๐ŸŽต EXPOSED: How The Music Industry Works Documentary (Share This With Every Artist You Know!) ๐Ÿ“ฃ

๐ŸŽต EXPOSED: How The Music Industry Works Documentary (Share This With Every Artist You Know!) ๐Ÿ“ฃ

I've never heard of a label that doesn't screw in artists she talked to anybody who thought it's their label they're always owed money and if nothing else usually the label holds back enough money that your cost of what anything is such that you won't do it so that's the business model is screwing the artists their financial practices have been shady since the beginning of time it's been grandfathered in since the 50s and 60s when rock and roll really started in the 50s they were screwing the artists then but there was much much less money involved then as you started to go into the 60s and 70s the hit the shit ratio is so bad that they're saying hey you know we can't pay the hero artists because he's paying for all the bad artists it goes back to how the music industry was set up in the very early stages of the recording industry taking advantage of uneducated easily swayed artists who don't really care about the money unfortunately there's a lot of fall out of it still with bands getting paid you know we had to sue our label to get paid they've created this strange convoluted system that you have to be a lawyer to really understand or a mathematician a typical record deal is structured something like this the record label gives in advance say two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the artist to record an album the artist then records the album suppose that the album sells 500,000 copies at $10 each yielding five million dollars the record label then takes their cut out of the 5 million typically 85% of the total sales leaving the artists with 750,000 dollars but before the artist receives any payments the label first deducts the advance in addition the record label recoups other costs such as recording costs half the promotion costs have the video costs and tour support this leaves the artist 400 and $5,000 in debt to the record label and then this debt gets carried on to the next album the next album and the next album I don't know if most people have seen long form contracts they're insane and there's all these little these little things thrown in it's kind of like legislating you know legislature for a government they put up this big issue but underneath that issue there's like 17 other little laws that they threw in that they're not talking about so when you say yes to this one thing you're actually saying yes to like 45 other things there's there's a worse one they used to have damage fees with digital downloads digital downloads like at first they were doing that like they just trying to get away with murder you know it's just like let's leave it in there let's see if the lawyer sees that kind of thing some other hidden items that the contract includes our packaging costs they deduct up to 25% of the artists cut known as a royalty to cover the expense of plastic cases in artwork this cost is even administered to digital downloads where packaging is non-existent 10% is deducted to cover breakage costs during shipping this started in the vinyl era continued when CDs replaced vinyl and still applies today with digital downloads the 10% free goods deduction is an antiquated system where retailers purchase 100 albums but are given an additional 10 albums at no charge since the artist is only paid on albums sold they are not compensated for those free albums this deduction still continues even in a digitally dominated market artists generate so much money for so many people that have nothing to do with the creative process all there is no there's no road you can go down that the artist isn't fucked most people out there who have jobs they can go to their boss ask for a raise they can leave and go get another job if they're not happy musicians don't really have that ability to do that and by the way if we don't like if we don't feel like pushing your records anymore we don't feel like you're gonna sell we're not gonna let you go we'll just kind of put you on the Shelf over here let you work but we're not gonna let you leave either it's like being in a bad marriage at what point does your husband beat you up or your wife beat you up and you say I've had enough I'm leaving that's the point we're at right now I love music I hate the industry it's a entirely shitty situation I'm wallowing in fucking radio these motherfuckers love me one fucking mob broke Wow pallet they just spend these kids man he would get fucked over all the time what do you want me there no school for hip-hop puffs is like my idol you know I mean like he's one of the reasons why I wanted to be a part of bad boy while I wanted to be a hit man so puff was like I wanna sign to a publishing thing I want to do this I want to manage you not saying this is like puff wants to do this for me and I'm thinking I'm like wait a minute if I sign all this stuff that means he gets paid from everything I do and even if I produce with him it's like he's getting paid twice I was like get the fuck out I remember we were like in a studio and I screamed that it was the first time I was greeted that posed like how much want to get any money and he was like mmm all right then it wasn't like it was a beaver then it was like I saw you brother go in his party afterwards so at that moment I realized is the difference between friends and business he never stopped being my friend because I didn't sign those papers was like shit if you gonna let me do it i'ma try I never told him I appreciate you for that you know cuz that was like one of the best learning experiences I've ever had in the music industry we're about to sign our recording contract over here we got all the Chris daily about the pop they have fucking clauses and these shitty contracts are safe we're only gonna pay you 15 percent in that 15% the label is charging you for every fucking thing that takes place crew the artist has to pay everybody that produces the songwriters every dime they spend there they don't charge you half or 100% so most of us including myself had no clue what the fuck that meant all these motherfuckers shitty paperwork you got your money's gotta go to uh damn you getting 12 cents off a dime out of my 12 I gotta pay you you you you and you what the fuck damn at least put some Vaseline on it have some wine and cheese before god damn like that me you have a lot of kids coming from these inner cities I never even seen $10,000 cash before so if you have a person that's coming to you like here's 20,000 inside to me and we'll put your arm out they're not looking at the legal team we're like let me call my lawyer and make sure that this deal is right here taking the twenty thousand you're gonna sign the contract and you're gonna figure it out later on when the money is gone it's too much coming at them too fast a lot of people just are so thirsty for a platform that they sell themselves short you just see a big label and you're like they wouldn't do me wrong where do you learn it there's no school for hip-hop you know I definitely sign some bad contracts in my time some co-pending bound by a piece of paper it make you just think like wow so this piece of paper really hope there's much power you dangled like this fucking career my face and like yeah I want to do it of course I'm not reading this shit like not say like it's just smart thing to do but you're young but at the same time you're a grown man you know how to read through you told how to read that country so I don't get when people say bye old don't sign what's it said to me fuck you here thank fuck nobody let you had you could've read it mucho like I read look at the better they put it stupid stats I'm one of your next to the country this is all you're going up again can you look at the country we have the frustrated artist the wakes up one day and realizes that I'm all over fucking radio these motherfuckers love me why is fucking my bro and then explain to you like this is like paragraph 64 Clause B says you don't get shit you're artists you gotta make hot red that's what your job is to do you're not making hot records we have to move on it's nothing personal it's business even as executive if I'm not putting out hit records or I'm not signing hard artists they're gonna be like I think we could find somebody else to fill your position everybody the label could get fired just like the artist could get dropped you could go to war with your label and the label war is probably like one of the major contributions to failed careers that better today I'm trying to take care of my family too just like you are so we'll make sure like better than mine you start arguing with these executives and they just fucking turn the switch off on your ass don't like you anymore first thing you gonna say is well let me go they know that shit obviously all the cash money tygo claims that were males of like 12 million dollars you know hey Birdman you robbed me so I'm going to put on a loud speakerphone and tell everybody that you robbed me and everybody else that comes to you it's gonna be very careful about you you know they do those contracts if anybody taking stuff personal it has the horn they might not want to choose this job literally everything in the industry they will they would try to get off on you if you let it slag I'm the type like I will pull up the complex you know what I'm saying like a where's the footage you know to be a boss sometimes you have to be a bitch don't work 9:00 to 5:00 so you don't get like you know your insurance and you know your income tax check you don't get none of that shit publish it is like it's kind of like your paycheck for writing you get paid for when people listen to your music over and over again though the checks that just come you don't want to give that shit up sometimes you might have to like break a little piece off for somebody you know I'm saying but make it worth it don't get all up ever ever talk about Kanye and the publisher to manage him I had an opportunity to own some of his publishing I didn't want to do that to any producer I managed because they were my startup guys and Kanye was a sample producer it's a sample from jay-z sample from this music and you can you put it together I was gonna pretty much let him know that you're not gonna make no fucking money your royalties for all these samples you're doing I rearranged the deal for everybody to where he got his publishing back the industry is wants to rate and take labels should do what's fan that's why the artist today is saying fuck you record company they should everybody's trying to figure out how to get that money even though the sales of dwindling L is one time I met these index likes you brought us to the house laid everything is crazy and gave us this whole big pep talk speech and then literally like I think it was eight months later when I met the same guys put this time in the office and then it came in and gave us the whole same exact spiel like the same exact speech like like the introduction everything and that's when I knew like man like they just they just spend these kids man I'm like 221 like we're young so a lot of people try to take advantage of us little all sound of country it's kind of like old-school versus new-school and most kids now feel I don't need to sign the label they have all this amazing music and I'm like I know some people you want to act like no I just want to put it out myself and you were coming up we didn't foresee mp3's but somebody did because in the contract with the sign and they would say things like you make it records for the cassette CDs and any Pam in the future that lime and a lot all of a sudden iTunes showed up and now we're fighting our contracts because we didn't take time to study what was in it somebody else did make sure before signing anything to have somebody look over it to make sure you just don't sign your life away lotta artists from day one they walk into a shitty situation shitty paperwork shitty deal shitty people around them sometimes in my case we had the shitty paperwork we went beyond that and we we sold a lot of fucking records you seen MC Hammer lose what 2030 million dollars but it could happen any day I'm doing this shit that was my first hundred thousand dollar check at that point we just start balling that's what you do it for Thank You mitt as money to do this and we get to go shopping no no sir this is real and I'm broke you check your account like what did I go sit well peel up fast really really fast the day we got our first set we ran out of gas first pay so we ran out of gas on the freeway all the way to the guest it was like how many miles a lot of miles so happy gas meter yeah what a free wait I'm like make that the gas I'm like this for it was 400 is but it was 440 because maybe game is like a tip soon first page so every was $440 yeah well young audience that hits big nine times out of ten they're nearly not prepared how do you expect my 80 okay who's never had any background in business to come out and do anything else but you know hey I want a nice car you know I want to look good and you in this thing man I spent $700 on some shoes man multiple times this is more expensive tomorrow Leakes this was I don't buy the ice down grill lost it in the same week Julie put gold teeth in my mouth diamond earrings gone we women bins five-star restaurants and stupid shit like that mushrooms ridiculous my shoe game is like over 20,000 like he liked a lot of the Gucci shoes and seal it I caught his trophies every pair of shoes over five hundred dollars when I was younger I thinking like okay like taking this money to do this and we get to go shopping and get this outfit and we're going to dinner with different people and it's like oh yeah you guys order whatever you want and then you realize like oh like we were paying for that so you thinking like oh like we're getting treated well it's like oh no that's all part of your budget which you have to pay back learning out was I wrote interesting oh my god it's like where's the money go you know I'm saying once it's going and you wake up in the next morning you're like damn probably pushing into that but then you do it all over again because as you know it's life and you need stuff to wrap the boat because it's lit you got to get to the point where you're making money way faster than you're spending it after we did Jay Z American Gangster I was my first hundred thousand dollar check I've never seen that many zeros or to check with my name on it like at one time I I got a fucking hundred thousand dollars I'm buying everything there's no way you can adjust to that people can tell you like this is gonna happen but fucking you telling me I got I just just got the biggest check ever am i mad shit next thing you know like you check your account there's like what did that go that's shit going even if I were to tell you first when you don't get this money you won't want to go buy ideas and then you're like I'm not gonna do it – or no you do exactly what they say you know but and then you realize okay like the water is hot I mean I put my hand in there but I had to feel that it was hot you know artists will hit big very fast get what I call the Gazoo head the big head on the little body extended oh they're walking around they want green M&Ms backstage the towels have to be warm and they're basically spending up all the potential money that they would have earned that's how you end up with a lot of artists who don't see a dime after they basically work their butt off I've seen tons of people lose all their money you seen MC Hammer lose what 2030 million dollars like it could happen but it's crazy cuz like okay we're young we got first check he went he did a lot of shopping and they see man so now we're about you to financial adviser all this though make sure we don't spend all of our money on stupid stuff I think I got $20,000 a day that was my advance and it was probably gone in 20 days got jewelry on I got I got a nice chick next to me I got a rental car hookups and all that but I you know I don't know if I'm ready to pay the rent night she woke you up fast really really fast like broke anyway and we recorded an album next thing you know we sitting on about $250,000 we said look let's just stay broke that's not acting like we got money cuz you know oaklands the kind of a wild town and shit a lot of drug dealing a lot of wild shit going on back then and we get a call from Jive Records and Jive Records is like hey I'm you know we interested national distribution so we did a deal with drivers the album goes out it just sells crazy crazy crazy life is too short with the album and we still aren't allowing ourselves to enjoy the money we like minute puffy build-up and then the fucking check for life is too short comes like like six seven eight hundred thousand after that we like fuck this shit I'm like I wanna fucking new bands on fucking house fuck this shit so we just at that point we just start balling now I'm more interested in spending money and like big stuff like restaurants to open and anything that I can add to my brand especially being in this contract where my music is controlled I had to branch off and find other ways to make money Jimmy Iovine you told somebody I'm gonna say Snoop Dogg like when you first get your big paycheck make sure you get a studio like that's very important because that's gonna generate the Bucks later on and I had that much that mindset when I got started I didn't just go out and buy I bought studio we just had to really sit back and like put the money to good use we started putting money into videos and things like that that move the project forward you know you gotta like wallah you gonna buy all this jury that you've seen your idols and your rappers that you look up to have and that's what you do it for but you just got to be smart about it but some people don't get another chance you can't like get your first two checks and then spend half of it on a chain after the real fuck I shouldn't save money by taking my great team is one of the most significant things and artists can have in that career in order to be a dynasty you have to put the right personnel together and I didn't have a good taste in my mouth about who's inside of the industry we had the best musicians in the world that was the illest move anybody ever seen in his house there you are not a situation let's do some have your team in place and make sure you could trust them with your life you will never accomplish the highest level alone when I first started you know but I would have liked a guest list of 30 people and I remember one of my first concerts I was opening for a red man and Kool G Rap some of my friends went into one of their dressing rooms and stole their stuff off their rider and ate their food I ended up having to pay for it the promoter was like we charging you we know that was your homies I was not ostracized I felt you know bad and it's just one of those things with growing pains yeah I'm votes on there like rappers blow up and they got all kinds of weird people around them you know you have your friends but you can't bring ten of your friends with you on tour all the time the first thing I tell an artist is have your team in place and make sure you could trust them with your life if you do blow this could be serious money and you want to make sure you know every penny yes most artists get in the game and they hire somebody they trust now the person you trust isn't always the person to be in that position it's the homeboy man it's not a real manager that's out there that had success with various artists you know I feel around for yo he's your man it's teh man who don't know his ass from his elbow either Rafael's lawyer he's trying to blow his artists up so he's gonna ask the most dumbest shit what the most ridiculous shit and support anything that that artists one so they take advantage of homeboy management of Raphael from the beginning and then ten years later they broke and you like man he's my homie they don't gonna be like you ain't real no more but you know at a certain point you recognize that it's gonna cost you don't just your money but opportunities in your yeah when they come in they're gonna be around 10 people and ten people turn into five then they're just hanging around with two people and oh there's two people that are really you want something that's helping them move forward when you do have those people who want to participate in the music business with you like who really has the skills and that's his business the philosophy that I would always tell cancer is like I can only give you but so much opportunity you're gonna have to chew me out the skill the talent and desire to do it now I didn't have a good taste in my mouth about who was inside of the industry who really loved rap music who got a passion about the art let me tell you what a whole wide industry pay attention to the everything else Nipsey Hussle is aji he sold his mixtape for $100 how dare you fucking sell a mixtape for $100 that means you don't even have to sell her jay-z bought 10 ago Nipsey Hussle at my p.m. was like the leader of the free world he he will believe it of like independent artists my name is Missy hustle I'm a rap artist entrepreneur a author producer and you know a radical I like his music I like what he represents for the west coast in the culture I think he's a very smart businessman his influence you know was so huge when it came to him dropping those $100 CDs which was really like a publicity sign in the sense because people were so shocked that it was $100 they're like well it must be good there that was the illest move anybody ever seen in hip-hop when I first got out so late and I really wanted to work with a LA based artist and he was the first artist I really wanted to work with man I first I thought Dallas was like a ANR industry nigga trying to like get a promotion a song by fucking with artists and that's no shot on dollars that is my assumption on the industry at that time singing would Dallas was doing and I seen hi he's moving he was just like you know I got a situation let's do something as a new artist you're not gonna be able to get Tim Berlin or Pharrell all these people on the phone when you're new but I could get you in the studio with these people going to the cloud and cake going ot anybody being on the same fucking with daggers you see your person is right I still like for it be ready with the major so then you separate him from my advice by the way it wasn't easy to get Miss Lee hustles a partner of we just had some times that we wanted and Atlantic was ready to meet us and become partners on at our my labels not even cuz of the money or anything else because you gotta go out for how they talking to you so from what they said to me it just seemed like they believed in me the most we have a great team behind this that strong is solid infected yeah I know you're of course and we have you know a couple of other people that are that are in our corner you know I'm saying that are looking over and teaching us yeah the business side of things a great team is one of the most significant things and artists can have in their in their career because at some point you recognize it you will never accomplish the highest level alone almost the people you

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  2. That's why I'm learning everything I need to know to become independent! Creative souls should not be used like this!

  3. So basically this uploader takes a whole BET Networks episode, and a piece of another interview, and uploads it as a new video. Thumbs down.

  4. Sounds like the๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘€ crabs in the bucket MENTALLY๐Ÿ˜ to me SO SAD TO SEE SUCH STUPIDITY ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  5. This was explained by BMI I took no offenses itโ€™s part of the publishing deal if donโ€™t want it then donโ€™t do it

  6. man this is so true couple years back had a major label deal on the table but something just didnt feel right in my spirit my intuition kept telling me don't do it now im just starting to try to pick up the pieces and start all over again as an independent artist using my own name as opposed to a stage name working on material writing by me produced by me and other independent producers released at my own free will even manage to start my own channel that im going to start documenting my journey on starting this fall in September feel free to come, check it out link >>>>>>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqvi... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqvif7VCKZqvVNJj0B0IpdA anyways great video im so blessed to have the opportunity for a new beginning one love

  7. Nice to know. Guess you have to experience situations like that by yoursel to really understand what it feels like. Respect to all artists. ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  8. Contents of Music Industry Shit:

    Recorded Music Industry
    Songwriting and Publishing
    Music Production
    Music Distribution
    Music Promotion
    The Live Music Industries
    Music Audiences
    Copyright and Music Piracy
    Contractual Agreement and Relationship.

    Income is through royalties and sync fees in terms of copyright issued by music publishing company.

  9. This Makes Make Me So Fucking Mad, All Anyone Cares About Today Is Money. Like i know we need money to survive but don't mean you have to do it in shady ways.

  10. Why the fuck is T.I. spoiled ass trash rapping son on here. LAME! that just took all the credit from this entire film. His Spoiled ass doesn't know nothing about this. He would never have a chance in hell if he wasn't T.I. son. He caint even rap. But stop fronting like you know the struggle. Lame ass

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  12. And then y'all blame Toni Braxton for overspending becasue of her bankrupcty…she was cheated of her $$$…she made $170,000,000 from her first album alone and only received $1000 royalty check…now that's messed tf up.

  13. Look you gonna get ripped of and abused by everyone in this world be it your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, family, friends, employer etc……why do you think the music business is gonna be any different they just people too. Go figure.๐Ÿ˜Ž

  14. Dumb management of money wasting money I don't think the contract is bad but it's because they have money and waste it all

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