
    Freezes Frame

    Pep:”You see that disappointed manager over there? That’s me, and you’re probably wondering how I got into this situation”

  2. Anyone here when Ajax beat juventus 2-1 and spurs beat city on away goals? I’m a spurs fan so I’m buzzing. Fair play to city though. They fought and played well til the end.

  3. I think Ajax and barca wil go in the finals. Barca and Ajax are doing Great in this champions league. im a barca and Ajax fan but more Ajax.

  4. Ajax 3-2juventus Liverpool 6-1porto man utd0-4barcerlona man city 4-4tottenham all aggregate scores

  5. 🐱🐺🐩🐩🐶🐒🐵🐎🐴🐯🦁🐈🐈🐖🐪🐃🐮🦄🐫🐪🐐🐑🐏🐽🐗🍂☘🏕🏘🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋

  6. I predict Liverpool vs Barcelona
    4 – 3 a comeback with arnold's cheeky corner
    I predict Ajax vs Spurs
    3 – 3 a comeback with Moura the hero and final
    Liverpool VS Spurs
    2 – 0
    Like if u agree😂😂😂

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